How to Play Marbles (And How to Win!)

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While marbles may not be at the top of the modern day child’s Christmas list, it’s a game that’s been around for centuries, and most children still really enjoy it if they’re ever given a chance to play.

If you’ve thought about teaching your kids to play but are a little rusty on the rules, we can help out with that.

What You’ll Need to Play

Marbles, like most games that have been around for a hundred years or more, doesn’t require a lot of fancy or expensive equipment to play. Really all you need to play are marbles and something with which to make a ring.

The ring can be drawn in chalk or washable paints if you’re outside or a piece of string if you’re playing indoors.

Having a marble pouch or some other container to keep your marbles in is also a good idea. I love this retro tin box set – and you really can’t beat the price!

How to Set Up a Game of Marbles

Setting up a game of marbles is as simple as making a ring that’s about three feet in diameter. You’ll do this by drawing it or by making a circle with your string. (If you’re using string, you may want to tape the ends down so that the marbles don’t move it around when they roll over it.)

Then you put a set number of marbles (usually between 5 and 12) in the middle of the ring in a vaguely cross-shaped design. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to play.

How to Play Marbles

The hardest part of playing marbles is really the setup stage, which isn’t all that hard. Once you’ve gotten everything set up, determine which player is going first. (This is usually the youngest player in the group.) That person finds the largest marble in his set to use as his shooter marble.

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The player takes the shooter marble and places it on his thumb, holding his thumb tucked into his fist. Then, he “shoots” the shooter marble out of his fist with his thumb, aiming it towards the marbles in the center of the ring.

The goal is to hit the marbles in the ring and knock as many of them as possible out of the ring.

If the player knocks at least one marble out of the ring, he takes that marble and adds it to his collection.

If you’re playing for keepsies, the player gets to keep the marble. If not, the player still takes the marble and holds onto it so it’s easier to count how many marbles each player has at the end of the game.

After that first initial hit, there are two ways to play marbles.

The “Shoot Till You Miss” Way

In this version of the game, the first player takes another turn as long as he knocked at least one marble out of the ring and his shooter also stayed inside the ring.

If his shooter marble is still inside the ring, he must shoot the marble from its exact location within the ring. If the shooter marble went outside the ring, he gets to keep the marbles he knocked out, but his turn is over. When his next turn comes around, he can position his shooter anywhere he wants outside the ring.

That same player keeps shooting until either he shoots and doesn’t knock a marble out of the ring or until he shoots and his shooter marble goes outside of the ring.

If the latter happens, the player takes his shooter marble and holds it until his next turn. If his shooter marble stayed inside the ring but he didn’t knock a marble out, he leaves the shooter there until his next turn.

Play then proceeds to the next player, who uses his own shooter marble to shoot at the remaining marbles. The same rule applies: If he knocks at least one marble out of the ring and his shooter is inside the ring, he takes another turn until he shoots and doesn’t get a hit or until his shooter leaves the ring.

The game continues in this way, going from player to player, until all the marbles that were inside the ring have been knocked outside the ring.

The player who knocked out the most marbles wins.

If playing for keepsies, each player keeps the marbles he or she knocked out of the ring. If not, the marbles are returned to their original owners, and the game can be set up again.

The “Taking Turns” Way

The other way to play marbles is to simply take turns after each player shoots his shooter marble once.

Shooter marbles are still left inside the ring until a player’s next turn if they stayed inside the ring and are taken back by the player who shot them if they go outside of the ring.

This way of playing isn’t technically the “real way” to play and it isn’t popular among older or serious players, but it can be much more fair if the people playing have widely varying levels of experience.

For example, if you’re a mother playing marbles with your four-year-old son, your son is going to have a much better chance of winning if the two of you take turns instead of each of you playing by the normal rules because you’ll be much more likely to hit marbles than he will, at least at first.

Marbles Variations

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The above-listed game is what most people are talking about when they talk about playing marbles. However, there are many other games to play with marbles.

They aren’t exactly variations of the original game so much as they’re totally new games that can also be played with marbles. Still, they are various fun things to do with marbles, so we’ll stick to calling them variations for now.

Pick Your Marbles

Actually, this one kind of is a variation of the original marbles game. It’s played in almost exactly the same way with only a few differences.

The first difference is that your ring is bigger. You’ll want to make a circle that’s about five to eight feet in diameter. Then you’ll place 15 marbles in the center of it in the same cross-shaped design.

Then you play the game with the same rules for turns as the regular marbles game. The only other difference is that you have to “call your shots.”

You pick one specific marble out of the 15 and point it out as the one you’re aiming to knock out of the ring.

If you knock it out, you’ll follow the same rules for keeping/losing your turn as you would in a normal game. If you don’t, you lose your turn.

If you knock out a marble that you didn’t point out specifically, you lose your turn, and the marble goes into a “discard” pile so that it doesn’t count towards anyone’s final score.

