14 Best Toy Grill & BBQ Sets For Kids

best toy grill and bbq sets for kids

I love outdoor cookouts, nothing is better than spending a lazy summer day fussing over my backyard bbq, but unfortunately, hot BBQ grills and curious toddlers are not a match made in heaven.

While grilling, I often found myself telling my son to “stand back”, and “be careful” – 2 commands which never play well with him!

So, I decided to get him his own little pretend play barbeque grill to keep him busy while I performed my grill master duties. And it was a HUGE success, pretend backyard cookouts have become one of his favorite activities.

There are literally hundreds of these play kitchen sets on the market; gas grills, charcoal grills, bbq grills. There are wood grills, plastic grills, freestanding grills, interactive grills, smoking grills… There are even toy replicas of popular Big Boy grills so picking one was a tough decision.

In my opinion, these are the 14 best kid’s grill sets on the market:

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Toy Grill & BBQ Reviews

Little Tikes Cook ‘n Play Outdoor BBQ

Best All-Around Grill

The Quick Version:  Little Tikes brings us the only dual-level grill with a window, no batteries required, and setup is painless– this is the best basic grill.  

Consistently ranking as a top-seller, this is one of our favorites.  It has a dual-level grill, a molded-in sink, and plenty of counter space.

What stands out the most is that this is the only toy grill in our roundup that has the ‘pass-through’ window, which makes it fun for kiddos to hand out entrees and serve their friends.

Ten accessories come with it, batteries are not required (but you will need a drill), and most parents say that the setup is relatively painless.

While it is durable enough to keep outside, it’s probably wise to bring it indoors when you’re done with it.  

Although this appears to be an isolated incident, a concerned customer voiced her issue with the paint on the frying pan. Her toddler grandson put it in his mouth and possibly ingested some of it while getting paint all over his face.

She included a photograph to verify her claim.  If your kiddos are still putting things in their mouth, you might want to skip this one.

What We Like:
Fits easily into small spaces
Pass through window and ample prep space
Dual-level grill
Our Concerns:
Potential paint issue
Might be a little too small for older kids

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Little Tikes Cook ‘n Grow BBQ Grill

Best Adjustable Height Grill

The Quick Version:  The adjustable height allows it to grow with your child.

I trust my fellow parents and thoroughly read their reviews to inform my purchasing decision.  Even best selling products from top brands get the occasional unhappy customer– this is to be expected.  Yet when the majority of the main reviews are negative, that gives me pause.  

But first, let’s start with the positive.  Unlike some sets, it comes with play food and offers plenty of cabinet storage.  Because the height is adjustable, it can grow with your child to prolong its lifespan.  When expanded, it’s the perfect height for toddlers– contract it to better suit preschoolers.  

The primary complaints involved the size and misleading photos.  Many parents felt the grill was significantly smaller than the pictures led them to believe [despite the measurements being listed – always check those!] and quite a few stated they had problems with the top of the grill being too loose.

Finally, it is worth noting that several of the pictures show gray side columns on the grill.  Those do not actually come with the product.

What We Like:
Adjustable height
Better for the younger kiddos
Plenty of cabinet storage for accessories
Comes with play food
Our Concerns:
Some negative reviews from parents
Misleading photos
Looseness on top grill cover

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Little Tikes Backyard Barbeque Get Out ‘N Grill

Best Toddler Grill

The Quick Version:  Ideal for toddlers, this allows for the BBQ basics along with room for multiple kiddos.

Complete with a realistic, dual-level grill, this set is compact and ideal for toddlers and preschoolers.  There is a starting button and clicking knobs. Along with 8 pieces, there is also a towel bar.  It’s an open, airy setup, perfect for multi-child play.

Like most Little Tikes playsets of this nature, all of its components can be easily stored on the shelves. However, be sure to note that it is taller than most toddlers. Any kiddo over the age of 4 probably won’t be captivated for long, despite the age range stating that kids up to the age of 7 will probably enjoy it.  

What We Like:
Excellent starter set for the under 2 set
Lots of storage
Pegs to hang grilling accessories
Sink spout turns and knobs click
Our Concerns:
Quite small
Not suitable for older kids

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Step2 Sizzle & Smoke Toy BBQ Grill

Best ‘Smoking’ Toy Grill

The Quick Version:  It smokes, sizzles, and is realistic looking– this mama is quite impressed!

