10 Best Backyard Trampolines: Reviews and Buying Guide

Top 10 Best Backyard Trampolines

At first glance, shopping for the best backyard trampoline doesn’t seem that tricky; safety is, above all, the most critical factor.

However, as you will soon find out, there’s more to trampolines than meets the eye. From safety nets and padded springs to rust-proof parts and W-shaped legs — trampolines today are beyond sophisticated!

Skywalker 15-Foot Rectangle Gymnast Trampoline

Best Backyard Trampoline Overall

Do your kids love jumping around and going crazy? Getting them a high-quality trampoline should be your top priority then, and there isn’t a better one than this Skywalker 15-foot model.

Made with safety and fun in mind, it features a no-gap safety net, reinforced T sockets, and sturdy construction that should provide the kids with hours of fun.

What we love the most about this trampoline are the quality of the mat (the material is non-slip) and the overall shape.

Most trampolines are either round or square, but this rectangular model offers more space for multiple jumpers.

Granted, we would recommend letting kids jump one at a time — they will need all the space they can get to practice their acrobatic tricks!

As one of the few downsides, we should mention you will have to spend quite a bit of time setting up this trampoline. Additionally, given its size and overall quality, it doesn’t come cheap at all — but it is worth it!

What We Like:

Non-slip mat
No-gap safety net design
Plenty of space for jumping around
Solid build

Our Concerns:

Will cost you a pretty penny
Setting it up is a bit complicated

JumpSport AlleyOOP 14-Foot PowerBounce Trampoline

Best Backyard Trampoline for True Bouncing Enthusiasts

Now, what makes this JumpSport trampoline unique is the fact that it comes with two layers of springs. These allow it to not only stay safe for longer but also boost both the bounce performance and shock absorption.

As far as the materials go, users praise this trampoline for its high-quality build. The heavy-duty steel frame has been reinforced to withstand frequent use. On top of that, the mat itself features ten rows of stitching, as well as UV protection.

Because of that, you can expect this trampoline to last you for quite a while. And, even if it doesn’t, there’s a lengthy warranty you can rely on. You will get a lifetime warranty on the poles and the frame, ten years on the mat and the net, and an incredible five years on the springs!

What We Like:

50+ patented safety and performance features
The bounce doesn’t get worse over time
Can withstand up to 270 pounds (single user)
UV-protected mat
Two layers of springs

Our Concerns:

Not as affordable as some other models
The instructions are a bit confusing

Skywalker 15″ Round Jump N’ Dunk Basketball Trampoline

Best Backyard Trampoline for Lightweight Jumpers

If you are looking for the best backyard trampoline that won’t cost an arm and a leg, then the Skywalker 15-foot Jump N’ Dunk could be an excellent choice for you.

Made by a reputable company that cares about safety, this model features the same no-gap net enclosure as the previous one. What’s more, it comes with a basketball hoop for some added fun!

In terms of the build, you will be happy to know the sheer design of this trampoline is almost flawless.

The enclosure, although it feels a bit flimsy, consists of a durable net and padded poles. These serve as an additional safety measure that should protect your child from getting their fingers pinched.

Furthermore, you get a nice 1-year and 3-year warranty on the parts and the frame respectively.

The only issue? The trampoline can withstand only about 200 pounds, so older teens and adults might not be able to use it.

What We Like:

15-foot diameter trampoline
Good quality mat
Net enclosure
Lengthy warranty
Galvanized steel frame
Very Affordable

Our Concerns:

Can withstand only about 200 pounds
The net enclosure could be sturdier
Feels a bit bulky

ACON Air 16-Foot Rectangular Trampoline

Best Backyard Trampoline for Adult-Friendly Jumping Parties

Rectangular trampolines are great for small backyards, as you can easily fit them in a corner where they won’t be in plain sight all the time.

However, you should never compromise on the safety features. Luckily, with this ACON model, you don’t really have to — it is so safe that even adults can use it!

One of the best parts about it is that the frame is made of galvanized steel. Its sturdy build is what allows this trampoline to be so safe all year round.