Target Games

In this game, players set up “targets” for their marbles. You set up specific marbles to hit in a certain order, and you hit them into other things such as empty cans, bottle caps, cups, etc.

The object of the game is to shoot your shooter marble into the designated marbles and knock them into certain target areas. It’s similar to playing pool, only on a much smaller scale.


In this game, you need your marbles and a shoe box. You cut various sized holes in the shoe box and designate each hole as a certain point value. The harder to hit holes will have the largest point values.

Then you and the other players take turns shooting your marbles at the shoe box, attempting to shoot the marbles through the holes. The player with the most points at the end of a ten-marble shoot wins.

Strategies to Win at Marbles

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There aren’t any real “strategies” to help you win the game of marbles, but there are a few things you can do to help you play a little smarter.


They say that practice makes perfect, and that’s no different in marbles. You need to practice shooting so that you get a feel for how hard you need to shoot and how you can best angle your hands to get your marble to go in the direction you want it to go.

Circle the Ring

Don’t just sit in one spot the whole time and shoot from there. Walk around the ring, and look for the best shots. Invest some time into figuring out where best to place your marble to have the most accuracy.

Leave Your Opponents in Tough Spots

If you’ve looked around the ring and found that you can’t possibly knock a marble out on your next hit, then invest time into trying to leave the ring just as difficult for your opponent. See if you can leave your shooter right in the way of their hit, or figure out whether or not there are other things you can do to make their shots harder.

Put a Lot of Power into Breaking up Clumps

If you’re aiming for a large group of marbles that are close together, don’t worry as much about accuracy and precision. Go for raw power instead!

Hit them as hard as possible so that they spread out around the circle. You may even get lucky and knock one out through sheer force of power.

Collecting Marbles

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If you can get your child interested in playing marbles, don’t be surprised if s/he suddenly decides to start collecting them as well. The two hobbies kind of go hand-in-hand.

Some marbles are actually quite beautiful, and it’s unsurprising that children – and adults – like to collect the most lovely ones they can find. There are also marbles that are just better for playing than others.

Having a great shooter is important, and it may take collecting several different shooters to find the one that works the best for you.

People also like to experiment with different marble types to see which ones they like playing with most. There are glass marbles, clay marbles, porcelain marbles and even steel marbles. It’s fun to collect them all and find out which ones are the most fun to use.

What Kids Learn from Playing Marbles

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Although most people don’t realize it, playing an effective game of marbles requires players to utilize a lot of physics and geometry skills. It’s a lot like pool in that way.

You have to consider angles, force, inertia and exactly how to hit something to make it move in a certain way. It’s a very strategic, STEM-related game.

It also helps improve younger children’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It helps them think about things strategically and requires them to plan ahead.

It also helps them become more social and teaches them to win and lose gracefully. It teaches them about fair play and treating others with respect (hopefully!).

How To Play Marbles – Step By Step Rules

  1. Gather your friends and the materials you’ll need.
  2. Make a ring with chalk or string – three feet in diameter – and place about ten marbles at its center.
  3. The youngest player usually goes first.
  4. The first player, from outside the ring, shoots her shooter marble into the ring at the marbles.
  5. If she knocks out any marbles and her shooter stays inside, she takes another turn. She continues taking turns until she either doesn’t knock a marble out of the ring or until her shooter goes outside the ring. She adds any marbles she knocked out of the ring to her “point pile.”
  6. The next player takes his turn. Game play continues until all marbles have been knocked out of the ring.
  7. The person with the most marbles at the end of the game wins.

Marbles FAQs

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When did people first start playing marbles?

Actually, no one can pinpoint exactly when people started playing with marbles, but scientists and archaeologists believe that it’s one of the world’s oldest games. In fact, there have been many small clay balls found in the pyramids of Egypt, which leads archaeologists to believe that even the early Egyptians had some sort of game involving marbles.
The game that we know and love became popular in the 1800’s when Germany started producing marbles at a never-before-seen rate. They quickly spread across the world, and people in several countries were playing the game on a massive scale. They’ve been quite popular ever since.

Why do we call them ‘marbles?’

Those first German-produced marbles made in the 1800’s were actually handmade out of alabaster marble. In fact, for a long time, those were about the only types of marbles that could be easily found. In 1900, though, a man named Martin Frederick Christensen created a machine that could mass-produce marbles from glass. They quickly became much more popular and widespread.

Are there professional marbles tournaments?

There are absolutely professional marbles tournaments! One of the biggest and most famous of these is the National Marbles Tournament that’s held every year in New Jersey. The British and World Championship also hosts some heated marbles competitions. There are even scholarships given for marbles champions!

How many types of marbles are there?

There are literally dozens of different marble types. There are, however, some types that are more recognizable than others. These include the famous cat’s eyes marbles, as well as clay marbles, Aggies, red devils, onion skins and more.

What’s the most expensive marble in the world?

As of 2020, the most expensive marble in the world was the Opaque Lutz Marble, valued at $25,000!

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