25 Best Backyard Swing Sets For Kids (2021)

metal and wooden swingsets

Summer afternoons can be lazy, free, and easy or a nightmare filled with the constant nagging from bored and complaining kids.

All of the parents in my life prep for summer as though going into battle, getting supplies and backup supplied to ensure they can keep their kids entertained through long summer afternoons.

This year, I believe we will win the war with a perfectly timed purchase of a swing set. Not only will the swing set entertain our kids, it will also get them outside in the sunshine to soak up Vitamin D and run off some of their endless energy.

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It was a big task to undertake with a gap in our kid’s ages meaning we needed to choose something that would be safe for the little ones but still entertain the bigger kids.

Another big question we had to answer was whether we would choose metal or wood for the swing set. I preferred wood for aesthetics and for the awesome accessories, but was concerned about cost, assembly and required maintenance to avoid rotting.

My husband advocated for metal, which is generally a bit cheaper, easier to assemble and lighter.  

Plastic wasn’t even a consideration since most plastic swing sets are for toddlers or babies and our kids are well and truly out of that age bracket. If that’s what you’re looking for, we’ve still got you covered though. Check out our guide to toddler and baby swing sets here.

There is much more than just materials to consider when thinking about a swing set for your kids. Fortunately, we’ve written a guide on choosing the best swing set for your backyard, with everything from safety considerations to assembly and aesthetics.

Below you will find a round-up up of my favorite swing sets for the year, from simple to epic and everything in between. There should have something for everyone and hopefully, we’ll all have a lovely and relaxing summer this year!

Best Metal Swing Sets

Movement God Kids Outdoor A-Frame Swing Set

Best no frills swing on a budget

If you’re looking for a simple compact single swing for your back yard, then look no further than this metal A-Frame from Movement Gods. This super sturdy swing is suitable for ages 3-8 with a single user weight capacity of 100 lbs.


This free-standing single swing is sturdy and comes with anchoring stakes, meaning there’s no need for cement in your backyard. The powder-coated steel construction resists rust and reduces heat retention, meaning fewer bottom burns on hot days!

The dimensions are 89 x 74 x 73 inches and it meets all ASTM safety standards. This set comes with a single swing, but you are able to change over the type of swing (purchased separately).

The only potential issue with this swing set is the potential for rope burns from the swing. It might be worth looking into a plastic cover to protect little fingers.

Installation / Assembly

The manufacturer recommends two people for assembly and installation and many parents emphasised the need for a couple of people to get the job done.

That being said, several reviews mentioned being able to assemble and install this swing set alone, so it may depend on how savvy you are with tools.

My recommendation is to have two people if possible since the size of the A-frame means that it would be awkward to negotiate on your own.

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Movement God Metal A-Frame Two Seat Swing Set

Best bang for your buck

If you have a couple of little ones who love a good swing and don’t need anything more, then this is the perfect swing set for you.

This swing set is made from powder-coated steel to resist rust and reduce heat retention and comes with stakes to secure it in the ground so there’s no need for concrete.

Some parents flagged that the sturdiness is really tested with two bigger kids swinging hard at the same time, which is worth consideration if you’re looking for a swing set with longevity or if your kids like to really swing.

The age ranges for this swing are 3-8 years and the maximum weight capacity for a single user is 100lbs.


This simple set comes with two identical swings, which are perfect for little bottoms. Several parents flag that the swing seats are so small that it’s not appropriate for any child over the age of 7 or 8 depending on their size.

The swings can be changed to accommodate a bigger swing (keeping maximum weight limits in mind) or a baby swing (purchased separately). We love that the swing ropes are covered in plastic to prevent rope burns for little fingers.

The dimensions are 119 x 74 x 73 so it’s perfect for medium to large backyards. It means or exceeds all ASTM safety standards.

Installation / Assembly

The manufacturer recommends two people to assemble and install this swing and several parents mentioned that this is not a one person job. With two people most reviews mention that it’s an easy job to put together and install.

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Backyard Discovery Mini Brutus Heavy Duty Metal A-Frame Swing Set

Best starter swing set

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This is without a doubt, the best metal starter swing set for any growing family. The Mini-Brutus from Backyard Discovery is made from heavy-duty powder-coated steel and is designed to be free-standing without the need for cement in your backyard.

It meets all ASTM safety standards and comes with a 1yr warranty.


Backyard Discovery has been thoughtful with the inclusions in this swing set, despite how basic it appears.

The set has the capacity for two swings and includes basic heavy-duty 26-inch belt swings, but also comes with a third toddler bucket swing, making it perfect for parents wanting to have something to grow with their kids.

The powder-coated steel chains prevent rust, but we do wish they were covered in plastic to prevent little fingers from getting snagged in the links.

Installation / Assembly

According to backyard discovery, this is an intermediate 3-hour assembly and installation for 2 people. That being said, some parents mention getting this swing set assembled and ready to go in under two hours, while others put their time closer to 5.

