21 Amazing DIY Backyard Ideas That Will Make Your Kids Go Crazy

We’ve created a spectacular list of 21 different fantastic DIY Backyard Ideas that are sure to beautify your garden.

Many of these DIY projects are perfect for adding personality and class to your garden, and are sure to make your neighbors jealous! These projects are great for doing with your family, and most are also focused on the little ones and their experience or fun in your back yard.o read on to find out how you can get started!

Read on to discover the best DIY Projects below!

1. The DIY Back Yard Chalkboard

The DIY Back Yard Chalkboard

This DIY Outdoor Chalkboard is perfect for kids, or even adults to keep score of their favorite games like horseshoe tossing, football, and other exciting outdoor activities when you throw your next back yard barbeque!

Best of all, this DIY Chalkboard is easy to make, affordable, and will inspire your kids to use their imagination by drawing, or keeping track of their adventures, and scores on this huge, exciting board that goes right onto your fence or other outdoor walls.

You can also use this chalkboard as a way to advertise the drinks, snacks, or food you’re serving at your next family reunion, or even let your kids play ‘store!’

Check out this link for all the details and a step-by-step tutorial.

2. A Shiny New DIY Marble Fence

A Shiny New DIY Marble Fence

This DIY Garden Marble Fence design is sure to make your neighbors jealous, and give you and your family a ‘sparkling’ good time the next time you go outdoors to relax, bond, play games, or host a barbeque.

This is also an excellent way to avoid costly replacements in changing your fence altogether or painting it – and is extremely cost effective – as it should cost no more than $5. You can enjoy your beautiful fence all-year around, and on those sunny days, it will reflect all the various, vibrant colors of each marble you installed.

Check out the Garden Drama link below for details.

DIY Details: gardendrama

3. Concrete Garden Mushrooms For Your Garden

Concrete Garden Mushrooms For Your Garden

These cute, fun concrete garden mushrooms are a must have for any back yard environment, and are perfect for accenting your other garden decor – and plants!

You can paint each concrete mushroom your favorite colors, patterns, or even bring them to life by drawing your favorite characters on them! All you’ll need is a few simple supplies like concrete, acrylic paints, and ideally a clear sealant to make your super garden mushrooms waterproof.

This is also an excellent DIY Garden Project for those with fantasy themed gardens, and a great activity to do with your kids!

Click the Crown Hill By Day Link below to learn how to get started!

Crown Hill By Day

4. A Colorful DIY ‘Key Windchime’ Project For Outdoors

A Colorful DIY 'Key Windchime' Project For Outdoors

Now you can make these easy DIY Key Windchimes to place anywhere throughout your home, may it be on your deck, patio, front, or even back yard!

This is a fantastic way to add ‘pizazz’ and boost your mood and mind everyday with relaxing, smooth chimes that are sure to gain positive attention – and even give your kids something colorful to enjoy looking at every morning!

Best of all, these DIY Key Wind Chimes are made entirely from recycled keys, a few strings, and hooks to hang them up – simple enough! Right?

Check out other cool, relaxing DIY Back Yard Projects at the Giving Inner Child Fun link below!

DIY Details: giving.innerchildfun

5. DIY Rope Swing For Kids!

DIY Rope Swing For Kids!

If you’ve got kids, then you know how energetic and crazy they can be during the summertime or when they have off from school. That’s why this DIY Back Yard Rope Swing is the perfect solution. Sure to bring endless hours of fun, kids can play on the rope together or take turns, and create countless memories this summer doing something that’s perfect for both their mental and physical health.

Best of all, you can easily keep an eye on them by hanging up this DIY rope swing right in your back yard, from a sturdy, durable tree-branch just using rope and a few other simple, tools and supplies. See the Dukes And Duchesses Link below for all the details!

DIY Details: dukesandduchesses

6. An Exciting DIT Outdoor “Xylophone”

An Exciting DIT Outdoor "Xylophone"

The Giant DIY Back Yard Xylophone is perfect for kids and bringing out their artsy, musical, and creative side!

Best of all, this is a cheap, easy to make project just using unwanted or recycled wood – perfect for when you do repairs or remodel your current fence and have a lot of wood left over!

You and your kids can even paint the “Xylophone” together to match their personalities and interest, and making the wooden ‘drum stick’ to play their music is pretty easy too.

All you’ll need is a hand-saw, a few extra pieces of wood, rope, paint, and you’re ready to go!

Find more, cool, exciting DIY projects for kids at the Life Style link below.

DIY Details: lifestyle.yahoo

7. DIY ‘Firefly’ Lanterns For Your Back Yard

DIY 'Firefly' Lanterns For Your Back Yard

These elegant and bright DIY Tin Can ‘Firefly’ Lanterns are the perfect way to brighten your garden, and give it that unique look your neighbors are sure to envy!

