29 Awesome DIY Summer Projects For Kids

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

When it comes to summer holidays, the kids are all brightened up with lots and lots of cheers and excitement to get indulged in some truly fun-filled activities and games. But, for the adults, it often becomes a trouble to think of stuff that can get the kiddos playing and having a happy summer time.

Of course, you can’t every time manage to go on a vacation or arrange for some camping. Here are 29 Summer Ideas For Kids that will make this year’s holidays a time to remember!

1. Weaving with Kids

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

Weaving seems to be a creative something complicated and intricate enough to be meant for the adults only. However, a little trick that uses cardboard to get it done makes weaving a true child’s play, perfect to work as an amazing holiday activities, even for the little kids. What you need to get going towards making your own looms and weavings is a piece of cardboard about 6 inches x 8 inches along with two more strips for the top and bottom, an Exacto knife or scissors, a ruler, some yarn, a plastic needle, a masking tape and scotch tape, pom-pom maker, a few pony beads, and twigs.

DIY Details : artbarblog

2. Waterfall-Water-Wall

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

Let the kids make a miniature waterfall of their own right there in your backyard, having an old fence panel as the backdrop and lots of different types of recycled containers attached to the wall. What’s amazing is that the kids pour water into the bottles attached on top, and the innovative inter-connections done between the containers using duct tape, plasticine and hosepipe cut-offs lead to everything flowing down to the bottom just like a true waterfall. At the bottom a rep laced few large containers that help to recycle as much water as possible to keep the game going for long!

3. Frozen Popsicle Chalk

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

Ditch the idea of a regular edible popsicle this summers, and transform them into a super-creative Frozen Popsicle Chalk instead. The ice chalks have been made freezing cornstarch, water and washable tempura paint in popsicle molds. The best thing about this one is that the chalks won’t get those little hands dirty with all the fun, thanks to the sticks attached to them. However, you must make sure that the kids don’t eat the chalks mistaking them for a delicious summer treat. What a gorgeous effect these create when used for drawings is simply adorable!

4. Backyard Movie Night and Campout

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

If you have got that tall pretty fence in your backyard, why not convert it into a huge movie screen by securing a sheet of cloth on the fence using some clamps, having everything make just about any regular night a fun-filled movie night with the whole family, having some cold drinks, snacks and popcorn by your side. Although, it gets a little technical to setup all the devices in the yard to make things work, but if you have got a laptop, speakers and a projector, this guide by Ellie Petrov will make the process of setting things up a lot more easier for you using a set of quick instructions.

5. Glow in The Dark Bowling

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

Having some great family play-time right before hitting the bed not only leads to a better sleep, but also some memorable time with the kids. You don’t need to head to a bowling alley anymore to treat yourself with the amazing sport as you can have your very own Glow In The Dark Bowling outside your home, having pretty bowling pins glowing in bright colors looking quite magical when going all over the place on being hit with the ball at the night. All you need is six tall empty bottles, a few glow sticks, and a hamster ball that would work as the glow in the dark bowling ball.

6. Water Balloon Painting: Outdoor Summer Art Activity

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

Who doesn’t love playing with water balloons, specially when it’s the summer season? But have you ever thought of blending the fun of water balloons with your kid’s love for painting? That’s exactly what this outdoor summer art activity does and gets the kids engaged in some one-of-a-kind art, creating unique pieces of artwork by dipping water balloons in bright paint and letting them go wild on a large sheet of paper put in a mini pool by lifting the pool up and swinging it in random motions. The abstract designs that pop up as the end results are worth capturing in a frame.

7. How to Make a Water Blob for Hours of Summer Fun

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

Here is something that will make the holidays all about cheers and laughter with lots of jumping, lying, floating, and sliding on a huge blob of water without the worry of getting wet. It doesn’t cost you more than fifteen dollars to put the blob together and cherish hours and hours of outdoor fun in the summers. The supplies you need for the project is some plastic sheeting, some duct tape, a pair of scissors, a hose, lots of water, and a small towel. In no more than half an hour, the blob will come to life and would get all play-ready for the kids to jump on.