Even though I have a very-real grill for adults in my home, I still want this one.  It smokes and sizzles! Water vapor causes a spectacular smoking effect, and AA batteries help make the sizzling sound.  There’ isa side burner and even a play propane tank [never thought I’d be writing that phrase!].  

Complete with a removable tray and 15-piece accessory set, this one has me fired up.  Unlike some sets I’ve seen, this one has a very real appearance and is designed to mimic stainless steel.  

The only complaints I’ve seen are parents who thought it was a little on the small side. This seems to be a recurring theme– so always check your measurements.  Some say it is better suited for toddlers than preschoolers simply because of the size.  

I know BBQ is typically a standing activity, but surely if the size is an issue for older kids [or adults] who want to play, they can pull up a chair.  One mom said that her toddler tipped it over because it was lightweight.  

What We Like:
It ‘smokes!’ and sizzles
Play propane tank
Realistic appearance
Our Concerns:
Smaller than some desire
Potential tipping hazard for the younger set

Step2 Fixin’ Fun Outdoor Grill Plastic Toy Grill & Play Food

Best Budget Buy

The Quick Version:  Affordable, easy, and sturdy.  Need I say more?

This set comes with rave reviews from parents.  Any toy where multiple people can attest to the fact that the setup is “very easy” has me sold.  Other praises include:  “sturdy,” “reliable,” and “ability to withstand both toddlers and the elements.”  

With a price point under $50, this is a steal.  It’s got a lifelike outdoor brick design, clicking knobs, and a lift-up lid.  There’s also a 10-piece play food and accessory kit that comes with it– and the oven actually opens.  

As for the downside, this isn’t so much about the grill itself, but rather Step 2.  I’m a little surprised this has just now been brought to my attention, but Step 2 customer service is only available by email– and you have to make an account to get in touch with them.  In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a deal-breaker– and chances are you may not even need customer service– but it seems an unnecessary hassle.  

What We Like:
Easy to set up
Budget buy
Realistic clicking sounds
Appeals to a wider range of ages
Our Concerns:
Customer service issue
Sink area could have been better used as additional workspace

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Hape Gourmet Grill & Shish Kabob Wooden Play Kitchen

Best Wooden BBQ Set

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The Quick Version:  Award winning wooden BBQ set with a meticulous attention to detail.

Hape delivers again with this quality toy grill.  The detail on the food and knobs is exisquisite. There’s a shelf underneath the grill for easy storage of accessories when not in use.  Countless reviews speak of delighted children who simply cannot get enough of this toy.  It’s very well-made, sturdy, and designed to last.  Those who seek the fine craftsmanship and durability of wooden toys will not be disappointed.  

One parent suggested that the side table seemed somewhat flimsy, as if putting too much weight on it could cause breakage.  It’s also a fairly large unit, so it’s probably not the best for smaller spaces.

Despite being a large unit, there isn’t much counter space for food prep or eating.  Also, because it is wood it should not be exposed to the elements indefinitely, unlike its plastic counterparts that live outside.  

Please note that there are small parts so it’s a choking hazard for kids under 3.

What We Like:
Made from wood, not plastic
Easy to assemble
Reversible cooking surface
High quality food and accessories
Rolling wheels
Our Concerns:
Side table concerns
Not a lot of prep space
Large unit not ideal for small spaces

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Cook ‘N Grill Wood Toy BBQ Set With Wooden Food & Barbecue Grilling Tools

Best Wooden Budget Set

The Quick Version:  Considering how closely this resembles other big buck sets, this is a darn good bargain.  

Aesthetically, I think this looks just as good as the aforementioned Hape set– and it costs considerably less.  The colors are vivid and bright, it’s an extremely cheerful and inviting looking product.  It’s also got a shelf underneath the grill for storage and the wheels actually roll, so it’s portable.  

I thought it was a fantastic touch that the burger comes with velcro so kiddos can build their own without having to worry about the balancing act we sometimes see with stackable parts.  

One parent found the directions unclear, but at least half-a-dozen others said it was easy to set up.  I would think that there is a direct correlation between clear directions and the ability to follow them with ease, but make of that what you will.  