One of the most difficult parts appears to be installing the anchoring kit, but since this is what creates stability and safety for your little ones, you would probably rather spend a bit more time on it!

Once fully assembled, this swing set sits at 106.5 x 80 x 78.5 inches, perfect for families who have smaller yards.

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Backyard Discovery Little Brutus Heavy Duty Metal A-Frame Swing Set

Best for growing families

This is the perfect swing set for parents with growing families looking for a basic swing set that their kids can love for a long time. With three swings and the option to swap out the standard swings for your own choices, this swing set guarantees hours of fun.


This set is virtually identical to the Mini-Brutus set, other than the addition of the third swing and with larger dimensions of 146 x 80 x 78.5inches.

The larger dimensions, provide an even larger swing arc which bigger kids will love and the addition of the web swing will keep little ones happy and giggling for days.

As with the Mini-Brutus, the Little Brutus is made from heavy-duty powder-coated steel, meets all ASTM safety standards, comes with a 1-year warranty, and doesn’t require concreting in.


Backyard Discovery recommends 2 people take 3 hours for this intermediate build. It comes with the step-by-step interactive Bilt app to help you along your way. Parents love this app and say it’s an incredibly helpful tool in the assembly process.

As with the Mini-Brutus, parents commented on the anchoring taking the most time and the rest of the build being an absolutely breeze. If you’re worried about the anchoring process, plan to build this set after some rain to the ground is softer and it will be easier to stake in place.

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Epic Swing Arcs!

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If you want an even bigger option, with an epic swinging arc, then check out the Backyard Discovery Big Brutus Heavy Duty Metal Swingset. This is one for parents who think their kids will be using their swing set for a long time.

Its dimensions are 158.7 x 115.25 x 114.56 inches and it comes with two belt swings and a metal trapeze bar for all of the future circus performers and gymnasts in the family.

As with the other Backyard Discovery swing sets, you can swap the swings out, so you can purchase your own toddler or web swing for the little ones, while the bigger kids perform amazing tricks on the trapeze bar.

Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set

Best for lifetime durability

The Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set is a great alternative to the Backyard Discovery Big Brutus.

The Lifetime Swing Set is a pinch bigger at 162.5 x 125.5 x 112 inches and is definitely pricier at just under $1000, but parents absolutely rave about this set for its ultimate durability and ability to withstand just about anything, despite not needing to be concreted in.

If you are looking for a pretty basic swing set, but you know that your kids are going to really make it work hard, or if your area sees more intense weather conditions, then this might be the set for you.


The Lifetime Heavy Duty Swing Set comes with 2 belt swings and 1 trapeze bar with gym rings. All the swing chains are rust resistant and zinc coated and have soft rubber grips to prevent pinching and the set is designed for safety with all hard edges rounded or covered with plastic caps.

The all-weather high strength, low alloy steel is designed to prevent cracking, chipping, warping and fading. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty and is one of the very few swing sets that passes playground performance and safety standards.

The manufacturer advises that it can accommodate children up to 12 with a weight limit of 150lb per swing, but many parents mention using the swing set themselves with no issues.

Assembly / Installation

You will need at least 2 people for assembly and installation of this swing set. Most parents said the entire process took around 2-3 hours and a few mentioned getting extra hands involved for some of the top bars.

Some parents did end up concreting it in or getting heavier anchors due to the size of this swing set. This swing set also comes with the Bilt app to help you along in the assembly and installation process.

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Trekassy 440lbs Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Stand (with 40 inch saucer)

Best for Kids Who Want to Swing Together

This one is for kids who want to swing and maybe swap secrets at the same time. We absolutely love this swing set as an option for kids who want to play together or for parents who want to get in on the swinging action.

With multiple hanging options and the option of swapping the swivel spinner for other swing types, you can’t go wrong with this offering from Trekassy.


This is a pretty great option if you want a basic, sturdy all-steel frame to swap in different types of swings. The frame is made from powder-coated, heavy duty and weather-resistand steel and comes with a 40 inch round saucer swivel spinner.

You have the option of hanging the swing from two hooks to swing back and forth, or from a central hook for 360 degree swinging fun.

The swing and frame is weight rated to 700lb, but only supports 440lb according to the manufacturers instructions. The full dimensions are 81 x 67 x 71 inches, meaning it’s a great size for most yards.

As we mentioned, you can swap out the web swing for other options, so this is a great base for any kid who just loves to swing!

Assembly / Installation

No cement is required for this Trekassy swing set, which is an A-frame in shape and comes with ground anchors and stakes.

The complete assembly and installation is rated as intermediate and most parents said that it took them a couple of hours and highly recommended having two people to get it done.

You shouldn’t need any powder tools, but as always, it’s a good idea to get your anchors in place when the ground isn’t too hard as that will make your job much easier!

