20+ Fun DIY Projects To Make Your Garden Look Awesome This Summer

Making your garden look awesome this summer doesn’t have to take much money, and many fun, exciting, and new DIY Garden Projects are either budget-friendly or entirely free!

We’ve come up with this Top 20 DIY Garden Projects list that makes use of various recycled items, and are designed to make your garden just that much more brilliant, lavish, and colorful!

1. A Tasteful DIY Flower Dresser For Any Garden

A Tasteful DIY Flower Dresser For Any Garden

This DIY Flower Dresser project is the perfect way to recycle an unwanted or unused dresser into something truly spectacular for any out door garden and home!

Depending on the current wood finish, you may want to repaint and add a new protective sealant on top of your current dresser to ‘weatherproof’ it.

You can honestly put your flowers nearly anywhere inside, on, or throughout this Flower Dresser which makes it the ultimate, elegant design that’ll both add class to your garden and allow you to show off your favorite plants and flowers at the same time!

Sure to give your back yard and garden a dramatic touch, guests and family will love the aura of beauty this design gives off to visitors.

Check out more, budget-friendly, beautiful, DIY Back Yard Garden projects at the Grizzly Bear Modern link below.

DIY Details: grizzlybearmodern

2. DIY Cinder Block Solution For Your Garden

DIY Cinder Block Solution For Your Garden

This DIY Raised Garden Bed is the perfect, cost-effective solution to giving your seedlings, plants, and other fruits or vegetables a comfortable, and safe habitat to grow in!

For those with a big garden or back yard, this design is ideal, as it helps keep unwanted critters out of your garden and flowers. Not only can you plant your various favorite flowers and gardens throughout the Raised Garden Bed, but you can even place more flowers and seeds in the cinder blocks surrounding the raised garden bed in the center.

At less than $1 each, much like other DIY Back Yard Cinder Block Projects, this is an awesome way to save money, and be environmentally ‘smart!’

Check out more cool ideas for your back yard garden at the ISaveA2Z link below!

DIY Details: isavea2z

3. The Perfect ‘Vintage’ DIY Potter Plants For Any Garden

The Perfect 'Vintage' DIY Potter Plants For Any Garden

You don’t need to spend lots of money on ceramic or store-bought flower pots, and if you already have a garden you know how costly they can be – especially when you’re growing different types of flowers, vegetables, and fruits!

These outdoor vintage DIY Flower Pots are the perfect addition to any home, and can also be placed in front of your house to mark your address – as seen in the picture above.

For this DIY project, all you’ll need are a few recycled silver buckets, paint, and paintbrushes and should take no more than a few hours to make! This is also an excellent way to accent your garden, patio, or back yard deck and give it that ‘rustic’ look!

Check out how to start making your DIY Potter Plants now by visiting the My Wonderfully Made link below!

DIY Details: mywonderfullymade

4. DIY Cinder Block Garden Fence

DIY Cinder Block Garden Fence

You can use cinder blocks to create an irrigation ‘fence’ along with your garden, and even place plants inside them! All you’ll need is a bit of soil, your favorite flowers, or seeds!

Cinder blocks are typically pretty cheap, and can be bought at the department store for at around $1 or less each! This is a wonderful way to add personality to your back yard garden, organize your plants, fruits, veggies, and more!

The DIY Cinder Block Garden is an excellent way also to create pathways, or help your guests find their way at night without stepping on your precious flower-garden! For more details, see the Guiding Home link below.

For more details, see the Guiding Home link below.

Guiding Home

5. Recycling Old Wine Boxes Into Planters

Recycling Old Wine Boxes Into Planters

Using old wine boxes, lumber, a hammer and nails will make it both straightforward and cheap to build these DIY plant potters. This is the perfect DIY Back yard Garden project for planting herbs, small flowers, or even vegetables.

Wine boxes will add class and make your outdoor garden look fancier, which is sure to impress both guests and family. This is also an excellent project for those that are ‘artsy,’ or are looking to add a little personality and spice to their garden – no pun intended.

To get a step-by-step guide on how to get started, check out the LLH Designs link below.

LLH Designs

6. DIY Mosaic Stepping Stones For Your Garden

DIY Mosaic Stepping Stones For Your Garden

These elegant DIY Mosaic Garden Stepping Stones are the perfect addition to any back yard, and using simple things like concrete, broken or recycled glass, china, and bottles means you’ll also be creating an environmentally friendly project! You’ll add both class and a ‘romantic’ touch to your garden with these extravagant stepping stones.

Best of all, this is the perfect, budget-friendly solution to skipping the costs of hundreds or even thousands of dollars to purchase more expensive materials, and can be done in just a weekend or less! Experienced DIYers would rate this as a relatively easy to complete project, is therapeutic, and provides a practical solution for better navigating your garden – especially when it’s wet out!

Get the tutorial here.

Intimate Weddings

7. No Need To Overfill Your Large Planters: Use Recycled Bottles Instead!

No Need To Overfill Your Large Planters: Use Recycled Bottles Instead!

Potting soil can be expensive, and if you have a large garden or lots of plants around your home then you know how costly it can be over time to maintain them properly.

