15 Most Cost Effective Vegetables to Grow in Your Garden

fresh vegetables

No one can argue with the fact that eating organic vegetables is good for your health. 

With the overuse of pesticides in industrial agriculture and the spread of bacteria like E. coli in veggies, a simple trip to the supermarket produce section could be putting your family’s health at serious risk.

Organic vegetables have more vitamins per serving than their non-organic counterparts; this means a boost to your immune system and glowing skin and shiny hair. Who in their right mind doesn’t want that?

But anyone who has shopped at a supermarket with an organic produce section will know that eating 100% organic will put a serious dent in your wallet.

Last time I bought produce at Whole Foods I spent over $100 and walked out of the store with 2 half-full eco bags that didn’t even put a strain on my underwhelming biceps! So, what’s a hard-working mother of 3 to do?

Grow your own Organic Veggies!

It’s really not as hard as you think. And it’s a great way to spend more time with your kids outdoors while teaching them about where the food they eat actually comes from.

But if you decide to join the growing ranks of Organic Gardeners you need to be strategic in deciding what to grow.

Where you live and how much space you have will be big factors in deciding what to plant, but this is an article about saving money so below I compiled a list of the 15 vegetables that will ultimately save you the most money by growing them yourself.


cabbage growing in the garden

Cabbage is a great vegetable to grow because it can be grown at any time. Additionally, during the warmer months, cabbage is said to provide great hydration to the body because it has a lot of water and vitamins within it.

The only aspect regarding growing cabbage that you have to remember is that you have to transplant the cabbage on time. By doing this, you have an affordable and healthy vegetable growing in your garden without pesticide.


freshly picked broccoli

Broccoli can be grown in both the spring and autumn but does require specialized organic soil. Broccoli is an interesting plant in that it can also surprise gardeners and produce edible cloves when there is snow on the ground.

Broccoli seeds are affordable to purchase and broccoli, overall, is very easy to maintain. This is precisely why it is a spectacular cost-effective plant to add to your garden.


sprouting garlic

Garlic is one of the best additions to any garden due to the plethora of uses that garlic has. To begin, garlic is a wonderful remedy for many stomach ailments. In addition, Garlic can be used to treat several topical skin conditions along with other medical ailments that the body faces internally.

Having Garlic in your garden is the equivalent to having a holistic pharmacy at your fingertips. Growing garlic is best achieved when planting it before winter.

Three weeks later, you will have incredible results that you can use in many dishes and as a powerful seasoning at an affordable price.


carrots planted in the garden

Carrots are very affordable and easy to grow. By merely placing the seeds in traditional soil, you will have a very healthy and cost-efficient vegetable in your garden. Carrots are said to have many health benefits and also, increase one’s vision.

By including carrots in your garden, you have a simple vegetable that will provide you many benefits for an affordable price.


bunch of potatoes on the ground

Potatoes are the vegetable that is coveted around the world. That being said, by growing it in your own garden, you will quickly realize the sensational difference in flavor that you will experience.

Additionally, by growing it at home, you will have more control at the unhealthy pesticides that are used.

Potatoes are easy to grow and can be used in a plethora of dishes. This is precisely why they are such an easy addition to anyone’s garden.


beautiful looking zucchinis

It is said that by eating any vegetable with bright colors, that one is helping the spread of Cancer and prolonging their life span. Zucchini is one of those vegetables that is bright green and a great source of vitamins for the body.

The only aspect of Zucchini that is important is that it requires at least two inches of water per week in order to be successful. Thus, be sure to water properly and you will have another affordable and productive addition to your home garden.


growing lettuce in the garden

By choosing to grow lettuce in your garden, you will have seeds that produce lettuce for six to eight months that have an identical cost of a small bunch at the grocery store.

Given that lettuce is a spectacular addition to any healthy salad, this is a great investment to consider including in your vegetable garden that is quite easy to grow.

The key is to pick out the outer leaves so that the plant can flourish.

Bell Peppers

planted bell peppers

Bell Peppers are a distinct vegetable in that they are able to add to both meat dishes and salads. Given that they come in spectacular bright colors, they are also great for preventing cancer and prolonging lifespan.

Bell Peppers need to be planted in small pots before they can be transferred to grow in your garden.

You will be able to expect a new growth as soon as you remove any pepper from the plant, which is why this plant is such a great investment for your garden.

Swiss Chard

Swiss chard

Swiss Chard is a great choice for any garden because of its ability to thrive in many different climates.

Additionally, Swiss Chard has exceptional nutritional benefits to the body. This is precisely why it is a spectacular addition to any garden around the world because it is affordable, low maintenance, and healthy.


fresh red tomatoes

Tomatoes are a wonderful investment to your garden because they are so delicious and can be combined with a plethora of dishes from around the globe. Particularly if you enjoy Mediterranean food, tomatoes should be your vegetable of choice for your garden.

Tomatoes do not need specific climates; however, they do better in a part of your garden that has a lot of sunlight.

In order to get the best use of them after picking, it is best to store them in a room that is room temperature to allow their freshness to last.


growing cucumbers

If you have a very spacious garden, cucumbers are a spectacular investment. Even though they are a larger plant, they bear a lot of vegetables that will continue to feed your family.

Cucumbers are also very healthy and can be added to most salads and meat dishes through cooking or merely chopping them up and adding olive oil.

Green Beans

green beans plant

Green Beans can be quite expensive at the grocery store. This is why it is a great idea to grow them in your garden because they do not require a specific climate.

By merely investing in a couple of seeds, you will have one of your favorite vegetables that are sensational for your body in your backyard.

Winter Squash

winter squash growing

Winter Squash is another great choice for gardening that can be used in a stew, salad or meat dish. The reason that so many gardeners enjoy Winter Squash in their gardens is that Winter Squash does not require any weeding after planting and also is quite expensive in the supermarket.

Furthermore, Winter Squash has the potential to last throughout the winter, which makes it a spectacular investment for those who live in colder climates.


gorgeous turnips

Turnips are an ideal affordable vegetable that can be used in several different dishes during the year. Whether you are looking for a warm winter soup or a cool summer salad, Turnips are a great cost-effective solution to add to your garden that are quite low maintenance.

Green Onions

blooming green onion

Green Onions are an incredible addition to any kitchen. Additionally, they have gotten quite expensive at local supermarkets.

This is precisely why growing them in your own garden is a sensational way to save a great deal of money on your grocery bill.

The reason for this is that Green Onions are very simple to grow and they also can be used in many different dishes from around the globe including salads, meats, tapas, and casseroles.

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