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Iron Kids Premier 100 Fitness Playground Blue

Best for Very Active Little Ones

If you’re looking for something a little more than a basic swing set for your active little one then this is a great place to start. With 4 types of activities for your kids, you’ll have them entertained for hours.

This set is most appropriate if your kids are on the younger side, as it’s probably too small for ages 7+ despite the age rating of 3-8yrs. You get a limited lifetime warranty on the frame and 6 months on the other components of this seriously awesome metal play set with swings.


This is a seriously feature packed swing set for the money you spend. Not only do you get two swings with contoured plastic seats and a monkey bar, there’s also a ‘fitness’ trampoline with a safety handle and a tough polypropylene slide.

We also love the inclusion of the sunshade, but many parents mention that you should put it away in extreme weather conditions or you may lose it.

The U-shape frame is made from 2inch tubular, powder coated steel and is said to be sturdier than the traditions V-shape of other swing sets. As we mentioned, this is definitely a set for smaller kids with the total dimensions being 162 x 78 (123.6 with the slide) x 76.8 inches (96 inches with the sunshade).

The weight limits are a total limit of 600lb and 100lb for the trampoline. Some parents did complain about the sturdiness of the slide for bigger kids.

Assembly & Installation

According to the manufacturer, this is a 1-2 hour job for 2 people, which is consistent with what parents found for themselves. One brave Dad did it by himself and it took him 4 hours alone, which isn’t a bad effort.

This definitely isn’t a tough job, but because of all of the separate components, you will want to pay close attention to the instructions to ensure you don’t get your slides and trampolines mixed up!

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Fitness Reality Kids ‘The Ultimate’ 8 Station Sports Series Metal Swing Set

Best for Sporty Kids

This is really one for sporty kids who love to run, jump, slide, shoot hoops and swing! It’s also a great option for parents who want to keep a few kids busy at once. You really get your bang for your buck with this Fitness Reality Kids swing set with an amazing 8 different activities for your kids to choose from.

The full dimensions of this item are 157.5 x 107.5 x 72 inches and can entertain up to 9 kids at once!


This feature packed swing set includes 3 types of swings: a glider, a 32-inch flying saucer and a regular swing with contoured plastic seating and plastic coverings on the chains. It also has money bars with plastic handles, a slide, a basketball hoop and backboard, soccer net and a separate 36-inch trampoline.

The manufacturers also include a basketball, a soccer ball and an air pump, all of which are very thoughtful touches.

Each station has an 80lb weight limit, including the flying saucer. The age range is 36-month – 8 years, which is about right when you take the basketball and soccer goal into consideration. A mature 8yr old could be bored with the swings and slide alone.

Assembly & Installation

The 2-inch tubular steel frame is powder coated and includes ground anchors.

This one seems to be a bit of a doozy for people to get right, so you’ll want a couple of adults and the best part of an afternoon to get this one.

Several parents complained about the clarity of the instructions and despite the manufacturer saying assembly and installation will take two people 1-2 hours, many parents listed the build time at 4+ hours, so keep that in mind when considering this option.

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Sportspower Rosemead Metal Swing & Slide Set

Best Swing and Slide Combination

This is a slightly larger version of the previous slide and swing combos we’ve reviewed and is probably more appropriate for bigger kids (or families wanting room to grow) than the XPD, Iron Kids or Fitness Reality sets with it’s 177 x 104 x 72inch dimensions.

As with most sets, you have the ability to swap out the manufacturer standards swings for your own, which means you have even more freedom to change things up as your kids grow.


The Sportspower Swing Set comes with two swings with plastic moulded seating, a flying saucer / disc swing, a glider and a wave slide. The saucer is adjustable and is large enough for kids to lie down and swing at the same time.

The frame is made from 2-inch heavy duty, weather –resistant steel which is powder coated for additional durability. It can accommodate up to 7 kids at once, with a 700lb total weight limit at 100lb per child.

The age range is 3-8 years and due to it’s size, will probably keep most littlies and bigger kids happy together.

Assembly and Installation

According to Sportspower, this is a 2 person, 150 minute job, which is pretty consistent with the reviews from parents.

Some parents complained about the stability and purchased additional bolts and anchors, while others lauded the stability without any additional purchases. This probably comes down to how hard your kids are going to play on this set.

If you know your kids want to play rough, then maybe look to something like the Lifetime set, but if your kids aren’t going to work a swing set hard, then this is a great option.

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Deerfield 10 Child Capacity Kids Swing Set

If you’re looking for a set for a mixture of younger and older kids, then this is absolutely perfect. It’s a great combination of a metal play set and swing set, which will make you the talk of the neighbourhood.

The slide is a bit bigger than the other models at 6’. You also get a traditional swing, a Fun-Glidr for 2, a metal trapeze swing, a Stand N Swing, a disc swing and a seesaw.