Simply using recycled tin cans, nails, pins, screws, and a hammer you’ll be able to make yours in just a few hours! These beautiful, outdoor Tin Can Lanterns can be used any time of the year, and either hung on your garden walls, fence, or even (carefully) spread across your garden! What better, more natural and environmentally friendly light source could there possibly be? Read on to find out!

You can find the full DIY Tiny Can Glowing Lanterns tutorial below at the Grow Creative website!

DIY Details: growcreative

8. Use Old Toys To Create A ‘Rustic Planter’ Look

Use Old Toys To Create A 'Rustic Planter' Look

If you or your kids have any old or unused trucks lying around, this DIY Toy Truck planter is the perfect way to recycle them, and give your garden a personality like none you’ve ever seen before!

A toy pick-up truck is most ideal for this outdoor DIY garden project and will make your kids happy in the process. This way, they can play outside with their other trucks and toys, and feel like a piece of them is in nature – which is sure to brighten their day and bring countless memories to come.

Read other cool, fancy and original DIY ideas like the recycled truck planter project by clicking the Junk Market Style link below.

Junk Market Style

9. DIY Garden Critters Will Make Your Garden More Fun!

DIY Garden Critters Will Make Your Garden More Fun!

These DIY Garden Rock Critters are a super cute, easy way to make your back yard fun, and exciting for the little ones!

All you’ll need for this project are a few oval shaped river-stones or granite rocks of your choice, and acrylic paint. You can also opt for using other supplies like glue if you want to add ‘googly eyes.’

What better way to add mystery and excitement to your garden than with these cute, little eyed creatures? You can even keep the cats away with these, and spread them across your yard or garden to make it more fun!

Learn how to make your own colony of garden creatures here, or click the Instructables link below.


10. Bring Your Tree To Life With A Gnome Door!

Bring Your Tree To Life With A Gnome Door!

Are you a fan of gnomes, have a few garden-gnomes already, or looking to give your garden a fun, and witty touch? Then this DIY Garden Gnome Door is the perfect addition for any back yard!

Using just a wooden plaque board, wooden strips, and acrylic paint you’ll be set to go! This DIY garden project is enjoyable, cute, and your kids will have plenty of fun running around your tree or playing with their imaginary ‘gnome friends.’

To top it off, you can also add a little doorknob, and complete the piece with even a little painted stained-glass window! Dream A Little Bigger has plenty of fresh ideas like the DIY Gnome Door and more, so check out the link below!

Idea Details: dreamalittlebigger

11. A DIY Tree Stump Mini-Garden

A DIY Tree Stump Mini-Garden

With this slick design, you’ll be able to turn any old tree-stump into a beautiful, natural potter and best of all this DIY project is absolutely free!

Whether you want just to add flowers, or make a ‘mini-garden’ out of it, depending on the stump size, the possibilities are truly limitless.

This is an elegant design, and environmentally friendly way to add personality to your garden, style, and cater to nature in the most natural way possible.

For more information on how to get started, check out the Interioraholic link below.


12. A Back Yard Toy Storage Solution For Kids

A Back Yard Toy Storage Solution For Kids

This Back Yard DIY Project is perfect for better organizing your kid’s toys and belongings the next time they play outdoors – and is also light enough to easily be stored inside or your garage when not in use.

Rather than leaving their toys sprawled throughout your garden and risking stepping on them, they can hone their organizational skills and find both purpose and enjoyment in organizing their toys on these shelves.

You can add to the final project by using plastic tote boxes, and Sharpie markers to label each bin so they can categorize their toys or games by type!

Check out the Moosha Girl link below for more details.

DIY Details: mooshagirl

13. DIY  ‘Mushroom Paradise’ Garden Project!

DIY 'Mushroom Paradise' Garden Project!

Making a whole bunch of cute little mushrooms to spread throughout your garden is made easy with this 5-step DIY back yard project!

This is a really cool way to turn your garden into a ‘fantasy land’ and give your kids a more pleasant experience the next time they go to play out back. Even better, you can include your children in on the fun when you make each one of these Concrete Mushrooms! The project will only require a little bit of plastic wrap, a bowl filled with sand, a relatively large amount of cement depending on how many mushrooms you want, and of course paint to add color, personality, and design!

Idea Details: crownhilldaybyday

14. Add An Exciting DIY Tic-Tac-Toe Board To Your Back Yard

Add An Exciting DIY Tic-Tac-Toe Board To Your Back Yard

This DIY Tic Tac Toe Back Yard project is the perfect way to combine fun and creativity to any garden!

Making it is pretty easy, and all you’ll need are a few round rocks, black and white paint, and a paint brush. Kids, family, and friends will have a great time playing outside together this summer, and you can even spread them throughout your garden or place them on planters to add to the overall personality of your garden when not in use.

Check out more awesome, fun, and budget-friendly DIY Back Yard projects at the NWEdible link below.