Furthermore, the 10-inch springs are well padded to prevent injuries, and there are about 40 inches of mat clearance.

Yet, that’s not even the best part. Arguably the feature that draws in most customers is that this trampoline doesn’t have a single-user weight limit. Instead, the overall max load is 800 pounds, which means adult-friendly jumping parties could very well be in your future.

What We Like:

Rectangular shape suitable for narrow backyards
No-gap safety net design
The best backyard trampoline for adults
Slide-in entrance
800-pound load limit
Less squeaky than most trampolines

Our Concerns:

The price is up there
The mat that covers the springs could be better

Springfree 13-Foot Oval Trampoline

Best Backyard Trampoline Sans Springs

Do springs worry you so much you just cannot bear leaving your kids alone on the trampoline? Getting a spring-free model should give you the peace of mind you deserve — and according to users, this Springfree oval trampoline is a dream come true.

For one, it was designed with safety in mind. There are no springs or hard edges, so it’s highly unlikely your child will get hurt while jumping around.

Of course, you should watch them like a hawk — but even if they fall, there isn’t anything too rough that can hurt them.

Furthermore, as far as sturdiness goes, this is one of the most robust trampolines we’ve come across. The galvanized steel frame and the composite fiberglass rods can and will let your kids bounce safely all day long.

And the warranty? The trampoline comes with a 10-year warranty on the parts, so even if something breaks, your investment is protected for a whole decade.

What We Like:

10-year warranty
Galvanized steel frame
No springs or hard and dangerous edges
All-weather-resistant (can be left outside)
Comes with a basketball hoop and ladder

Our Concerns:

Quite expensive
Users complain that the materials used are not worth the price tag

SkyBound Stratos 15-Foot Round Trampoline

Best Backyard Trampoline with a No-Fuss Setup

Handiness is not something that comes naturally to most people, so if you’re worried about how you’ll assemble the trampoline — just get a no-fuss one like this SkyBound Stratos 15-foot model.

With a 330-pound load limit and steel construction, the quality of this trampoline is not to be underestimated.

However, its safety features are its main selling point. The model is ASTM-certified, with a powder-coated steel frame and UV-resistant mat and enclosure. In essence, this trampoline is built to last, so much so that you probably won’t ever have to use the warranty.

The best part, though, is how easy it is to set up. Most trampolines require hours and hours of assembly, and some of them even come with instructions more confusing than Ikea’s.

Fortunately, that’s not the case with SkyBound Stratos. The instructions are clear and to the point. What’s more, the assembly takes about an hour in total!

Still, its size might pose some issues, as the trampoline is quite bulky. If you don’t have a backyard where the trampoline could easily fit and still leave you with some extra space, you might need to go with a different model.

What We Like:

Quick assembly
Heavy-duty trampoline
10-year frame warranty
330-pound weight limit

Our Concerns:

Bulky, and consequently, expensive
You have to buy extras, such as a basketball hoop, separately

Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme Rectangle Gymnastics Trampoline

Biggest Trampoline You Can Buy

If you have plenty of backyard space, surely you would want the biggest trampoline out there, right? Well, the industry doesn’t disappoint in this regard — there is a trampoline for “the bigger, the better” enthusiasts too.

Happy Trampoline offers its Xtreme rectangular trampoline in five different sizes (8 to 23 feet).

When it comes to the weight limit, it’s recommended not to go over 550 pounds. Still, that leaves you with plenty of options and trampoline buddies to choose from.

This trampoline can be easily used by both kids and adults, not to mention professional gymnasts. And best of all, they don’t ever have to worry about their safety.

Although the trampoline looks a bit intimidating size-wise, the heavy-duty steel frame and springs are there to ease your mind.

It even passed the car challenge!

Furthermore, the high-grade polyester mesh netting is reliable and feels quite sturdy, so much so that not even harsh wind could do it any harm.

What We Like:

Extremely well built
High-quality materials
Long springs
Available in a few different sizes
Rectangular shape
Lifetime warranty on the frame and springs

Our Concerns:

Some reports of poor customer service

16-Foot Octagon Magic Circle Trampoline

Most Durable Best Backyard Trampoline

Coronavirus Stock Issue

This Trampoline model is currently out of stock from the usual seller on Amazon, BUT the exact same trampoline can still be purchased from a different seller under a different name.