The set in total can handle up to 1000 lb. The dimensions are 202 x 106 x 75 inches, so it’s a bit bigger than the fitness reality set and is a great option if your kids aren’t as interested in sport.


This set features a galvanized steel frame with a 5-year warranty, it meets ASTM and CPSIA safety standards and has PVC covers on the chains and foam frame leg guards for additional safety. The chains on the swings are adjustable, so you can change them as your kids grow.

Installation & Assembly

Overall the XPD models appear to be easier to assemble than other metal swing sets we’ve reviewed. The average build time was 2-4 hours with a couple of people and up to 6 hours with only one.

The best advice seemed to be to lay out all the pieces and triple check that you had everything and it was in good condition before beginning the assembly. With this many pieces in a set, you don’t want to get going only to find you’re missing a crucial element!

Most parents found these sets to be sturdy as they come, although some purchased additional anchors in order to increase the stability of the sets.

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Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set with 9 Foot Wavy Slide

Best for Kids Who Love to Climb

If your kids love to swing and climb then the Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing set is for you. Featuring an epic 9-foot wavy slide, this is the set for kids who love to burn energy as they play.

The dimensions are 232 x 165 x 93 inches, meaning this is one for the medium to large backyards, but will make you an instant favorite at school! This set is definitely one which is appropriate for bigger kids as well as the little ones.


This awesome set includes a fireman’s pole, a 9-ft wavy slide and three belt swings. For the climbers, there’s a trapeze bar with gym rings and monkey bars, which are an instant favorite for any aspiring circus performer or gymnast.

Each swing has rubber grips to prevent pinching . The frame is made from powder-coated galvanized steel and high-density polyethylene which is weather and rust resistant.

Each swing has a weight capacity of 140lbs and the total weight capacity for the swing set is 700lbs with 6 maximum occupants. The age range is 3-12yrs. It also comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

Assembly & Installation

You’ll be pleased to know this is another Bilt app build, which will make your life much easier. The manufacturer recommends you have 2 adults for this build but does not give a timeframe.

On average, parents seemed to take between 2-4 hours to get this swing set built and assembled, which is impressive considering the size of this set.

No concreting in is required for this swing set and many parents reference it’s stability, which is always a good sign when you’re looking to pay a little more than other sets.

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Lifetime Adventure Tower

Best Swing Set with a Clubhouse

If you’re looking for a metal playhouse swing set combo then look no further! Your kids will be having secret meetings and hours of outside, imaginative fun all from the comfort of your backyard with this absolutely epic set from Lifetime.

The footprint is 31 ft 10 inches x 31 ft 6 inches, so you’ll need a fair amount of space in your backyard to ensure you have the right safety zone for this epic clubhouse / swing set combo.


The main feature of this set is, of course, the epic adventure tower, which has a hard top roof, steering wheel and impact resistant skylight. The set also has two swings, a trapeze bar, two awesome, sturdy 3-D climbing walls and a 9-foot wave slide.

The chains have soft rubber grips to prevent chains from pinching or snagging. The clubhouse also has an integrated car map on the tower floor and two chalkboards.

This set passes all playground safety standards and has all hard edges rounded or covered in plastic caps. The materials are all-weather resistant and UV resistant to maintain strength and color. There are also no lead based materials used.

Assembly & Installation

Get ready to work hard because this is a big one! 3 adults is recommended for this set up and most recommendations say you’ll need at least the better part of a day to get this beast of a swing set assembled and installed.

It comes in several boxes and the pieces are heavy, so it’s best to get the delivery driver to drop the boxes where you plan to build the swing set.

One set of parents said this build took 12 hours over two days, while another Dad said it took him 10. Apparently it’s not impossible to do solo, but you’ll need to be methodical and will need a little help in some parts.

All in all, this is an epic undertaking, but the results will be well worth it!

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Lifetime A-Frame Adventure Playset

Best to Win Parent of the Year

Are you ready to win parent of the year? If you purchase this monster of a swing set from Lifetime then you’ll easily nab that away and be the talk of the neighborhood.

Calling this a swing set feels like an understatement with all of the incredible features included in this set. This will, without a doubt, keep your kids active, healthy and entertained for many, many years.


The features are almost endless in this set. In terms of swings, you have two adjustable belt swings, a trapeze bar with gym handles and a propeller swing. Up top on the lookout deck, your kids can scan the horizon for enemies with binoculars, and cruise with the ships steering wheel.

There’s also a climbing wall and cargo net and activity board.

The materials are high-density polyethylene and powder coated steel, which are durable, weather resistant and designed for safety. All hard edges are rounded or covered in plastic caps and soft rubber grips cover all swing chains to prevent pinching. The roof on the clubhouse is heavy duty.

You’ll need a big amount of space for this metal play set with the total area of the unit covering 13’11” x 15’9”. You won’t need cement or anchoring and the set is covered by a 5-year limited warranty. This epic swing-set passes all playground performance and safety standards.

