20 Easy (And Cheap) Fire Pits You Can Build In Your Backyard

While going on vacation and exploring new places is always fun, there’s little that can match the ambiance, relaxation, and convenience of having an outdoor BBQ with your own fire-pit and enjoying the company of friends or your loved ones at home.

In a lot of cases, people think that the only way to get a fire pit is to buy one, but the truth is there are many DIY fire pit projects that will cost little to no money – or at least a fraction of the cost of purchasing one at the store. Read on to explore 20 Easy and Cheap DIY Fire Pits than you can build today for your backyard!

DIY fire pit is pretty simple to make

With little masonry skills, experience, or tools, this DIY fire pit is pretty simple to make, and will just require a little patience, imagination, and shovel to dig a little into the ground as a safety precaution.

Reddit / mixingmortar


Easy stone firepit you can build

This fire pit is a nice idea, and was made on top of a small gravel pile to keep it as barely flammable as possible should anything blow away in the wind or the ground heat up. It’s also very stylish, and the digging and laying of stones around the fire pit adds personality to the design.

Reddit / OriginalFrylock


long-lasting, durable, and stylish DIY outdoor fire pit

In a lot of cases just digging a deep enough hole, and collecting the necessary ‘semi-symmetrical’ stones will do the trick and create a long-lasting, durable, and stylish DIY outdoor fire pit.

Imgur / ucfengineer


Fancy brick firepit on patio

For those that have bricks from previous projects around their home, or are simply able to get them at a cheap or affordable price, carefully stacking them on top of each-other and changing angles creates a pretty nice DIY backyard fire pit design.

Reddit / login777


Simple fire pit surrounded by pebbles

This DIY fire pit design was made using stones that were left around the yard, gravel for a more secure surface, and metal sheets bent to circular shapes as a frame for the top – which is optional.

Reddit / whysocereus


Super basic summer fire pit

You can make use of an old grill, some basic gravel, and larger rocks to create this simple, yet fun and effective DIY backyard fire pit. What a great way to spend time and make memories with your loved ones!

Imgur / JessTrioxin


Fire pit made of concrete tree rigs

Made by simply combining concrete tree rigs and an old grill, this beautiful backyard fire pit can be yours too, and setup in just a matter of hours. It requires minimal labor , and is an excellent DIY project for beginners.

Instructables / dewey302


Eco-friendly outdoor fire pit to slow-cook and grille your favorite foods

If you really want to go above and beyond to protect the environment, you can recycle your old washing machine drum, and create this Eco-friendly outdoor fire pit to slow-cook and grille your favorite foods – or make S’mores!

Reddit / Ministry_Eight


Classic outdoor fire pit design

This is a truly elegant, ‘classic’ pit design, and with it’s circular build is an absolute favorite among outdoorsmen, campers, and families alike. Thanks to it’s increased depth it’s also a safer design if you’re going to have little ones around, and is a very cost effective solution to a DIY backyard fire pit.

Reddit / tbell83


Stacked bricks to create fire pit in backyard

Using bricks and a little bit of patience and some effort you can make this really cool, corner outdoor fire pit and impress all of your guests and neighbors. This is also a great way to run a more intense fire, while still effectively protecting the surrounding environment.

Reddit / Teknishun


Old metal cage used as an outdoor fireplace

Using an old metal cage can also be a great, unique way to create your own DIY outdoor fire pit. This also adds security, and stability for those windy days to prevent hot ember from flying around the yard. This is definitely one of the more stylish designs, and is most likely to be both weather resistant and long-lasting.

Reddit / TheMightyEskimo


ire-pit with a stable surface to place chairs

This beautiful combination of walkway stone squares was the perfect combination to creating a sizable, attractive fire-pit with a stable surface to place chairs around to enjoy the glow of the fire. Throwing in the projector screen was an added bonus, and is sure to supply endless nights of fun, and memories with friends and loved ones.



In ground fire pit built into cement patio

Creating an ‘in-ground’ fire pit is a great way to protect your hard-work investment from weathering, as it’ll be easier to close up and put the fire out when you’re done. It’s also a great solution to protect your fire and enjoy your cooking or it’s glow during those windy nights.

Reddit / meestermcfeelme


Rough round fire pit made from old masonry stones

If you’ve got the space, then creating this super-sized fire pit is an awesome way to go! Just use some old hosing to create the circle to stabilize the gravel around it, and then stack the desired stones a few levels up to protect the integrity of the pit.

Reddit / magicman21


Firepit surrounded by gazebo with swinging benches

If you really want to create long-lasting, exciting memories of bonding, story-telling, and more, then this gazebo addition, and swing-set design is a must have! This was an excellent use of everyday wood, a few hanging swings, and while a little pricier is by far one of the most exciting DIY fire pit designs!

Reddit / onekneedown


Masonary fire pit with cinder block furniture

Combining a simple fire pit design, along with cinder-blocks and wooden beams, and you can make this entire set with little to no cost! A lot of this was made from recycled cinder-blocks, wood (that can be obtained from wooden pallets), and more cinder blocks for support. All you have to do is get yourself a hammer, nails, paint, and a little bit of patience or a helping hand and you’ll be good to go!

Reddit / GregSolomon

We hope you’ve enjoyed these 16 unique DIY fire pit designs. If you have any ideas of other designs you’d like to share not mentioned here, or your experiences in making any one of those mentioned above, we’d love to hear from you!

Please feel free to leave comments below, or make recommendations and we’d be happy to share them! Happy Camping!

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