21 Best Tree Swing Ideas – DIY Projects You Can Make This Weekend

Best Tree Swing Ideas
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Who could forget the exciting days of swinging on a warm summer day, at school, out back, or on the playground? For kids and adults alike, playing on swings can also be a fun way to exercise, while taking in the fresh air!

Given the prices of swing-sets at places like Home Depot, Walmart, or IKEA, purchasing a swing set today for your own backyard for kids to enjoy can be costly if you’re on a budget. But, if you’ve got the space in your back yard, time, and patience, then we’ve got a must-read list of 20 DIY Garden Swings You Can Bring To Life Almost Effortlessly – so read on below!

Tree Swing Ideas For Kids

A Budget-Friendly Tire Swing for Kids

A Budget-Friendly Tire Swing for Kids

For just under $15 bucks, you’ll be able to build an efficient, budget-friendly tire-swing that your kids can play on – and have set up just 20 minutes or less!

It’s pretty straightforward to put this together, and will simply require threading the rope through the holes at the center of each tire – or using metal chains and adapters to connect to the tree – either way should work fine!

This is also an awesome, fun, friendly design for kids because they can practice balancing by standing up, or simply enjoy swinging the old fashion’ way by sitting down while they glide up into the air and back down.

DIY Details: survivingateacherssalary

The Wooden Chair-Swing

The Wooden Chair-Swing

By simply taking any old wooden chair you’ve got lying around the house, while of course ensuring that its still safe, sturdy, and secure, you can make the perfect, fun, and colorful chair-swing for your little ones to play on – or even make two!

This DIY back yard chair swing project also includes more colorful options, so you and your children can paint not only the chair but even the rope!

All you’ll have to do is make sure you remove the legs to prevent any hazards, and before you know it you’ve got yourself a fun, practical rope-swing for a fraction of what one would cost you at the stores!

Best of all, you’ll be recycling wood and being friendly to the environment in doing so!

DIY Details: theownerbuildernetwork

A Bouncy Swing with Personality

A Bouncy Swing with Personality

By simply using nylon webbing and a few PVC pipes, legs, and adapters you can have a fun, comfortable back yard DIY swing that your kids are sure to love!

This DIY back yard swing setup is also a traditional favorite because it’s easy to make and should take no more than an hour before your kids are having a blast! Even better, this DIY swing will easily accommodate 2 or even three children at once, just be careful and watch them closely during use of course!

Lastly, this is an excellent choice for a DIY back yard swing because your kids can also relax, nap, and play on it together without even swinging!

Just be patient, and double-check your work and the integrity of the swing before letting them ‘go to town’ on it!

DIY Details: thenaughtymommy

Classic Tire Swing

black tire swing

Tire swings are effortless to hang up, and an old-fashioned joy for kids to sit in and swing on! Not to mention they’re the most affordable swings on the market! The team at Hunker explains how to quickly (and effectively) hang your tire swing. Click here to learn how.

Simple Rope Swing

Kids playing with Rope swing at lake

Some of the most fun I have ever seen my kids have is while using the simplest of all tree swings. The humble “Rope Swing”

Rope swings only work effectively if you hang them over a lake or river as they are hard to hold onto for more than the 1 or 2 swings it takes before launching yourself into the cool body of water.

Just get a strong piece of rope – attach securely to a tree branch overhanging your favorite body of water – tie some knots at the swinging end – and go to town.

You can also tie a single branch of some kind to the end of the rope to make it easier to hold onto – but in my experience, that will just get in the way and will end up poking someone where they would rather not be poked, so I would stick with a simple knotted rope.

DIY Disk Swing

DIY Disk swing project

Disk swings are a great beginner DIY project as they hang from a single rope making leveling problems non-existent.

Check out the link below for complete instructions on how to make your own Disk Swing from scratch, and also how to hang it for optimum fun.

DIY Details: Instructables

DIY Skateboard Swing

A DIY Swing for Skateboard and Surfing Fans

By simply recycling and using an old skateboard your kids (or you) don’t use or play with anymore, you can make this awesome DIY ‘skateboard swing’ in under a day- and is sure to last for many summers to come!

This is also an excellent conversational piece, and sure to make your kids popular with the neighbors!