Assembly & Installation

As with the previous Lifetime model, this is an undertaking worthy of such an impressive swing set. It’s recommended that you have three people for assembly and most parents put the build time between four and 12 hours depending on how many people they had (four people for four hours and one guy on his own for 12).

If you take your time, read the directions and triple check you have everything, then this build won’t be hard, it will just be time consuming.

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Best Wooden Swing Sets

All swingsets are magical, but there’s something about wooden swing sets that’s even more enchanting than metal ones. With wooden swing sets, it’s easier to imagine you’re swinging through the trees in a forgotten jungle or hidden away from the world on a magical island.

They look more real somehow, more authentic. Additionally, they’re usually sturdier and better built.

They don’t heat up and burn your skin, and they aren’t as prone to bending or warping in the heat. After a summer storm, they aren’t as slippery as metal swingsets, either.

Plus, with a wooden swingset, you rarely have to worry about the poles lifting out of the ground when you swing too hard. There are definitely some advantages to wooden swingsets.

Also, don’t worry; if your kids aren’t quite old enough to enjoy large, elaborate wooden playsets yet, we have some great suggestions for outdoor toddler playsets as well.

Now, let’s check out some of our favorites.

Swing-N-Slide PB 8360 Ranger Wooden Swing Set with Swings

The Classic, Budget-Friendly Option for Kids Who Love to Swing

Of all the swingsets on this list, this is probably the one that fits that definition the best. Over the years, swingsets have evolved into giant, elaborate playsets with swings and slides and all kinds of extras like monkey bars, rope ladders, climbing walls, picnic tables, and more.

This one, though, truly is a wooden swing set in the most literal sense of the word.


The great thing about this one is its simplicity. While it’s true there aren’t a lot of bells and whistles, what’s there is durable and well-made. It’s built from premium cedar, which means it’s built to last.

All the hardware is metal and the swing’s dimensions measure 104″ x 92″ x 82″. This set is the perfect option for a single- or two-child family with only minimal yard space.

As purchased, the set comes with two plastic swings, which can support up to 115 pounds each, and a trapeze bar. The chains are plastisol-coated to prevent pinching. There are additional pieces sold separately.

These include a bench swing, a baby swing, and a glider. If you want to jazz up the play area even more, consider adding a sandbox, small pool, or a kiddie picnic table off to one side.


If you aren’t much of a handyman or handywoman, this is the swing set for you. It’s incredibly easy to assemble thanks to the pre-cut, pre-drilled pieces.

The heavily illustrated instructions are easy to follow, and you basically just have to put things in the right place and bolt them in. It shouldn’t take more than an hour or so to set up properly.

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Big Backyard KidKraft Andorra Cedar Wood Swing Set/Playset

For Swinging, Sliding, and Climbing!

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that gives your children a little bit of everything, this is a great choice. Whether your child likes to swing, slide, climb or just pretend play, she can do it with this set.


This set is made of 100% premium cedar, and is stained with child-safe stain that helps protect it from the elements without causing any harm to your children.

The 10’3″ x 9′ wooden playset has two belt swings, a rock climbing wall, a high-rail wave slide, and a canopied play deck that includes a vinyl chalkboard and slatted sides for safety. The bottom of the swing is built to accommodate a sandbox, although the sand isn’t included.

This wooden playset can hold up to seven children at once, with a maximum weight limit of 110 pounds per child. All in all, there’s about 80 square feet of playroom, and the set works best in yards with at least a 28′ x 22′ open area.


While this one takes somewhere between four and eight hours to build, depending on how much experience you have, it’s not at all hard to assemble. It comes with very detailed instructions on what to do, and all the pieces are pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-stained.

You simply have to follow the step-by-step instructions and put things together. It’s almost like putting Lincoln Logs together, except on a much larger scale.

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Backyard Discovery Buckley Hill Wooden Swing Set

Another Good Option with Something for Everyone

In many ways, this swing set is very similar to the Big Backyard KidKraft Andorra Cedar Wood Swing listed above. They both provide a nice variety of things for your children to do. The only real differences between them aside from the brand name and the price are aesthetic differences.

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced swingset that gives your children a few options on how to play, either of these would be ideal.

This one is also a great option if you don’t have a ton of space and are looking for something compact that’s still a lot of fun. It works well for both younger and older children and measures 10.25′ x 8.92′ x 7.67′ in size. Like the Big Backyard KidKraft set, it needs about 80 square feet of space.


This set comes with a six-foot super speedy wave slide that has rails for safety, two swings with heavy-duty belt swings and no-pinch chains to ensure your babies won’t be hurt, and an easy-to-climb “rock” ladder wall on the bottom level.

The top level can be reached via ladder and is enclosed on the sides and back with wood and mesh sheeting for safety. There’s also a 15″ x 15″ chalkboard.