DIY Details: nwedible

15. A Simple DIY “Treehouse” For Kids

A Simple DIY "Treehouse" For Kids

Not every back yard tree-house has to be sophisticated, costly, and time-consuming.

With this easy, and basic DIY Back Yard Tree House design your kids will be able to have tons of safe, fun, and exciting adventures!

Starting with just the platform, as seen in the picture above, kids can have a great place to hang out, tell stories, and just take in the scenery may it be your back yard or garden. It won’t require more than a weekend or two, and some basic supplies and tools.

You can build a complete DIY tree-house or ‘apartment’ for a fraction of what it’ll cost you at the hardware or specialty store, so check out the Apartment Therapy link below for more awesome ideas, styles, and designs!

DIY Details apartmenttherapy

16. Colorful And Fun Child Stepping Stones Arts & Crafts Project

Colorful And Fun Child Stepping Stones Arts & Crafts Project

This is an enjoyable, exciting DIY Arts & Crafts project that’s perfect for making with your kids – and allows them to add their personal touch to your back yard garden.

These colorful, beautiful gemstone stepping stones will onlyl require simple supplies like cement, a box to make the creations in, and a few other basic supplies.

You can also take your kids to the local river or by yourself to go and find a couple of perfectly rounded river stones which you can either paint or combine with other glass stones purchased from the arts and crafts store.

Altogether, this entire project should cost no more than $20, and is sure to last for years to come for you and your family to enjoy!

Check out the Pink And Green Mama link below for the full tutorial and a step-by-step guide on how to make yours today!

DIY Detals: pinkandgreenmama

17. Fun DIY Garden Markers Project For KidsFun DIY Garden Markers Project For Kids

This is a very budget-friendly, DIY Garden Markers project that’s sure to be fun for both you and your family to make together!

You can paint each rock different colors, styles, add polka-dots, cute and funny faces, and more! Even better, you can teach your kids about planting, and spark their interest in fruits and vegetables, as well as teach them about various flowers by marking each plant with these unique, cute garden markers!

All you’ll need is a little bit of creativity, patience, and you’re sure to have the best summer yet with friends and family!

Check out the Adventure-In-A-Box link below for more details.

DIY Details: adventure-in-a-box

18. DIY Recycled Tin Can Bird Feeders

DIY Recycled Tin Can Bird Feeders

There aren’t many things or experiences that can compare to the beauty and excitement of being able to watch different types of birds visit your garden to eat every day – and this DIY project is also an awesome way to teach your kids about nature!

These DIY Tin Can Bird Feeders are pretty easy to make, and will just require a little creativity, imagination, paints, and of course recycled tin cans. This DIY project is overall pretty effortless, and shouldn’t take more than one day to complete with your loved ones – and birds are sure to come back for more all season long to relax, eat, and bathe in your garden!

Check out the Momtastic link below for the full instructions, and other awesome ideas!

DIY Details: Momtastic

19. DIY Cute Garden Laddy Bugs And Critters!

DIY Cute Garden Laddy Bugs And Critters!

This is a charming DIY project for you and your kid’s garden, and you’ll be able to paint ladybugs, bumblebees, and all their other favorite animals or characters on these golf-balls – all for less than just $10!

All you’ll need for these DIY Garden Critters are used or unwanted golf balls, paints, a tiny paint brush, and googly eyes if you want to bring your funny, cute little creatures to life!

See more cute and fun out door DIY projects at the Cute DIY Projects link below.

DIY Details: cutediyprojects

20. A Beautiful DIY Wooden Pallet Walkway

A Beautiful DIY Wooden Pallet Walkway

Now you can have a beautiful, wooden DIY Wooden Pallet Walkway for your garden without shelling out hundreds of dollars or more!

Using recycled wooden pallets, this project is pretty simple and will just require a few basic tools like a handsaw, and of course, you can also paint or re-finish the wood with your favorite wood colors and texture to add flavor and a more unique appearance.

A wonderful way to take care of the environment, this eco-friendly DIY Wooden Pallet Walkway can be used to connect various parts of your yard and garden, so you don’t have to get your feet wet the next time you go outside, and it rains. This is also an excellent way of avoiding guests from accidentally stepping on your flower garden!

See more awesome ideas at the Funky Junk Interiors link below!

DIY Details: funkyjunkinteriors

21. Recycling Old Tires Into Beautiful Colorful Planters For Your Garden

Recycling Old Tires Into Beautiful Colorful Planters For Your Garden

Now you can use recycled tires as planters for pots, flowers, and raising vegetables or fruit plants of all sizes!

The best part of this DIY Garden Project is that you can customize the look, by choosing different sized tires, paints, and other decorations to match your garden and personality perfectly!

Getting this project done should take a day or less, and you can add or take away as many as you want – to give your garden the perfect touch! This is a very cost effective way of elegantly decorating your garden, and showing off your environmentally friendly side to neighbors and friends.

For more back yard tire ideas check out THIS POST


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