Rather than unnecessar money on special potting soil, try this unique DIY Garden Project that’s guaranteed to save you money, and be more practical! Often, people over-soil (and over-water) their plants, because they cannot see the bottom of the pot, or because it’s difficult to gauge the total depth of the planter pot.

But, with this DIY solution, you’ll be able to spend less money, and more time properly watering your plants by simply using recycled plastic jugs to fill the bottom, so that you don’t waste water and soil anymore!

You can review this original DIY solution by visiting The Beansprout Notes website below.

The Beansprout Notes

8. DIY Bug Repellant To Protect Your Plants

DIY Bug Repellant To Protect Your Plants

This DIY Bug Repellant Solution is perfect for any gardener will just require simple ingredients like garlic, onions, peppers, and water.

Keeping unwanted pests off of your flowers, plants, or vegetables can be a tough task – especially if you’re set on avoiding harmful pesticides, chemicals, and want to keep your garden and produce as natural as possible.

You can find cool DIY projects at the Weed Em And Reap link below, or get the full recipe here.

Weed Em And Reap

9. Environmentally Friendly DIY Rain Barrel For Your Garden

Environmentally Friendly DIY Rain Barrel For Your Garden

If you’d like to both save on water costs, as well as protect the environment, then this natural DIY Rain Barrel is the perfect solution!

This is an excellent way to recycle rain-water for watering your plants, garden, and seedlings. All you should need is an old recycled water or industrial barrel, and cinder blocks to elevate it so that you can easily drain water from it as needed to tend to your garden.

Putting the DIY Rain Barrel together is relatively easy, and you’ll just need a little plastic piping and funnel to catch the water the next time it rains!

Read the Mom Prepares website below for full details.

It looks complicated, but it’s actually quite simple.

Mom Prepares

10. Environmentally Friendly DIY Stone Garden Fountain

Environmentally Friendly DIY Stone Garden Fountain

This DIY Environmentally-Friendly stone garden waterfounation is a gorgeous addition to any garden or back yard, and will only require a little bit of patience, acquiring a pile of relatively evenly matched river rocks, water, tubing, and a few other supplies to get it running.

Not only will this back yard DIY Garden Project make a lasting impression on visitors and family, but it’s also a beautiful way to enjoy your local, natural environment.

All instructions included with this DIY project will create a functioning water-fountain and should cost less than $50 total for all the supplies.

Read on by clicking the Instructables link below to get a step-by-step guide.


11. DIY Vertical Fence Planters

DIY Vertical Fence Planters

This tasteful DIY Vertical Garden Fence Planters Project is the perfect way to save space, and plant more flowers at the same time! It will also make your garden much more sophisticated, add personality, and flair’ by choosing the exact types of potter plants you wish to use, whether they be different sizes, colors, or designs.

Another cool idea to add onto this DIY project and mix things up is to plant larger flowers or potters under these along the fence-line to give your garden a totally “complete” look of both style and personality. This DIY project will only require simple tools like a hammer and nails, or preferably industrial sized hooks and brackets to hold the plants into place along the fence.

You can out more on how to design your own DIY Vertical Fence Potters by clicking the Shelterness link below!


12. A DIY Graceful And Stylish Butterfly Feeder

A DIY Graceful And Stylish Butterfly Feeder

Butterflies are no doubt one of the most beautiful creatures you’re likely ever to have the pleasure of visiting your garden. They pollinate flowers, protect the environment, and keep nasty little-unwanted creatures from eating or destroying your plants, fruits, and vegetables.

This DIY Graceful Butterfly Feeder is the perfect addition to any garden, no matter how big or small! You and your family are sure to enjoy endless spring and summer days by watching butterflies stop by to feed, sleep, and wave their beautiful wings all throughout your garden.

Be sure to check out the Refreshing The Home link below to learn more!

Refreshing The Home

13. A DIY Friendly Planter And Bird Bath Combination

A DIY Friendly Planter And Bird Bath Combination

This is an excellent way to combine both style as well as support the local environment by using a pottery urn and your choice flowers to welcome birds with this two in one DIY Garden Planter And Bird Feeder.

You can even paint the urn and potter with your favorite colors to add your personal touch, and best of all this is a garden addition you can enjoy nearly all year round. Birds will love it, and the next time you go out back to have a BBQ or picnic with your family you’re sure to enjoy taking in the beautiful sights of various birds coming to your garden to visit! You can click the Mami Talks link below to learn how to get started!

Mami Talks

14. A DIY Classic Garden Planter Using An Old Typewriter

A DIY Classic Garden Planter Using An Old Typewriter

Creating this simple DIY Garden Planter using an old typewriter is the perfect way to combine both simplicity, and originality!

You can place the old fashioned type-writer anywhere on your deck, patio, or even in your garden to give it that timeworn look – and it’s perfect for matching other antiquarian or collectible outdoor furniture. This idea and others like it for your outdoor garden can be found at the Blink When Passing link below – enjoy!

This DIY idea and others like it for your outdoor garden can be found at the Blink When Passing link below – enjoy!