I’m guessing that this new seller just sourced the trampoline from the same manufacturer as KIDWISE (the original seller) so if your bouncing urges can’t wait until the world returns to normal then you could always purchase the rebranded model listed below:

>>SportsTramp Extreme 16 ft. Octagon Trampoline with Detachable Cage<<

Although not as eye-pleasing as some other models, this Magic Circle trampoline makes up for the design with its durability and strength.

It is one of the most heavy-duty trampolines we’ve come across so far, which makes it especially great for kids who still aren’t that secure on their feet.

What’s incredible about this trampoline is that the net itself is sewn to the mat. That way, both the net and the mat move together when someone’s bouncing, lowering the risk of injuries.

There cannot be any gaps in between the mat and the net if they’re connected! What’s more, both parts are made from the same material, so they are equally durable.

The second-best feature of this trampoline is its weight capacity. It can easily handle 450 pounds, which is an incredible number in this industry.

Because of that, it’s safe to say that this trampoline can be used by both energetic children and fun-loving adults.

What We Like:

Extremely well built
Robust design
The net and the mat form an integrated system
Amazing weight limit of 450 pounds

Our Concerns:

A huge trampoline that requires a massive backyard
Not that nice-looking – it’s a bit of an eyesore

Zupapa 15-Foot Round Trampoline

Best Backyard Trampoline for Families with Kids

The heavier the trampoline, the more steel was used to make it, so it should be safer overall. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised by the weight of this trampoline.

At 200 pounds, the Zupapa is one of the heaviest and sturdiest models the market has to offer.

How come it’s so heavy?

Well, it is a huge trampoline, after all, that can withstand a whopping 375 pounds of jump weight. You can easily fit two children on it, and you might even be able to jump with them at the same time if you’ve been laying off the carbs.

Furthermore, the frame is made of galvanized steel, and there are more springs in it than in other similar models — 108 in total.

The springs are, of course, covered with a pad to prevent injuries, and the mat itself features a unique design.

There’s a non-slip line between the pad and the jumping mat that prevents the feet from sliding onto the springs.

On top of that, the trampoline comes with a padded ladder that should make getting onto it easier for smaller tots!

What We Like:

Very heavy, which adds to its safety
Steel frame
108 springs in total
Unique mat design that prevents the feet from sliding onto the springs
Can handle up to 375 pounds

Our Concerns:

It’s susceptible to sun damage, so you shouldn’t leave it outside all year long
Not as durable as some other models

ACON Air 4.3 14-Foot Round Trampoline

Best Backyard Trampoline with Lower Ground Clearance

Are you afraid of too high trampolines? Worried your children might fall out despite all the safety features because they are that clumsy?

If you want them to stay safe, you can always get this ACON model that comes with lower ground clearance. At 36 inches, it’s lower than most average trampolines but still high enough to be fun to bounce on!

Yet, that’s not the only thing this trampoline offers. At first glance, we loved the design, as it looks quite modern and sophisticated.

The trampoline is round, so it’s safer than some other models right off the bat. What’s more, it comes with a net enclosure that doesn’t go around the springs, so there is little chance you or the child will pinch your fingers or toes.

As for the weight limit, this trampoline doesn’t disappoint. Given it has a galvanized frame and 8.5-inch springs, it has a great total load limit of 800 pounds with no single-user limit indicated!

What We Like:

No single-user weight limit — it can handle up to 800 pounds
Galvanized frame
Modern design
36-inch ground clearance
Easy assembly

Our Concerns:

Some users find it a bit short

Things To Consider Before Choosing An Outdoor Trampoline

Now, finding the best backyard trampoline requires a bit of research since the market is full of models of all sorts of shapes and sizes.

I spent quite a bit of time picking the absolute best of the best backyard trampolines. All of the trampolines reviewed above are fantastic choices and will bring you and your family years of entertainment.