As for supplies, you should prepare a wooden dowel, a couple of stainless steel carabiners, wire clamps, safety tape for securing any odd ends, sander, paddle bit, industrial-grade or heavy-duty rope, and of course your choice skateboard to give it the flavor it demands!

It’s also best to use a wooden skateboard for this – so double-check the materials before using, as some are now made with foam, Plexiglas, nylon, or other artificial materials that might not be as durable as wood.

DIY Details: mothersarah

DIY Horsey Backyard Swingset

The DIY Horsey Backyard Swingset

This is an awesome way for your kids to have fun, pretend to be cowboys, and learn to grow a love for animals – horses to be exact.

Best of all, this DIY swing-set can be made from scratch only using a wooden board, posts, bolts, a few washers, an auger bit, drill saw, 1″ circle screw bolts, and a good old’ handy dandy rubber mallet!

What an exciting way to start the Summer, and best of all this entire project should just take a few hours to make! Find out more at the link below.

DIY Details: Hometalk

Wooden Airplane Swing

Do it yourself wooden airplane swing

Building a wooden airplane swing may not be quite as easy as throwing up a tire swing. But the finished product will be worth the extra work.

If you have some building chops then head on over to Dunn Lumber where Kristen details how to build this work of Garten Art from scratch.

Diy Details: Dunn Lumber

A Fun Tire Swing with Personality!

A Fun Tire Swing with Personality!

This DIY tire-swing is the perfect artsy project you can do with your children, letting them select their favorite color – or colors – and painting them on to allow your kids to really express themselves in a meaningful way.

While a rather “classic” concept this swing is made from just a tire, wood, and chains! This is a great, safe, fun way to let your kids – or adults – have a nice swing the next time you go out in your back yard to relax and enjoy, or simply reflect on life.

Best of all, this tire swing can spin around and go (safely) in different directions which will really add to the excitement when used!

DIY Details: ehow

Fashionable DIY Tree Swing For Families

A Perfectly Fashionable DIY Tree Swing For Families

This is a really cute, small, and yet simple design that’s likely a back yard swing you or your neighbors haven’t seen before!

It also manages to be both innovative, yet original in design, and whether you like the Teak wood style, or simply want to use a different finish and color, the possibilities for style are truly endless with this beaded, semi-bouncy, functional DIY back yard swing.

This DIY Tree Swing for families is also great because it requires minimal tools and supplies, you’ll only need a nylon braided rope, a drill and drill bits, sandpaper, a few other tools, and of course a sturdy, stable tree to hang it from.

The metal rings needed to build this are also relatively cheap, along with the beads, making this a budget-friendly DIY back yard swing. So, click below for more details on how to get started!

DIY Details: momtastic

Spider Net Swing

The best thing about spiderweb swings is that they are incredibly sturdy, most have a capacity of 400 pounds, and they can hold up to 4 kids at a time.

No more kids fighting over the single-seater swing!

You can buy the WebRiderz spider net swing at Amazon or Home Depot.

For detailed instructions on how to hang the Spider swing from a tree check out these detailed instructions.

Flying Saucer Swing

Flying Saucer swings are pretty much the same as Spider Web Swings except they usually have solid fabric bases as opposed the te web style surfaces of the Spider web swings.

They have all the same features (weight limit and kid capacity etc).

A “Military Style” DIY Chair Swing

A "Military Style" DIY Chair Swing

This ‘military-style’ DIY Chair Swing is a really spectacular addition to any back yard, or home – as well as if you have lots of acres or even woods out back.

It’s a great, sturdy design as well as a budget-friendly DIY project. It’s also desirable because it safely flexes, bends, and will shift and give enjoyable swings based on different heights and weight, making this a must-have for any DIY Garden Swing fanatics!

Best of all, it’s an incredibly unique build using Para-cord to weave a certain level of indestructible stability and comfort that’s sure to last decades to come!

Check out the link below to learn how to start this DIY swing today, by Instructables.

DIY Details: instructables

The Perfectly Colorful DIY “Swing For Two”

The Perfectly Colorful DIY "Swing For Two"

This is a very cool DIY back yard swing set and an excellent way to let your kids and their friends use pencils, highlighters, and markers to add their personal touch – and show it off!

For anyone looking for an easy to build, understand, and use DIY Tree Swing this is definitely an excellent choice and will require gathering a pressure-treated wooden board, nylon rope or chains, or if you’d like an exact match of the design above then hollow-core braided polypropylene rope!