Flickr / Blinkwhenpassing

15. Protect Your Garden With This DIY Recycled Bottle Watering System

Protect Your Garden With This DIY Recycled Bottle Watering System

This DIY Recycled Water Bottle System for your plants and potters is perfect for keeping your plants consistently and thoroughly hydrated – especially in hot climates!

Putting this together is pretty simple, and will just require a recycled water bottle, a shovel, some digging, and a little bit of patience.

The DIY garden watering system is perfect because it will allow you to water each of your plants deep down below the surface, which means directly and more efficiently feeding your plants and getting the nutrients they need right to the roots.

You can find other cool, DIY recyclable garden projects by clicking The Gardening Cook link below, or read how it works here.

The Gardening Cook

16. Outdoor Garden “Globes” Using Simple DIY Tools

Outdoor Garden "Globes" Using Simple DIY Tools

The spectacular DIY Garden Globes project can be yours today by just investing in some basic (affordable) chicken wire, and spray paint! A few sticks, stakes, and twine will also help in securing them to the ground, and should take you no more than an hour to get this project done and have your garden looking all the more extraordinary in no time!

Best of all, you can paint the different “garden globes” various colors to add sparkle, and they should hold up against rain and other elements which means you’ll have cost-effective garden decorations that will last years to come!

Read more by visiting Paradise Express below!

Paradise Express

17. A DIY Fold-Up Wooden Pallet Garden Table

A DIY Fold-Up Wooden Pallet Garden Table

This Wooden Pallet DIY Garden Table is great because you’ll be able to build it using recycled or unwanted wooden pallets from your local store or neighbor, and should take less than a day to complete.

For any gardeners or outdoor enthusiasts, this is the perfect DIY project to maximize organization as well as space in your back yard or patio, and it even folds away! This is a very convenient, practical design, and ideal for holding various gardening supplies, tools, or even your kid’s toys!

You can also pull up a chair and have a coffee or snacks with your guests on this fold-away DIY Wooden Pallet Garden Table.

Read more other fresh DIY Garden Project ideas by visiting the Jenna Burger website below, or find out how to make your fold-up wooden pallet table by clicking here!

Jenna Burger

18. DIY Hanging Plant Potters

DIY Hanging Plant Potters

This is a beautiful craftsy project, isn’t too difficult to grasp, and repurposing unwanted wooden pallets is always a great way to preserve the environment – and create an eco-friendly garden!

There are plenty of other excellent uses for recycled wooden pallets, so make sure you read on to discover some other favorite DIY designs!

To setup and install these plant potters will just take a few steps, and you’ll be able to hang all of your favorite flowers and show them off in no time!

Check out the Architecture Art Designs link below for more awesome DIY potter plants ideas!

DIY Details: ArchetectureArtDesigns

19. The DIY Garden Project That Really ROCKS!

The DIY Garden Project That Really ROCKS!

Whether summer or spring is just around the corner, or you’re simply bored with your current back yard and garden arrangement, this DIY project is excellent for really personalizing your garden, and also a great project for kids!

You can paint different designs, colors, or even your kid’s favorite characters like Minions, Spongebob, and more just using simple tools like paintbrushes, acrylic paint, and a few flat-shaped rocks!

This is a must-try DIY project for gardeners and nature-lovers alike. Check out the details by Ever Mine below.

Idea Details: evermine

20. Exciting DIY Clay Toadstools For Your Garden

Exciting DIY Clay Toadstools For Your Garden

Whether you and your loved ones love fantasy, or you have a fairy-themed garden, these Clay Toadstools are the perfect addition to adding all sorts of magic to your garden! It’s also a very fun, exciting DIY project that’s kid-friendly!

All you’ll need is Q-tips, a knife, toothpicks, a paintbrush, acrylic paint, a hot glue gun, and of course the necessary block or blocks of Sculpey clay so you can make unlimited Toadstools to spread throughout your garden!

As you can see from the pictures above, these Toad Stools are extremely colorful – and can add a wonderful nostalgic feel for Super Mario lovers – by just simply adding eyes onto your litter critter creations! Check out the tutorial below to find out how to make yours.

Idea Details: fairygardens

21. DIY Clothing Pin Garden Markers

DIY Clothing Pin Garden Markers

Garden markers are typically made up of just wooden stakes or labels when you buy them at the store, but this DIY Garden Marker Design takes it to the next level!

With a simple to use system, you’ll be able to make as many garden markers you need, and remove any costs in the process – as you’ll only need a few clothing pins! As you can see, the clothing pins above have been painted, and even have a white-tail design to help see them in the dark. You can also use glow-in-the-dark paint, or other colors and decorations if you’d like.

Best of all, these DIY Garden Markers can be made in minutes, and the only other thing you’ll need is a Sharpie marker!

Idea Details: chatfieldcourt

All of our DIY Garden Projects listed above are designed to be both cost-effective and fun! Best of all, many are designed to maximize space, organization, and garden style in as little as one day!

Please feel free to share with us any other DIY Garden Projects you might have, as well as leave feedback on your experiences in trying any of the DIY projects listed above.

Happy Gardening!

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