However, I do realize that every family is different, so below is a guide that should help you pick the right trampoline for your particular situation.

Here are the most important things to consider before making your purchasing decision:

How Much Space Do You Have In Your Backyard?

The first thing you ought to consider when shopping for a backyard trampoline is the size, as well as how much of your backyard you’re ready to give up.

Bulkier trampolines will definitely take up more space, so you’ll have less room for all sorts of other things, like barbecuing, sunbathing, etc.

Then again, a bigger trampoline will be a fantastic source of entertainment. Just imagine picking a model that’s impervious to harsh weather conditions — you can bounce all year long!

You should also consider whether you need to see the trampoline from inside your home. Many parents, especially of younger kids, like to position their trampolines so that they can see it while sitting comfortably in their kitchen or living rooms.

This makes is so you don’t have to be outside watching your kids while they bounce the afternoon away.

Pick The Right Shape

There are various versions, but more often than not, most brands offer just round, rectangular, and square trampolines. All three of these types have their pros and cons, with round trampolines taking the cake as the most popular choice.

Now, you must be wondering why anyone would want to get a round trampoline. After all, the rounder it is, the more space it takes in the backyard.

Well, that is true, but the roundness actually makes the trampoline safer. A round trampoline has springs arranged in a circle, with the bulk of the energy aimed at the middle of the mat, which prevents injuries in general.

On top of that, there’s less bounce with round trampolines (less energy is transmitted each time someone jumps), so it’s unlikely you can jump too high on one of these.

The moral of the story is — in narrow backyards where there isn’t much space, a square or a rectangular trampoline would fit better.

It would allow those using it to jump higher, adding to the adrenaline rush, and there would still be some space left for other activities.

However, do know that in general, square and rectangular trampolines aren’t as safe as the round models.

Weight Limit

The weight limit will determine how many people can jump on the trampoline at the same time. Generally, you shouldn’t exceed the one-person limit on most trampolines, no matter how much weight they can handle.

However, we all know that’s not possible if you have kids who love hanging out with their friends in the backyard. Trampolines are mighty popular among pre-teens, so you better get a trampoline that can withstand at least 200 pounds.

Most day-to-day trampolines have a weight limit of about 220 pounds, give or take. Those that are more suitable for gymnasts and adults should be able to withstand at least 400 pounds.

Do know, however, that they have to be large enough as well — you cannot expect a 3-foot trampoline to handle a 250-pound person.

Safety Features

Now, safety features are a given with most trampolines, as no manufacturer wants to get sued because someone got hurt while jumping.

Nevertheless, you have to remember that most, if not all of them, warn parents not to leave their kids alone while on the trampoline. Therefore, take all of the safety features with a grain of salt and keep an eye on the jumpers — you never know what could happen!

Let’s not dwell on the bad things, though. The safety features the best backyard trampoline ought to have are:

  • A safety net (made from a mesh material)
  • Mat to cover the springs
  • A ladder
  • A powerful anchor system.

What Features Do You Actually Need?

You can get trampolines with or without a net — it depends on what you prefer. In general, the net is there to make jumping safer, so we wouldn’t opt for a trampoline without it. The ladder, however, is usually bought separately unless you can find a great deal somewhere online.

Then there’s the mat that should cover the springs. If you don’t cover the springs, you are risking serious injuries. Fingers and toes can easily get caught there, and you could even fall and hit the springs with some other body parts. The mat is crucial, period.

As for the anchor system, you will need it if you live in a particularly windy area and have decided to go for a lightweight trampoline.

It could easily start moving when the wind blows, which means you would be risking injuries each time you bounce on it. And, even if you live in an agreeable climate, why not opt for additional safety features?

The anchor system would provide you with some peace of mind, as no matter how much your kid is jumping, you would know the trampoline is fighting hard not to move around.

How Safe Is the Safety Net?

The net that goes all the way around the trampoline is one of the most critical safety features you should consider. However, it cannot just be ANY net at all. It should be made from a high-quality, rip-proof material (mesh) that won’t get loose over time.