8. The Human Bubble

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

A human-sized bubble that’s bigger than most of the guests at your party can turn out to be the star element of any celebration, letting one actually stand inside the pretty transparent bubble that surrounds them with utmost beauty. What you will need is a bubble solution, a small plastic pool, and a hula hoop.The key is to make a child stand inside a pool and pick up a hula hoop dipped in bubble solution around them. The giant bubble party can become even more awesome when accompanied by some lovely bubble baths or lots of little bubbles flying all around the garden.

9. S’mores Campfire Cones

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

Planning for some summer camping and looking out for a lip-smacking dessert that adds a touch of sweetness to the experience? You won’t find anything quicker and easier than these S’more cones filled with chewy marshmallows and chocolate-y goodness. Some sugar or waffle cones, a bag of mini marshmallows, lots of chocolate chips, and some butterscotch chips are the only readily available four ingredients it takes to bring the delectable S’mores Campfire Cones to life. Head to the below recipe shared by Frugal Coupon Living to learn the few simple steps of preparation.

10. Glow in the Dark Sand Recipe

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

Those little packets of glow in the dark sand available out there often come for quite a great price, while making heaps and heaps of the same at home comes for a fraction of that price. All you need is some Epsom salt or another preferred salt variety, a few zip seal bags, and some glow in the dark and/or fluorescent paint. And, pulling off the recipe is oh so easy that even the kids can get it all done without even calling for your assistance. Lots of different colors of the glowing sand when mixed together would make a whole spectrum of colors come alive, taking the kids to a new world of fantasy.

When it comes to summer holidays, the kids are all brightened up with lots and lots of cheers and excitement to get indulged in some truly fun-filled activities and games. But, for the adults, it often becomes a trouble to think of stuff that can get the kiddos playing and having a happy summer time. Of course, you can’t every time manage to go on a vacation or arrange for some camping. Here are 29 Summer Ideas For Kids that will make this year’s holidays a time to remember!

11. DIY Color Powder

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

This vibrant DIY Color Powder surely deserves a loud hooray letting the kids engage in a light-hearted play-fight and making the celebration a day to remember. Filling the air with a blast of colors when you throw the powder around, the powder is perfectly safe for the kids even if it gets in the mouth. What you need is some cornstarch, some food coloring, color paste or gel coloring, and disposable plastic gloves. Cornstarch when mixed with the colors and heated in a pan forms a great blend of vibrance which turns into a playful colored powder when left to dry for some time – perfect to store in large mason jars.

12. Coffee Can Stilts

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

If you are coffee-drinker, it perhaps, can’t get better than these Coffee Can Stilts when it comes to putting those old used cans to a great purpose, making the kids have a great backyard time. Also, it works as an amazing activity to make the kids learn the skills of balance and co-ordination. Apart from the cans, the other supplies you need are a yarn, a hammer, and a nail. Falling, stumbling and getting back on the homemade stilts is surely something your kids are going to fall in love with. After all, the magic of old-school toys never fades!

DIY Details : teachmama

13. Classic Slip and Slide

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

A nice gentle slope of grass can form an awesome base for a DIY Slip and Slide taking everyone back to their childhood, while letting the little ones enjoy a time of unbeatable thrill and joy. A big sheet of plastic, a hose, and some water is the supplies the project calls for, along with no more than thirty minutes of your time. Speaking of the cost, the whole thing takes a deal of ten dollars to get everyone slipping and sliding. A mere glimpse at the arrangement is enough to make it hard for everyone to resist to let themselves loose on the slide.

DIY Details : ldsym

14. How To Make Glitter SlimeBest 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

When everyone gets a little bored with the empty day during the summer holidays, some gooey-slimy element can come just like a breath of fresh air and recharge the kids with smiles. This lovely Glitter Slime that looks so pretty with all its shine and brightness is truly easy to make using no more than four supplies, including an Elmer’s glitter glue, a cup of water, a little borax, and some water. When the kids are not having their hands on the slime and are no more playing, you can simply store it in baby food jars. How amazing little bundles of gooey goodness!