The set comes with a one-year warranty with the option to purchase an extended pro-rated warranty on the wood.


Although this particular swingset is quite traditional and straightforward, the instructions and assembly are pretty high-tech. There’s a step-by-step, interactive app that talks you through every single step in assembling the wooden playset.

You simply download the BILT app onto your phone and allow the interactive, 3D technology to guide you through the process. Everything has been pre-cut and pre-drilled, so again, you’re just putting things together.

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Gorilla Playsets 01-1070-Y Outing Wood Swing Set

For the Multi-Child Family Whose Kids Like to Compete

If you’re looking for a more elaborate, large scale playset for a multi-child family, the Gorilla Playsets Outing model is pretty great. It’s made with solid lumber and commercial-grade hardware for the most durable swingset possible.

The slides have also been improved to be stronger, more rigid, and more resistant to fading, cracking, and damage. In total, you’ll need an area of about 25 x 27 feet to set up this kit. The upside is that your children have a lot to explore.


Oh boy. Where do we even start with this one?! It just has so much going on with it! The base of the playhouse area is built to hold a sandbox if you want to add one. There are dual wave slides that allow competitive children to race and compete.

The swing area has a three-piece, A-frame bracket, two belt swings, and a trapeze swing.

There’s an awesome rock climbing wall, complete with a climbing rope, that’ll get the kids to the second tier of the playhouse, and for younger kids or kids who are a little less adventurous, there’s a safe entry ladder on the back of the set.

Once they get onto the second level, there’s a safe, canopy-covered space to hang out and play.

There’s also a flag kit, so your kids can design and fly their own clubhouse flag, a steering wheel for driving imaginary pirate ships or UFOs, and a telescope! If you have imaginative kids, they’ll go nuts for this epic playset.


Everything is ready to be assembled. All pieces are pre-cut, pre-drilled, pre-stained, and pre-readied in every way. There’s a step-by-step assembly guide that’s easy to follow, and you shouldn’t have much trouble setting everything up.

However, due to the set’s sheer size, it does take several hours to complete. It’s definitely a two-person job, and it’s probably going to be a two-day job as well. The company also recommends using a sealant on it sometime within the first 90 days to keep it looking nice.

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KidKraft Lewiston Retreat Cedar Wood Swing Set

For the Imaginative Child Who Wants a Home Away from Home

This epic playset is almost identical to the above-mentioned KidKraft Creston Lodge; only this one has an additional slide.

The ratings on the two Creston Lodges are comparable, but if you have a child who really loves to slide, this might be the better option. Plus, the additional slide is relatively straight, so he’ll get a lot more speed going down it than he will on the spiral slide.

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Beach Front All Cedar Wooden Swing Set

The Swingset that Has It All and Is Perfect for a Sandy Spot in the Backyard

Of all the 100% cedar swingsets on this list, this one looks the most like real cedar to me. I love the rich color of the wood and the sturdy overall construction of the set. Because of its cedar construction, it’s naturally resistant to decay and rot.

However, because of its unique construction, it’s also less likely to crack and splinter. This is a sturdy set, weighing in at over 260 pounds. Its dimensions are 169″ x 173″ x 118″, and it can hold up to nine children (120 pounds each) at one time.


This is another set that has a ton of cool stuff, especially for imaginative kids. The lower deck features a canopy-covered snack bar, complete with a serving window and “customer” bench.

There’s also a rock/ladder climbing wall and a real set of monkey bars in the back. On the swingset side, there are two belt swings and a trapeze bar.

When your kids get to the upper deck, there’s even more fun stuff with which to pretend play. There are a ship’s wheel and telescope and plenty of room to play.

A brightly colored canopy covers the upper deck, and there are grab handles so that your younger children can pull themselves up more easily. The slide is eight feet long and coated to allow super-fast sliding.


This set, too, comes with free access to the BILT app, which will give you an interactive, 3D, step-by-step guide on how to assemble the swingset. It’s straightforward to follow, and you can rotate the images, turn them and zoom in on them for clarity.

Because of its size, it takes a few days to assemble, but assembly isn’t difficult thanks to the app and the pre-readied materials all being cut to specifications.

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Creative Playthings Playtime Series Spring Hill

For Slightly Bigger Kids Who Want More Action on Their Swingsets

If you’re looking for a swing set that has it all and if it’s important to you to buy American, Creative Playthings is an excellent choice. This supersized playset is made of Southern Yellow Pine and is designed for long-term residential use.

It’s a long-lasting set that’s been designed with both fun and safety in mind.


First and foremost, this swing set comes with a ten-year limited warranty on all wooden components and a one-year warranty on all other parts, which shows you right away that it’s built to last. In terms of features that kids will love, there’s a lot there as well.

