35 DIY Backyard Kids Games That Will Make Your Summer Ridiculously Fun

Summertime can be lots of fun, especially if you have kids. But, finding activities for them can sometimes be challenging – which is why we’ve put together this list of 35 DIY Backyard Games That Will Make Your Summer Ridiculously Fun!

So, for those days that the weather is nice, and, your children want to play outside, you can make any one of these fun, unique, and exciting games right in your own backyard!

This way, your house stays calm, peaceful, and clean – and at the same time keep your kids happy. Most kids have lots of fun playing common games like tag, hide and go seek, or other little activities outside, but, after a while, they can get boring – or even into trouble!

1. DIY Slip & Slide

DIY Slip & Slide

There’s nothing more fun then having your own slip-n-slide in your backyard. Unfortunately, slip-n-slides from the store can be expensive, and, not always hold up very well against regular use. This is the ultimate slide, with little “slip”, and combined with the above “Water Blob” is the perfect combination for hours of fun! Check out the details below for more information on how to get started.

Project Source and Instructions: diaryofapreppymom

2. Create a Chessboard Patio

Create a Chessboard Patio

This DIY backyard chess game is the perfect way to either teach your kids how to play chess, or let them enjoy playing on their own! It really looks great, and is sure to not only get compliments from your neighbors, but, also requests for your kids friends to come over and play too!

Project Source and Instructions: diynetwork

3. DIY Giant Jenga Tower

DIY Giant Jenga Tower

This DIY giant Jenga tower using real wooden blocks is definitely a masterpiece to be seen, and, a one of a kind outback game if you’ve ever seen one! This is great for not only your kids, but, also you and your friends to play during your next BBQ!

Just check out or click the Source link below to get instructions how to build this, as well as other ideas for creating DIY backyard games!

Project Source and Instructions: lemonthistle

4. DIY Tire Swing

DIY Tire Swing

Who can forget the good ol’ outback tire swing? These environmentally friendly tire-swings are the perfect way to recycle, and, provide endless hours of fun for your kids!

These tire-swings are very easy to make, and, with a little fun coloring can be cute, and, match the personalities of those you love the most – your kids!

Project Source and Instructions: bobvila

5. Bean Bag Ladder Toss

Bean Bag Ladder Toss This been bag toss is the ultimate, affordable DIY solution for backyard games for you and your children. The design is simple, and, you’ll have to spend little to no money as you can just use tape, paper, and, a bean bag seat.

Either a tall or short ladder will work fine, and you can even set this up with your kids. This is a super easy, quick-fix to getting an activity made for your little ones to have fun outside in a safe, productive way. Check out the source link below for more instructions and other DIY backyard game ideas.

Project Source and Instructions: landeeseelandeedo

6. Backyard Twister

Backyard Twister

Twister is a great game, lots of fun, and playing it on your lawn makes it even better! This way, you can customize the layout, and, have a ball while you’re setting it up and using it! You don’t have to worry about cleaning it up afterwards, and chances are it’ll last a while – you’ll have have to re-spray as necessary to keep the dots visible if it rains. Read more below!

Project Source and Instructions: youplusmeforalways

7. Bowling with Recycled Bottles

Bowling with Recycled Bottles

Want to let your kids play bowling outside, but, don’t have a set laying around? Using recycled bottles and some red markers is all you’ll need, and your kids can use a tennis ball or whiffle-ball to knock em’ down!

Project Source and Instructions: moonfrye

8. DIY Tic-Tac-Toe

DIY Tic-Tac-Toe

Setup a fun and easy to use Tic-Tac-Toe game for your little ones by just using a few rocks, and a wooden board. All you need is a little paint, and you’re good to go! This is a fast, easy to use DIY outdoor game and sure to bring hours of fun!

Project Source and Instructions: tatertotsandjello

9. Pool Noodle Toss

Pool Noodle Toss

You can setup a pool noodle toss in no time, with little effort, and, a lot of fun in return! Just stake the base noodles into the ground, and, use some construction or duct-tape to tie the noodles together. After that, you’re good to go and can throw nearly anything through the targets. this activity will improve your child’s patience, encourage practice, and, even hand to eye coordination in the process!

Project Source and Instructions: parents (David Roth)

10. Chalk Spray

Chalk Spray

If your kids love chalk, or, even better never tried it before, chalk-spray is a ton of fun, and, will make your kids feel like artists in no time! The ingredients are easy to find, and, include tempera paint, dishwashing soap, cornstarch, and hot-water! Simple enough, right? This is also a lot cheaper than having to keep replacing chalk from the store, and, will keep your kids busy for hours!

Project Source and Instructions: thirtyhandmadedays
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