What We Like:
Affordable alternative to other wooden sets
Bold, bright unisex colors
30+ food, condiments, and accessories
Our Concerns:
One parent found the directions unclear
Lots of parts to keep track of

Melissa & Doug Rotisserie & Grill Barbecue Set

Best Wooden Set Without Wheels & Legs

The Quick Version:  The perfect, portable wooden set from Melissa & Doug.

I feel like my ‘best’ description sounds a bit awkward, but surely you see what I mean when you view the product.  Is there a technical term for a BBQ without wheels and legs? But I digress…

Velcro pieces adhere to some of the meat pieces to make for easy separation.  An optional battery allows for the clicking sound that imitates an electronic ignition.  Both sides also light independently like a real grill!

It inspires children ages 3 and up to pretend prepare, flip, grab, and cut the food with a safe and kid-friendly spatula, tongs, knife, and basting brush.  The set encourages hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, creative expression, and imaginative play.

We love Melissa & Doug toys in our house, especially anything that pertains to food.  My daughter will be 9 in February and still regularly plays with her Melissa & Doug loot, even some items that might be considered ‘too old’ for her.  The quality is superb and they last forever.

What We Like:
Rotating skewer improves fine-motor skills
The quality you expect with Melissa & Doug
Both sides light independently like a real grill
Cheaper alternative listed below
Our Concerns:
One mom had an issue with the skewer being used as a ‘weapon’
Keep track of said skewer as it only comes with one

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Melissa & Doug also offers the Wooden Grill & Serve BBQ Set, which is a cheaper alternative to the rotisserie set.  The price point is less than $20 and the 20-piece set includes a hot dog, hamburger, chicken, steak, ribs, veggie burger, and corn, plus tasty toppings and sturdy utensils.

Learning Resources New Sprouts Grill It!

Eat Your Veggies!

The Quick Version:  A veggie-friendly, parent favorite perfect for little hands.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am a vegetarian.  Even though my kiddos are carnivores [and I routinely grill veggies with their meat], I could not help but notice the plethora of veggies included.  Asparagus and corn, oh my!  Each of the food items– be it meat or veggies– contains ridges and grooves.  This makes it easy for little hands to grip the food with the tongs.  

I especially liked the cute, green serving tray.  It’s only natural that kiddos want to show off their handiwork and serve their friends after manning the grill.  The juxtaposition of the orange base with the blue grill truly makes the colors pop.  

Parent reviews sing praises to the tune of “absolute perfection” and “would recommend to anyone.”  The plastic is solid and durable.  Best of all, there are 22 pieces to this set.

What We Like:
Small enough for toddlers to manage
Encourages cooking with veggies
Affordable price point
Easy to grip accessories and tongs
Serving tray
Our Concerns:
Might be underwhelming for older kids on the age spectrum
Only one serving tool

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LBLA BBQ Playset Kitchen Toys with Light & Smoke

Lights, Smoke & Sound!

The Quick Version:  A smoking grill complete with accessories, this is ideal for the younger set, but should be used with parental supervision.  

We have another smoker!  I guess it doesn’t take that much to amuse me, but smoking BBQ’s have me enthralled.  Where were these when I was growing up in the 1980’s?!  Use a condiment bottle to drop water to the water injection area [make sure the grill is off before doing so] and voila!  Various other light and sound effects accompany the smoking sensation.

With almost 20 pieces [3 charcoals, 2 meatballs, 2 sausages, 2 plates, 2 grill plates, 2 forks, corn, chicken wing, clamp, sauce, BBQ wire mesh], this modern-looking set has a black and red color scheme that looks sleek and contemporary.  Did I mention it smokes?  

Because the size is geared primarily towards younger children, it is suggested that parents supervise.  Unlike our other smoker, these kiddos that are playing with this might try and play with smaller pieces– and a parent will most likely be required for pouring water into the injection area.  

What We Like:
It smokes!
Awesome sound effects
Small and portable
Our Concerns:
Not for kids under 3
Parental supervision requires

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Theo Klein – Toy Weber Kettle Barbecue

Best Weber-Approved Toy Grill

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The Quick Version:  Weber signed off on this realistic looking model– you know the one– that has a black, cylindrical grill space and three legs.  