The top floor is about five feet off the ground and is reached via a rock climbing wall with a climbing rope or an easy-climb ladder. Once there, the 42″ x 60″ platform is large, providing plenty of room to play and only half-covered by a roof, so your kids have the option of playing in the sun or shade.

Under the top platform is a built-in sandbox, as well as a picnic table with two benches. The super fast wave slide is ten feet long, and the two swings’ chains are Plastisol-coated to protect against pinches. There’s also a trapeze bar. Safety is a priority in this extraordinary set.


Like most other swingsets, this one comes with everything you need to assemble it pre-cut and pre-drilled; its factory finished with Sherwin Williams premium stain.

There’s no convenient app to use, but the instructions are relatively easy to follow, and because the product is made in the USA, the manufacturer wrote the instructions in English. They didn’t translate them from another language.

There are a couple of places where it gets a little hard to follow, but on the whole, it’s not all that hard. It does require at least two people to assemble, and you should prepare for it to take a few days.

Creative Playthings Playtime Series Charlotte

If you want to give your children the full obstacle course package, you may want to consider the Charlotte instead of the Spring Hill model.

The Charlotte has everything the Spring Hill model has, but it has an additional set of monkey bars on the back. If you have a few ninjas in training, this one might be the better option.

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Creative Playthings Classic Series Northbridge Swing Set

The Large Scale Playset That’s More Like an Entire Playground

I’m sure it’s just me, but when a swingset/wooden playset gets this large, I’m just not sure it can be called by those names anymore. At this size, I feel like we should just go ahead and call it a whole playground. This thing is like an entire obstacle course in and of itself. Really, the only thing missing is a trampoline.


This set is fairly comprehensive. Except for the picnic table, it has everything the Creative Playthings set in number seven has. Where that one has a picnic table, this one has a heavy-duty tire swing.

There’s also a slightly more challenging rope climbing wall for bigger kids and a set of real monkey bars that’ll provide your children with an alternate way to get onto or off of the upper deck.

An alternate model is available that doesn’t have the monkey bars; it’s a little less expensive. There’s also an alternate model available that’s identical to this one, but instead of the canopy top, it has a strong, sturdy wooden roof.


Installation for this one is pretty much on par with the other Creative Playthings set. There are just a few additional things to put together, namely the tire swing and the monkey bars.

This one’s warranty is also better than the other Creative Playthings set, giving you 15 years on all wooden components.

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Gorilla Playsets 01-0004-AP Frontier Wood Swing Set

For the Kids Who Love to Climb

This one, too, is another of those swingsets that really shouldn’t be called anything less than a fully functional playground or outdoor kiddie gym. Its features closely mirror the Creative Playthings Classic Northbridge features, only without the monkey bars.

In construction, though, the two sets are different. This one is made of premium cedar instead of Southern Yellow Pine, and the warranty isn’t quite as extensive. It also comes with a wooden and plastic roof as opposed to a canopy.


This set includes both the sandbox/picnic table area under the upper deck and the tire swing, which is located on a second swingset portion of the set.

The original swingset portion has the two belt swings and the trapeze bar, which seems to be pretty standard among swingsets today. The wave slide is a blast, and there are an embedded tic-tac-toe board and a telescope on the upper deck.

Where this epic playset really shines, though, is in its climbing capabilities. If you have kids who are crazy about climbing, this is the set for them. It features no fewer than three different ways to climb to the top deck.

There’s the rock climbing wall with the knotted rope, a net climbing wall/rope ladder, and a long wooden ramp complete with slats where little feet can find purchase. It’s a climber’s dream.


Everything arrives ready-to-assemble and includes all required hardware. Because everything is made of 100% cedar, the lumber’s heavy, so it’s definitely a job for more than one person.

Once assembled, the swingset measures 228 x 240 x 132 inches and weighs over 770 pounds. This means it’s super sturdy but not easily moved, so make sure you have it where you want it before you assemble it.

The instruction manual is hard to follow in places and needs more illustrations, which slows down the process somewhat, but in the end, most parents seem capable of getting it done without too much trouble.

The premium roof helps protect it from damage, but the company still recommends you seal it with a sealant to extend the set’s life.

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Gorilla Playsets 01-0013 Sun Palace II

Another Great Option for the Climbers, but Not A Lot of Space

At 970 pounds, this set is the biggest, heaviest, most durable set on the list. Once this guy gets set up, it’s not going anywhere! Despite its impressive weight, though, this wooden swing set doesn’t provide kids with a lot of room to move around or hang out and play.

The top deck, which is entirely covered by a beautiful, oversized wooden roof, isn’t all that large. It’s five feet off the ground, so there is some room to play beneath it, but the tire swing gets in the way of that somewhat if someone’s using it.


This is another great option for on-the-go kids who love to climb. There’s a climbing rope over the climbing rock wall, a set of monkey bars over five feet off the ground, an easy-to-climb wooden ladder, a metal-rung ladder and a challenging rope ladder.