DIY Details : the36thavenue

15. Squirt Gun Painting

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

Everyone can be a pro artist creating their very own versions of abstract art if they have got a squirt gun and an empty canvas around the house. All it takes is working out a setup for Squirt Gun Painting outside the house, calling for an easel, liquid water colors, and water-colour paper, and of course, nice inexpensive squirt guns. A summer afternoon becomes a treat when you can watch the kids sprinkle gorgeous colors on their mini canvases, ending up in artworks that are pretty, colourful and gorgeously bright. Head to the below guide to gain a deeper insight into pulling off the project effortlessly.

16. Water Balloon Bash

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

What can combat the scorching summer heats better than a large splash of cold water? Water Balloon Bash comes up not only as a refreshing sport for the kids, but also as an activity that will keep the kids much more healthy in terms of their physical and mental spirits. And it’s all about tying a bunch of water filled balloons to a tree branch or anything that lies on a sufficient height in your backyard, making the kids blind-fold their eyes and aim for the balloons with a bat in hand. Those random aims are surely going to be accompanied by loud cheers throughout your yard.

17. Soap Foam Printing

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

Messy art is something all kids adore from the bottom of their heart, as it allows them to let their imaginations go wild without worrying about bringing out the perfections in what they create. One such activity is Soap Foam Printing that creates some breathtaking patterns flaunting loads of colors on a sheet of paper with such ease that it can make the kids love art, even if they have never been fond of trying their hands at the subject. All you need is some water-color paper, liquid water-colors, some dish soap, a few straws, whisks, or rotary beaters, and a bowl to build the foams.

18. Star Gazing Party Activities and Favor

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

Gazing at the stars takes us to a whole new world of fascination and gorgeousness, but little kids often find it hard to identify those pretty constellations that form in the beautiful night sky. But something as basic of an accessory as some constellation flashlights will bring them oh so close to your kiddos with a super interesting game. The other stuff you need is some cupcake liners, a constellation cutouts template, a pair of scissors or 2-inch circle punch, a glue stick, a mini hole punch, and a string. Learn how you can build the game at home in just a few simple steps.

19. Water Fun Cup Races

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

Build an innovative yet easy-to-complete obstacle course in your backyard by punching little holes in some plastic cups and putting a string through them. What the kids need to do in the game is to use water guns for squirting water in the cups in order to get them moving to the other end of the string, eventually reaching the starting point. All the kids are supposed to race against each other and the one who takes the cup to the end in the shortest time, comes out as the winner. Setting up the game calls for some strings, duct tape, a pair of scissors and of course, a few plastic cups.

20. Bottle Cap Bugs

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

Taking a look at these stunning and adorable little bugs, you wouldn’t be able to believe that simple bottle caps can be made into something so cute in just a matter of few minutes. Grab some bottle caps, some transparency paper, some Sharpie markers, a pair of scissors, a hot glue, a hot glue gun, and some cute googly eyes, and voila, you are all set to make winsome Bottle Cap Bugs that would steal all the eyes when sitting on a tree branch in your yard. Also, it’s an amazing way to teach the kids the art of recycling stuff and making the best out of waste.

When it comes to summer holidays, the kids are all brightened up with lots and lots of cheers and excitement to get indulged in some truly fun-filled activities and games. But, for the adults, it often becomes a trouble to think of stuff that can get the kiddos playing and having a happy summer time. Of course, you can’t every time manage to go on a vacation or arrange for some camping. Here are 29 Summer Ideas For Kids that will make this year’s holidays a time to remember!

21. Altoid Tin Reuse Bug Craft Toy

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

A super cute craft project with looks that are simply out of this world – lovely little buggles that are actually nothing but those old altoid tins and transparent gems that perhaps, no longer have any use around the house. Let the bugs flaunt a variety of colors and patterns welcoming a whole world of possibilities right to your kid’s fingertips. The other supplies that you will need are leftover paper scraps, a pair of scissors, some small googly eyes, and a strong clear glue. You can also grab a variety of scrapbook paper or ribbons to add a touch of glamour to your toy!

22. Fairy Jar Tutorial: DIY and Capture a Fairy

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

Capturing little beautiful fairies in jars seems to a statement coming right out of a fairytale book. But, what if you could do that for real and have mini jars glowing with all the magic of the fairy world hidden inside them? This innovative craft lets the kiddos do that using four readily available items, including mason jars, lots of diamond glitter, some glow sticks, and a serrated knife. The secret lies in a simple jar filled with lots and lots of glitter hiding a bright glow-stick inside. What a great fun-filled craft activity, perfect to add an unbeatable magic to your kids room, letting it glow at night.