Additionally, the net has to be high enough to prevent high-jumping people from going over it. Although unlikely to happen, you never know how high someone can actually bounce when they set their mind to it — especially if we’re talking about children.

A superbly safe net is imperative to keep the users from falling off the trampoline and breaking something.

Now, the placement of the net is something to keep in mind as well. There are two types of trampolines you can choose from, depending on where their net is installed: those that have the net outside the perimeter of the springs and those whose net goes before the springs.

Trampolines with an outside net come with a mat that goes over the springs for protection. There should be padding between the mat and the springs too so as to further “soften the blow” if the user falls down.

In contrast, with trampolines that have inner nets, there’s no need for much padding. It’s unlikely you’ll rip through the mesh and land on the springs. They do, however, need to be covered with a mat too.

Is There an Age Limit for the Trampoline?

Some manufacturers may put an age limit on their trampolines because they don’t want small children getting any crazy bouncing ideas. And that would be the right decision, as limits actually restrict people’s behavior.

Parents are less likely to let their children on a 6+ trampoline if the child is only four years old — the limit has a psychological effect!

Still, does that mean you have to match the age of your child and the weight limit? Not necessarily. The child is still growing, so there’s a good chance they’ll weigh a lot more in the future.

Because of that, aim to hit the middle ground with a trampoline that can easily be used by children from the age of 10, for example, and adults. That would be a 12-foot trampoline, which can be used by up to three people (of normal weight) at a time.

However, know that toddlers should get smaller trampolines. They still don’t have enough control over their bodies to keep their balance, so they could easily hurt themselves while bouncing on bigger models.

Will the Trampoline Last?

We all want our investments to be cost-effective in the long run, so before swiping that credit card and getting your favorite trampoline model — check how durable it truly is. If possible, read through user reviews to see if there are any concerns you should be aware of.

In general, you should get a lengthy warranty on the frame and the springs, which is great news overall. However, if the frame is already flimsy and the springs are prone to rust — the trampoline just isn’t worth the money. It definitely won’t last very long, so at some point, you will have to get another one.

Will I Have to Replace Parts Often?

On a similar note, check to see if there are parts of the trampoline that the warranty doesn’t cover. These might be some that you have to change often, such as the mat or net, for example.

When we say often, we don’t mean every few months, of course. But, the mat is more prone to wear and tear than the frame in general, purely because no one’s jumping on the frame directly.

Today, most manufacturers already know how annoying it is to replace parts, so they do make sure no customer can say they’ve thrown their money down the drain.

The mats are often extremely durable, so you might not even have to replace yours any time soon. The same cannot be said about the pad that covers the springs or the mesh nets, though.

These are sometimes made from cheaper materials or just aren’t made well, so they don’t last as long as you would like them to.

Is It Sturdy Enough to Handle All That Jumping?

Galvanized steel is the material to be on the lookout for, as any trampoline made from it is bound to be sturdy enough to take quite a beating. If galvanized steel is not an option, though, stainless steel would do just as well.

Both types are impervious to rust, so you can bet the trampoline will last long and remain stable through all that bouncing.

Still, to stay on the safe side, aim to get a trampoline with reinforced legs for an extra layer of protection. W-shaped legs are also a good option, as they’ll add to the stability and support.

On top of that, remember that the best backyard trampoline can be used with an anchor system or some sort of a weighted base that prevents it from tipping over.

However, most don’t come with anchors — you might have to buy the system separately.

Are There Any Extra Features/Add-Ons?

There aren’t many trampoline accessories to choose from, given that bouncing around is already fun enough.

However, if you or your child need a bit more, then you can always get a basketball hoop. Most can be quickly attached with velcro, and they often come with balls you can use to shoot some hoops with a nice spring in your step.

In addition, you could get a canopy or a trampoline tent — kids usually find those interesting and can use them to play pretend while jumping around!

Is It Weather-Resistant/Rust-Proof?

Given that we’re talking about how to choose the best backyard trampoline, you ought to look for one that can withstand all sorts of harsh weather conditions. Hail or snow, rain or shine, the trampoline should stay scratch-free — and in one piece.