Using a couple of deck screws, a sanding block, drill, wood glue, and of course colorful pens, paints, and pencils mean this DIY back yard swing easy to make in just six simple steps, so check out the link for Built By Kids below!

DIY Details: Built By Kids

Do you have a treehouse in your backyard? Why not add a Tree Swing? The 2 go together like peanut butter and jelly.

A Colorful ‘Budget-Friendly’ DIY Swing

A Colorful 'Budget-Friendly' DIY Swing

This DIY Colorful Swing is an awesome way to brighten your back yard, compliment your garden, and make an attractive play toy for kids that they’ll absolutely love!

Putting this back yard swing together is pretty easy, and you and your children can make your own fun, personalized colorful patterns with simply different colored fabrics, a wooden chip plank, and of course some sturdy rope – or chains – to keep it stabilized and provide endless swinging adventures!

This is an enjoyable way for kids to have fun, is an easy to see swing so you can keep an eye on them when playing, and simple to make if you want more than just one- but make sure you find sturdy enough branches to hang them from!

DIY Details: sausagejar

The DIY ‘Plastic Box Swing’ for Kids

The DIY 'Plastic Box Swing' for Kids

How many times have you caught your little ones playing in your plastic totes, cardboard boxes, or simply “playing car” in one while they slide around your kitchen floors? Well, now you can give them that same experience and more – with this awesome DIY ‘Plastic Box Swing’ design!

Putting this swing together is super easy, just make sure you use a new, durable plastic box – or a recycled fruit crate – and give your kids endless hours of fun! Kids love sitting on this, swinging, and playing inside with their toys!

Don’t forget to add a little cushion for their bottoms by throwing in a nice comfy’ pillow to top off this creation!

DIY Details: playtivities

Toddler-Safe Swing

For very small children or babies, this wooden tree swing with a protective front and back bar would be the perfect addition to a young family’s home. It’s dainty, and adorable – just like your little one.

The DIY Tractor Tire Swing

The DIY Tractor Tire Swing

This BIG Tractor Tire Swing is awesome for multiple kids to play on at the same time, and hanging up more than one means you can have fun swinging on them too!

Combining a rustic, earthy, and environmentally-friendly look, you’re sure to spark your kid’s interest and respect – and getting your hands on a few huge recycled tractor tires shouldn’t be impossible!

All you’ll need are a couple of strong metal chains, a couple of bolts, and an old tree with the necessary measurements and girth to hold the weight – and you’re ready to go!

You can even add to the fun by using different sized tractor tires. Check out how to set yours up today by clicking the Stone Cottage Adventures link below!

DIY Details: stonecottageadventures

A Simple Yet Effective Tree Swing

A Simple Yet Effective Tree Swing

Setting up a good old’ fashion tree swing in your back yard can actually be an awesome solution to providing endless hours of fun, and remaining budget friendly thanks to it being a simple, cost-effective DIY design.

This tree swing is simple, neat, and effective for providing a safe, exciting way for your kids to have fun in your back yard. Just measure up your tree, inspect the branches, and gather a few of the following necessary tools and supplies: a saw, a few pieces of (dry, durable) wood, a drill machine if possible to make the job easier, some sturdy (new) rope, and sandpaper to beautify the final results!

This is a relatively easy DIY back yard tree-swing, and favorite among those both new and experienced to fun backyard projects.

DIY Details: themerrythought

Tree Swings Ideas For Relaxing

The Redesigned DIY Pallet Swing

The Redesigned DIY Pallet Swing

This is a really cool modified design of other DIY wooden pallet swings, is comfortable, and also lots of fun to use!

Even better, this entire swing can be made from mostly recycled wooden pallets. After throwing on the chains and double-checking that it’s secure, you and your loved ones can swing away into the sunset and make memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

Click the link below to learn how to get started, and why this Home Talk DIY wooden pallet swing is so popular!

DIY Details: hometalk

The Ultimate DIY Pallet ‘Bed Swing’

The Ultimate DIY Pallet 'Bed Swing'

The DIY Pallet Bed Swing is a relatively basic design, and will only involve either picking up an unwanted or recycled wooden pallet – or simply using ones you have already lying around your home!