There are also the two swings, a tire swing, trapeze bar and wave slide to entertain your kids. The top tier also includes a spinning tic-tac-toe board, a flag kit, captain’s wheel, and telescope.


As with the other sets, everything comes ready to be assembled. It’s all pre-cut, pre-drilled, pre-stained, and more. The swing chains are covered in plastic coating to avoid pinches, and all the bolts are recessed to prevent snagging.

Because of the sheer size of the set, it’s likely going to take several days to assemble, and you’ll want some help. The instructions are easy to follow, which is great, but it’s going to take time and patience to put this one together.

Everything you’ll need is included except the tools. You’ll need common tools like a hammer, screwdriver, drill, pliers, and an adjustable wrench. You’ll also want a tape measure, safety glasses, a drill bit, and some sockets. Gorilla suggests coating the set in sealant within the first 90 days of use.

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Gorilla Playsets Mountaineer Clubhouse Wood Swing Set

A Well-Balanced Mix of Swinging, Hanging Out, and Climbing, with Double Slides

This set has a total area of 240 x 174 x 132 inches and weighs 892 pounds. It’s got a little something for everyone to enjoy, but if your child’s favorite pastime is sliding, this set has him covered.

The upper deck is covered in a simple canopy, so your children can get some sun while they play, but underneath the play deck, the area is pretty much enclosed by wooden walls on all four sides, which cuts down on the amount of sun they’ll get but does provide them with a semi-private place to play.

If one of your babies loves to play ‘house,’ that’s an excellent area for her to enjoy.


In addition to a trapeze bar, the swingset portion of this set includes two belt swings, which isn’t unusual. What is unusual is that these have a weight capacity of 225 pounds each, so this is an excellent option if you enjoy swinging with your children.

In addition to the speedy wave slide, there’s also an enclosed “extreme tube slide,” which adds a whole other element of fun to this set. Kids can reach the second floor by rope ladder, standard wooden ladder, or a climbing rock wall.

Thanks to all the fun features and its long-lasting construction, this is a wooden playset that your children can enjoy for years. They shouldn’t outgrow it too soon.

Plus, it has a total weight capacity of 800 pounds, so don’t be surprised if you find your teens still enjoying this set every now and then when they’re feeling whimsical.

All the standard small touches – tic-tac-toe wall, steering wheel, telescope, etc. – are included as well.


Assembly on this one is comparable to the other Gorilla set listed at number ten.

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Alternate Roof Styling

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The Mountaineer Treehouse is practically the same swingset as the Clubhouse model above; however, this one has a solid wooden roof. If you’d prefer something that looks a little more like a real home or if you simply need something a little more solid than a canopy to keep the sun’s rays from beating down on your babies’ heads, this one will do the trick. With the canopy, though, you can remove it, which would give your children more sun and provide them with a more open, brightly lit play area.

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Set

The Place Where a Swingset Meets a Secret Clubhouse

I don’t usually like to play favorites when I’m going over the best options in a piece like this, but I just couldn’t help myself this time. The Skyfort II is easily my favorite option.

Aesthetically, it’s gorgeous. It’s like a secret castle, and I would have loved something like this when I was a child. My imagination would have known no bounds in this castle-like wooden playset.

Plus, there’s just so much to do! It’s a swingset; it’s a clubhouse; it’s a jungle gym. There’s even a lookout post on high! At 36 years old, I still kind of want to buy this and play in it now! Furthermore, for everything that comes with this set, it’s very reasonably priced.


The great thing about this set is that no matter which level your child is on, there’s something exciting to do.

The main clubhouse is full of fun. The bottom tier includes a built-in sandbox and a picnic table with benches. The top level is an actual, enclosed clubhouse with plenty of room and even windows. My favorite part, though, is the Crow’s Nest. It’s so high up that it sits on top of the swingset portion’s beam!

It comes with a telescope, and whether your child is a pirate or a secret agent spy, this Crow’s Nest will be a huge hit.

Branching off from one side of the main clubhouse is an extra-tall, extra-long set of monkey bars. These are great for bigger kids, but they may be a little high for smaller children.

On the other side is the swingset. There are two belted swings and a two-person glider. The slide is a ten-foot wave slide. There’s also a rock-climbing wall and a traditional wooden ladder to get kids to the top.


Again, this is a two- or three-person job. You won’t want to tackle this one alone. Although everything is pre-cut and clearly labeled with part numbers that match the instructions, it’s a tough job if you try to do it by yourself. Both the lumber and the hardware are constructed of heavy-duty materials, so safety shouldn’t be an issue.

There are a few instances where the instructions get a little hard to follow, but there’s an interactive app that can get you through those tough spots.

As long as you’re willing to be patient and invest several days’ worth of effort into getting it done, installation shouldn’t be a problem. As with all the larger sets, though, be sure you have it where you want it to go because moving it isn’t an easy task.

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