Moreover, aim to get a trampoline with rust-proof springs and frame. That added layer of protection is the difference between using a trampoline for 5+ years and getting a new one after just a few months.

Should I Just Get a Rebounder?

If you’re buying a trampoline for yourself and you’re the only person who will ever use it, a rebounder could be a fine, affordable choice.

Rebounders are mini trampolines that most people use for exercise. They are single-person models with little bounce that should be perfect for those with a small backyard or for indoor use.

Trampoline Setup and Maintenance

Finally, it’s crucial to check if the trampoline is easy enough to set up, not because it would make your job easier, but because any mistake could actually lead to injuries at some point. If you connect just one part wrong, there might be consequences later on.

Therefore, go for a brand that offers clear instructions, easy assembly, and possibly even customer support you can call if you run into some issues.

As for trampoline maintenance, you won’t have to do much while the weather is nice. Also, if the trampoline is weather-resistant, it should be able to handle a bit of rain or snow.

However, there are some parts, like the mat, that might not be as durable as the frame. Because of that, whenever the trampoline is not in use for a longer period of time, store away the less sturdy parts.

If you want to use the trampoline in the winter too, then make sure to maintain it properly. Use a soft-bristle brush or a broom to get rid of snow buildup if you live in a particularly cold area. Don’t leave the snow to melt under your feet (or your child’s feet).

Remove it all and go over the mat with a dry cloth before using the trampoline.

In general, you should check the trampoline every once in a while for any issues, especially the springs. If they get stretched out or you notice some coils are missing, you ought to replace them. Luckily for you, that’s not that hard to do on your own!


When Should I Get My Child a Trampoline?

The best age for children to use trampolines is from 4 to 10. Younger children will appreciate getting a trampoline, and it’s a good way for them to get exercise. However, if you’re buying a trampoline for children under the age of 6, make sure that you get a model with added safety features. This is incredibly important, as smaller children weigh less and can easily sprain their arms and legs.

Are Mini Trampolines Safe?

Some people advise against purchasing regular-size trampolines for young children — and for a good reason. Mini trampolines are a better option for children under the age of 6, as they can significantly reduce the risk of injury. Additionally, they’re shorter and closer to the ground, so even if the child falls — the injuries will be minor.

Should I Get a Trampoline with a Net?

When given the option, we should always get a trampoline with a net for added safety. Nets reduce the risk of injury by up to 50%, so our children can enjoy their trampolines without us worrying about them constantly.

Should I Get a Spring-free Trampoline?

Spring-free trampolines are pricier than most other brands — but they may be worth it. They’re of high quality, safer, and last much longer than almost any other trampoline. Additionally, they’re much bouncier, so our children can have even more fun. However, keep in mind that they won’t maintain the same level of performance for more than a few years.

Can I Sink a Regular Trampoline Instead of Purchasing an In-Ground One?

In-ground trampolines are a great way to incorporate a trampoline into the existing layout of our backyard. Still, as they do come at a higher price, we can opt to sink a regular trampoline into the ground ourselves. It’s not that difficult, and anyone can do it in a matter of days. However, we should also put a small retaining wall around the area and something for drainage at the base.

Do I Have the Space for a Trampoline?

Most people can easily find space in their yard for a trampoline. Nevertheless, we should install it at least 5 feet away from any obstacles, such as trees, buildings, etc. Additionally, we ought to make sure that we’ve measured everything properly and that there aren’t any power lines or branches hanging above the trampoline.

Why Should I Purchase a Trampoline for My Child?

Bouncing on a trampoline is a great way for our children to get all the exercise they need — while having fun. We all know it can be a bit difficult to get the kids to go outside for some fresh air, but a trampoline will do the job for us.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the best backyard trampoline should have a good price/quality ratio, be safe, AND provide hours of entertainment.

Fortunately, although all of these models have their pros and cons, each one will allow you and your kids to bounce the day away.

When in doubt, though, stick to our buying guide. If the trampoline you would like to get ticks all the requirement boxes, don’t wait around. There’s no reason to keep missing out on all that trampoline fun anymore!

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