Officially licensed by Weber [as in the authority for grown-up grills], this toy closely mimics the real thing.  My favorite part is the ‘light-up’ charcoal– touch the lighter to the charcoal and see the embers!  I think the majority of kids are most familiar with this type of grill above all others [I can still see Uncle Tommy perfecting his lemon-pepper chicken on the black Weber tripod!] so it’s a great find if you are wanting a toy that closely mimics the actual product.  

Little touches that stuck out in my mind are the two grills [one is slightly larger than the other] and a variety of seafood included with the traditional fare.  A few of our other sets have had a fish, but this includes salmon and shrimp.  I am also quite glad that the lighter resembles one of those candle flames that is approximately 6-inches long as opposed to a run-of-the mill cigarette lighter.  

Please note that there are small parts so it’s a choking hazard for kids under 3.

What We Like:
Looks identical to the real thing
Comes with light-up charcoal
Includes 2 different sized grates
Great for those who want a grill with legs without taking up all that space
Our Concerns:
3 AAA batteries are not included
One parent had issues with the legs falling off

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BeebeeRun Wooden Barbecue Grill Play Set

Best Small Wooden Set

The Quick Version:  It’s a bargain buy made of quality wood, light and portable.  

Parents, please tell me you’re using Honey.  No, I am not a paid spokesperson, but I do care about helping my fellow parents get the best deals possible.  And that’s exactly what Honey does– the free browser extension automatically applies coupon codes to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.  The busy bees at Honey say this is the prime time for purchase of this product.

I’m all about gorgeous, unisex colors and this pastel lime-green fits the bill perfectly.  As a whole, the set is cute and colorful.  ‘Cutting’ with the knife allows for the younger kids to enhance their fine-motor skills and hand/eye coordination.  The tongs are also excellent for the smallest of hands and allow for easy gripping.

This set seems like the perfect introduction to small, manageable BBQ’s for toddlers and preschoolers.  

What We Like:
Pretty pastel lime-green color
Best deal according to Honey
Grill acts as storage case when not in use
Very lightweight and easy to transport
Our Concerns:
I could not find a single negative review!

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LeapFrog Smart Sizzlin’ BBQ Grill

Best Interactive Toy Grill For Toddlers

The Quick Version:  Hands down, the best educational and interactive grill for the younger set.  

How adorable is this?!  LeapFrog’s interactive toy is not only fun, but educational.  It recognizes the names of nine different food pieces placed on the skewer.

When you turn the grill, kiddos learn about the numbers 1-10 and hear a sizzling sound as the grill heats.  Three modes [learn, play, and music] guarantee your youngster learns numbers, colors, counting, and food information while playing.  

The color scheme is bright and cheerful, very appealing to young eyes.  Parents will love the fact that it’s easy to put together and– drumroll please– batteries are included!  Let me repeat:  it comes with batteries.  Personally I believe this should be a federal law, but that’s an article for another day.  

What We Like:
Fun and interactive
Educational and informative
Bright and colorful
Batteries are included
Our Concerns:
Not particularly realistic looking
Might not be entertaining for the older end of the age range

Check Price On Amazon

Step2 All Around Playtime Patio with Canopy Playhouse

Best Outdoor Toy BBQ Setup

The Quick Version:  It has everything a child could need for backyard entertaining.  

Your child will have every kid in the neighborhood wanting to come see their beautiful backyard spread.  Here’s what’s in the box:  open pavilion-style playhouse including play grill, snack table, water table, sand cover, canopy, and 16-piece accessory set with mesh accessory bag.  Whew!  It’s everything you need for outdoor entertaining.

Way more than just a BBQ, kids can use some of the accessories included for splish-splash fun and sand exploration, like the water tower, scoops, and double-sided shovel as they wait for their food.  Cleanup is a breeze with the built-in sink.  There’s plenty of counter space for prep and/or eating.  

From a design standpoint, the neutral color palette and muted green canopy blend seamlessly with any backyard decor.  Bonus points for the fact that it’s easy-to-assemble with clear directions.  