DIY Details : momdot

23. Sand Clay Recipe – Create, Bake and Keep

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

Make those little footprints of your kiddo last for years and years to come by keeping them intact in the form of a gorgeous sand clay piece. Plus, you can also use the clay to let the kids make lots of interesting shapes on the clay, staying there always when baked in an oven on low heat for some time. Just gather a few cups of sand, some cornflour, some bicarbonate soda, and some water to make your very own sand clay. Making the dough for the clay takes just a few steps, and modelling it into all sorts of shapes is so much fun!

DIY Details : pagingfunmums

24. Ice Cream Playdough

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

This super creative playdough has been called a divine something by the author. And, you are surely going to agree with the statement the moment you get your hands on the dough, made out of a Pre made frosting mixture of a flavour of your choice, and some icing mixture or sugar.

Not only does this look so interesting resembling a huge ice cream scoop with those pastel colors and pretty texture, but also smells truly attractive to take you to sheer heaven. Getting it all done takes no more than three simple steps shared in the below tutorial by Paging Fun Mums.

25. Sand Footprint Craft

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

All those who are madly in love with the idea of spending summers and holidays on a beach won’t get a craft better than these Sand Footprints flaunting a beach-theme at their best. What’s the best thing about this craft is that you can get the footprints of the whole family framed as a wonderful memoir and decorate your home with the same.

The supplies you will need is an old sheet or plastic tablecloth, a photo frame big enough to fit the number of prints you wish to use, lots of sand, Plaster of Paris, some water for making the plaster, a cardboard to smooth the sand, a spray on sealer, a glue gun, and sea shells for the decor.

26. Sand Slime

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

No matter what color or texture it flaunts, slime always works wonders for a crazy, gooey playing, loved by the young and the old alike. But, the one-of-a-kind rustic look and feel that is sported by this Sand Slime is just so earthy and pretty that it will steal your heart for sure.

To make your own sand slime, you will need a bottle of clear Elmer’s glue, lots of water, a little Borax, some hot water, and some sand. All you need to do is keep adding the different ingredients with each step and stir the mixture until it forms a thick, slimy preparation.

27. DIY Tic Tac Toe GameBest 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

We all have had the last few pages of our notebooks filled with lots and lots of tic-tac-toe games played with the buddies while the teacher was busy explaining the chapters! And those memories surely deserve a little tribute, that has been rightly given by this amazing do-it-yourself tic tac toe game that brings the game out of the notebooks and turns it into a thing of pebbles and boards. You are going to need a 14 X 8 inches wooden board, domr dark walnut stain, a white paint, a wood sealer, ten little rocks, and a bowl to get going towards building your game.

28. Rained Out and DIY S’more Pot

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

How can the idea of camping and roasted marshmallows be forgotten when it comes to summer holidays. But, if you can’t head for an actual camping, these DIY S’mores Pot will bring that charm to your home with utmost ease.

For less than a dollar, you can get all the supplies the pot takes, and all you need to do is line a pot with tin foil and fill it with charcoal and presto, and voila! You will have a little fire pit that would go just right for your back deck or the patio. And, sitting outside with some chocolates and gooey marshmallows treating your tastebuds is no less than heaven!

29. Summer Fun- Ice Cream in a Bag

Best 29 DIY Summer Projects For Kids

Ice Cream in a bag is that amazing frozen treat that even the little kids can bring to life, just by holding a bag and running all over the place! But, the end results are more than awesome when it comes to the flavour, texture and chilly goodness.

The ingredients you need to pull off your very own ice cream bag is some heavy whipping cream or half and half, a little vanilla, and some sugar. Just a little shaking of the bag while the kiddos run around the yard in a game of chase for about ten to fifteen minutes is all it takes to get it all perfectly ready to savour!

Taking a look at how easy and amazing are the aforesaid activities to put together, it surely makes them worth a try when it comes to bringing lots of joy to your kiddos this summer. Then why wait to get going towards building a set of your very own summer games, amazing activities and cute little toys for those young players!

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