Being able to combine swinging and sleep in the same place will give you the enjoyment of being ‘rocked to sleep’ and best of all this entire project should cost no more than $20 in supplies to build!

To get started, invest in a measuring tape, sturdy, recycled wooden pallets, extra lumber, screws, rope, mattress, cushions, and a vinyl zippered mattress cover to keep it weatherproof when not in use!

DIY Details: themerrythought

DIY Headboard Lounge Swing

A DIY Headboard Lounge Swing

If you’ve got an old headboard lying around, or simply choose to pick one up at the local thrift store, then this is an excellent DIY back yard swing that will really add to personality, fun, and provide a peaceful experience the next time you go out back to relax.

The DIY Headboard Porch Swing won’t be too difficult to make, and using recycled wood for the arms is a cinch’! A hammer, nails, and a little extra plywood for support as needed should do the trick – and you can top it off by throwing some comfy’ blankets and pillows on top so you can relax anytime out back and get the rest you and your loved ones deserve. See below for details.

A hammer, nails, and a little extra plywood for support as needed should do the trick – and you can top it off by throwing some comfy’ blankets and pillows on top so you can relax anytime out back and get the rest you and your loved ones deserve. See below for details.

DIY Details: theownerbuildernetwork

Classic Porch Swing Hung From a Tree Limb

porch swing on a tree limb

Porch swings are a beloved piece of the past… but, what if you don’t have a porch? Megan at Hunker.com instructs how to stylishly hang a porch swing on the limb of a tree! See how to do it.

First Kisses, lemonade and Grandma rocking and watching while the kids play in the front yard sprinklers. That’s what I think of when I think of a porch swing.

But what do you do if you don’t have a porch? Simple, just hang it from a big ‘ol tree branch. It looks great in the backyard and you get the shade from the tree to keep you cool on those long summer days.

Traditional Hammock

relaxing hammock swing near the beach

Let’s not forget the traditional hammock. This iconic swing is pretty much the poster child for relaxing. While it may take some getting used to before you get comfy, once you are settled in it is hard to beat them for kicking back and reading a paperback or just taking a nap.

If you have trees in your backyard they are incredibly easy to set up.

Wooden Swing Chairs

Do you have some old chairs piled in the garage collecting dust, waiting for that day when you get time to fix them?

Well, let face it, if you are as busy as me that day may never come. So, why not put them to a noble use and convert them to Swing Chair.

The great thing is, if the legs are a bit wobbly it really doesn’t matter since they will be suspended in the air.

Caged Lounging Hammock

relaxing caged hammock

Caged Lounging Hammocks are a great centerpiece of any backyard or patio. They look great and are a great choice for a romantic backyard wine tasting or a family backyard movie night. Kids love using them in their fantasy playtime – they make great space ships.

Just keep in mind, you will need something very sturdy to hang them from, either a well built gazebo or a nice big tree. Once you get Mom and Dad and a couple kids on one of these the load can get pretty heavy.

Rustic Wooden Chair with Wooden Beam

rustic wooden chair with wooden beam

If you enjoy a rustic, country-side look, this wooden chair tree swing with a wooden beam may be the way to go. Not only does this swing give off a rural vibe, but it also blends in perfectly with the nature surrounding it as to not take away from the natural beauty in your yard.

Swing Made of Trees

swing made of trees

Last but not least we have this (quite literal) “tree swing”. This backyard swing is made entirely out of rugged tree stumps and smoothed wood (aside from the metal bolts and chains). The obvious uniqueness of this swing is why we’ve included it on our list. How couldn’t we?

Stylish Nature Hanging Chairs

Stylish Nature Hanging Chairs

Whether it’s quiet time, nap-time, or your kids and you want to tell spooky stories to each other and their friends, these outdoor hanging chairs are an absolute must!

They can be hung from most trees, and are great for campfires and storytelling.

As you can see from our list above of DIY Garden Swings, the possibilities are endless. Even better, many of these designs can also be enjoyed by adults – or modified to do so.

Each of these DIY Garden Swings are made from simple designs, and most don’t require too technical or advanced experience and knowledge, supplies, or tools to get started!

Best of all, families love these DIY Outdoor Swing designs because they come in various styles, colors, sizes, and more! So you see, you don’t have to spend lot’s of money to have fun or create your own outdoor swings, and in most cases, they can be made from everyday household items.

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