Have a Boring Fence? Here Are 13 Ways To Make it Amazing

Putting up a fence means an enhanced amount of privacy for you and your loved ones – or guests. But, sometimes just a fence a lone can be unappealing or ‘bland’. So, we’ve come up with 13 Ways to make Your Fence Amazing, each relatively easy, yet fun DIY projects for both you and your little ones!

A lot of these solutions are pretty cost effective, and should cost little to no money – and just some imagination, and patience!

Marbles embedded in fence

If you’ve got some old marbles laying around, or, by simply visiting the local Dollar Store or arts and crafts shop, super-gluing marbles to your fence is an excellent way to add personality and shine! The sun will reflect off of different colors in unique, beautiful ways!

The Wool Acorn Shop & Blog

Old pots and pans hung on fance for decoration

If you’ve got some old, aluminum trays, or even pans, decorating or spray painting them a nice bronze color is a spectacular way to spruce up your fence’s current appeal!

Jennifer Rizzo

DIY Chalkboard attached to fence

Adding a makeshift black-board or chalk board is a great way to spice up your fence, and give your little ones – or your neighbors – something fun to do the next time you throw a backyard BBQ!

The Good Life

Antique China hung on fence for decoration

If you have any antique or vintage china you don’t use or want anymore, you can also hang these on your fence to add a little witty personality, and charm.

A Cultivated Nest

Picture frames on old raggedy fence

Using old wooden frames, a little bit of paint, time, and patience you can hang a few planters on your fence and surround them with elegant and vibrant colors or designs to really stand out!

Five Painted Lane

planters and other decorations hung on old boring backyard fence

The use of old farm windows or frames is gaining popularity, and along with planters and other decorations makes for the perfect combination to giving your back yard some ‘pizzazz’!

A Painted Journey

Dog mural painted on backyard fence

Why not gather some paint and paintbrushes to create yourself a cute, exciting mural on your fence? This is a great DIY project that will be both therapeutic, and great to include your little ones in on!

Flickr / Tony Alter

Painted tin can planters decorating fence

Tin can planters are both cost-effective, and simple yet will allow you to plant, watch grow, and beautify your back yard garden fence with!

Ciera Design Studio

Old windows hung on backyard fence

There’s a lot of different ways you could hangup old mirrors, along with window frames, and really give your outdoor garden or back yard a certain mystique and personality that guests are sure to admire!

The Brambleberry Cottage

Candles in mason jars hung on fence

Combining mason jars, candles, and a few industrial hooks will add a certain calm, peaceful, or romantic ambience to your back yard and fence. This is an absolutely great look, and will provide cost-effective, and safe lighting – saving you both time and money in the long run.


Beautiful flower planters hanging from pretty fence

If you really enjoy gardening, or would like to start, then installing hooks and hanging your planters along your back yard fence is a great way to blend them into your current environment – and show off your ‘green thumb’!

Tootsie Time

Paint, and setup recycled window shutters for privacy

You can paint, and setup recycled window shutters along your fence-line to add both vibrant colors, as well as a vintage look to your back yard.

Cottage in the Oaks

very cool surfboard fence

If you live in a tropical environment, the beach, or are just simply a fan of surfing, then this is the ultimate fence design! You should be able to grab some old, unwanted, or tarnished and worn surf-boards off the internet or in thrift stores, and then just assemble them across your property by digging into the ground and connecting them with ropes!



Each of these DIY fence solutions to making your back yard more exciting and adding flavor are meant to be as cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly as possible. If you’d like to share your experience with any one of these designs, or simply recommend other DIY beautifying fence ideas, please feel free to comment – we’d love to hear from you!

For other awesome, creative fence styles, designs, and fashion ideas check out the video below!

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