What We Like:
Canopy shields kids from the sun
Multiple kiddos can fit in the kitchen area
Counter space for serving
Sandpit and toy included
Our Concerns:
This setup might be too ‘extra’ if you just want a basic toy BBQ
Requires significant outdoor space

Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill

Best Full-Scale Kitchen BBQ Setup

The Quick Version:  This product offers a kitchen space in its entirety.  

A BBQ grill is just the icing on the cake with this full-scale kitchen setup.  We’re talking a fridge, microwave, sink, oven, overhead cabinets, basket storage…and the grill.  The description was not lying when it said children can be “The King or Queen of their own kitchen domain.”  I can vouch for that.

Interestingly enough, the grill itself is underwhelming.  It’s small and lacks an authentic look.  However, it does have a lid, switch on button, dials and lights though, so the basics are there.  In other words, don’t buy this just for the grill.  

Luckily every one of the 103 pieces [you read that correctly] stores easily within the shelves, cabinets, and bins that come with the set.  Multiple kiddos can fit in the kitchen and there is ample counter space.  

What We Like:
Entire kitchen setup
Multiple kiddos can fit in the kitchen area
Lots of counter space for serving/eating
Comes with everything you could possibly need
Our Concerns:
It’s the most expensive item on the list
Requires significant setup space
The grill itself is underwhelming

Toy Grill Food & Kitchen Accessories

Virtually every toy BBQ grill comes with food and other accessories.  However, you might want to supplement what arrives in the box.  Here are three of my favorite Grill/BBQ food surplus sets:

Little Tikes Backyard Barbeque Grillin’ Goodies

Your Grill Master will love this 20-piece set, complete with those adorable red and white checkered napkins that are synonymous with BBQ for so many.  It contains ketchup, mustard, meat, buns, corn, tongs, spatula, and cutlery.  Even though it’s the bare minimum, it’s a good starter set.  Be warned, though– some of the pieces of the set do not stay together.  

Hape Hamburger and Hot Dogs Wooden Play Kitchen Food Set

Hape’s wooden set offers fixings for two burgers and two hot dogs.  It’s basic, but it works.  If your child enjoys Hape, this is an excellent addition.  

Fisher-Price Burger Set

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Kudos to Fisher-Price for one of the most glorious product descriptions I have ever encountered:  “tactile cheese, translucent tomato and flexible lettuce!”  And there you have it, folks.  Each piece is numbered, so it’s great for younger kiddos who are figuring out how to put everything together.  The set includes two burger buns, two burgers, one slice of play tomato, cheese and lettuce, one squeezable play ketchup bottle and one burger toothpick.

If you’re looking for a more standard play kitchen set check out this roundup of the 25 Best Kitchen Playsets for Kids. You’ll find toy kitchens in just about every price and age range on the list, and even some cool kitchen accessories.

Toy Grill Buying Guide

When contemplating the best kids toy grill, there are several factors that must come into play.  First and foremost, take note of the size.

Size Of The Play Grill

While thinking of my own children– and reading reviews from other parents– space seemed to be the biggest problem.

Whether it was too large, too small, or simply not what was expected, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of considering the dimensions, especially with the larger sets.

Storage & Transport

Additionally, where will the toy grill set be stored?  Do you plan to keep it inside, outside, or both?  If it will be transported, be sure to make certain it either has wheels or is easily portable.  Plastic sets with no batteries can be safely left outside, whereas anything with batteries or constructed from wood needs to live inside.

Number of Kids Who Will Be Playing with the Toy Grill

How many kids will be playing with this set regularly?  Take that into consideration as you peruse the amount of prep and counter space.  If the set does not come with adequate accessories, you may want to purchase some additional food packs.

Age And Skills Level

Also determine the ages and skill levels of the children regularly exposed to the grill.  Do they want an interactive set or would they prefer imaginative play which leaves room for creativity and interpretation?  How much of a hassle will batteries be for parents?

Match Existing Brands and Styles

Finally, consider what’s already in your child’s toybox.  Think brand loyalty and the top products that your family adores.  Chances are, at least one of them is on here.  

I hope this review gives you cuts through the smoke to give you clarity when it comes to toy BBQ options.  Now that I am sufficiently hungry [no frozen pizza!], I’m going to see what I can fire up for myself and the kiddos.  Happy grilling!

best toy grill and bbq sets for kids
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