12 Backyard Play Spaces That Would Make Your Kids Go NUTS!

Backyard play spaces are a place where your children can go to play, adventure, and explore, but, still be within your eyesight, remain safe, and reachable. There are millions of ideas out there for the best backyard spaces, but, some are more original than others.

So, we’ve put together the Top 12 Backyard Play Spaces That Would Make Your Kids Go NUTS! for your viewing pleasure – so read on!

What better backyard play space than a climbing wall for your kids and their friends? This is a reasonably sized climbing-wall, with soft square tiles to comfort any falls, and, goes really nicely with nearly any fence type thanks to it’s neutral, purple color – and fun shaped blocks!

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Jungle-gym style playspace

Combining a rock-wall and jungle-gym style, this outdoor play area is perfect for one very adventurous child and his friends! It also includes swings, a slide, and, swinging bars to keep your kids busy. It also offers other activities and sight-seeing adventures for all your neighbors and friends from various lookout points!

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DIY outdoow chalkboard

We like this backyard play area because it’s easy to build with a few stone slabs, has a nice cosmetic appeal to it, and, offers your children a large – yet affordable – blackboard to play on. The blackboard is perfect for writing, keeping game scores, or, for reading out all of their daily adventures to friends and family.

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Playspace with multiple bars and ladders to climb up and down

This stylish, green backyard place space is every child’s dream, has nearly every playground swing set, ladder, and slide imaginable, and even has multiple bars and ladders to climb up and down – or for a fast and easy exit. With multiple swings, this is perfect if you have a big family, or, your child likes to have company and wants to impress the neighbors!

Epic sandbox play space

This backyard play-space is a beautiful design made to allow your children to enjoy, and, reap the benefits of your outdoor garden. It is simple, yet practical in design, and, is not only colorful, but, also a perfect setup for those that have children who love to explore!

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Monkeybars and slides

Kids love this backyard place space because it not only includes swings, but, also a play area underneath the slide and castle, and, even has a picnic table underneath for snack time. It also has multiple ladders, and, even a captain’s wheel so your kids can play pirate!

ultimate kingdom for kids

This backyard play space has been combined and manicured to be the ultimate kingdom for kids. It includes a multi-story castle, a garden walking area, fun path for kids to adventure around on, and multiple lookout points that’s sure to make them feel like royalty! This is one of the classier designs of an outdoor play space, but, for a price can be yours too with the necessary materials, tools, and play house design.

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Fancy backyard play-house on stilts

This fancy backyard play-house is designed to make your kids feel at home, including a lot of pottery, flowers, and a bench which will make hanging out with friends or family that much more personalized. Using affordable curtains and a few chairs, this backyard treehouse is a really nice way to keep your kids busy, and, even has a little extra space underneath for exploring!

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Adventurous backyard with slides and trees

This wooden outdoor play space is an endless maze of wooden balconies, ladders, stairs, slides, and more! It also includes a seesaw, a fun tire-swing, and, a double-swing for your child to play with his or her friends.

There are also monkey bars and other different jungle-gym items included with this outdoor play set that’s sure to drive your kids wild! The wooden build is sturdy, durable, and, the metal ladders add to children’s flexibility in escaping fast, and, playing with one another.

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Fancy backyard trampoline

This is an Eco-friendly play space made using a trampoline, cloth, and trusted tension cables to hold the mat down, much like you’d find on a trampoline or hammock. Kids really like this because they can still bounce around, tell each-other stories, or even take a nap comfortably – and out of the sun.

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Cartoon style backyard playhouse

This outdoor play space looks like a house right out of a Dr. Seus book! It’s whacky colors, cool design, and slides make it a super exciting jungle gym/play house for kids and their friends. It also includes a small climbing wall, and, even two swings to add to the fun!

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