7 DIY Dog Houses to Shelter Your Furry Friends

For all those animal lovers out there, making a DIY dog house for your furry little friend can really strengthen your relationship, give him something to do, and make him all the happier.

Below you’ll find 7 unique and popular DIY Dog House designs, and hope you’ll find one to be a perfect match for you and your canine!

Small Comfortable Dog Fort

7 DIY Dog Houses to Shelter Your Furry Friends

The small dog fort shown above has been a popular hit among dog lovers, including on Reddit, and has been called the “caninehedron” or “puppyhedron” among other cute spin-off nicknames. This is a great, simple, yet effective puppy dog fort for your little guy to rest or sleep inside your home – or out!

[via Reddit]

The Ultimate Peter Nelson Dog House

This Pete Nelson dog house is pretty incredible all around, and as explained in the video was built by him and best friends Bill and Aaron. It comes together quite well, and is a rather sophisticated DIY dog house that’s sure to last years to come. We’ve also included a helpful video above explaining how it’s built, simply using pressure treated wood, and star drive screws for putting it together. At approximately 3:40 in the video you can really see how all the pieces go together. Have fun!

Rustic Old School Dog House

This rustic “old school” doghouse is a pretty awesome creation, and as explained in the video by Diresta will be big enough to fit two small dogs – which is nice for both companionship and comfort for your pups. There’s even a “bell” for when your pups enter or leave the doghouse, and you can find that part explained at around 11:30 in the video. Dogs will enjoy both hanging inside, and outside of the dog house as seen in the video.

Puppy Dog Palace w/ Deck


This dog house design is pretty decent for small to medium sized dogs, and for those warm and breezy days, is perfect whether your furry friend wants to hangout outside on the upper-deck, or sleep away to doggy-land from the inside. A great dog house and shelter design, the build is relatively easy to understand and accomplish with a bit of effort and patience.

[via PetsDIY]

Geometry Madness!

Another geometric wonder, small dogs just seem to absolutely love this build, find it comfortable, and with the addition of just a small blanket or cushion your pup will be good-to-go! This is also on the medium-easy range to build.

[via Homemade-Modern]

Star Wars Puppy Shelter


Quite understandably unique, this is a pretty cool yet strong, and relatively inexpensive dog hose that should be relatively easy to build. Most importantly, dogs love it – and if you’re a Star Wars fan then we’re sure you’ll love it too!

Large Plastic Shelter

This DIY large plastic doggy shelter is very easy to build, budget-friendly, and apparently dogs as big as German Shepards love it! So, if you’re looking for a cheap to build DIY dog house for under $30, then this one’s definitely for you. You can find more about it, and other cool inventions for purchase here.

Finally, we always love to here from our visitors, so if you have any DIY dog house creations not mentioned here, or would like to share your experiences in building one of the creations above, please feel free to comment and let us know about it!