10 Awesome Fathers Create Incredible Labors of Love for Their Kids

We all know the saying that “necessity is the mother of invention…” and we’ve featured many awesome designs by moms here on Inhabitots. But with Father’s Day on the horizon we’ve rounded-up ten seriously impressive designs by dads who have created amazing things for their little chips off the ol’ block. Read on to see why we think these pops are tops.

1. Dreamy Two-Story Treehouse

This treehouse built by dad of two, Bjon Pankratz is nothing short of spectacular! A towering two-stories high, natural light floods the lofty abode during the day, and built-in lights give it the perfect nighttime glow for evening play.

2. Magic Wheelchair Costumes

Dad Ryan Weimer has a son who is confined to a wheelchair. When Halloween time came along, he wanted to make him an epic costume that incorporated his wheelchair into the design. His creation was so wildly popular, that Weimer started the non-profit Magic Wheelchair to design and create awe-inspiring Halloween costumes for kids in wheelchairs.

3. Cheerful Eye Patches

Dad Geof elevates a simple eye patch to an art form as he fashions daily masterpieces on his daughter Layla’s eye patch. Featuring pop culture references like Dory (above) or a drawing which incorporates the day’s activity (a cookie topped with a chocolate kiss on baking day), this duo is having a ton of fun bonding over designs during Layla’s treatment for vision development.

4. Calvin & Hobbes Tree Fort Bed

Beloved cartoon characters Calvin & Hobbes are sleeping soundly while perched in a tree in this cheery bedroom complete with a tree fort bed and a slide exit that one dad made for his son. What a beautiful way to greet each new day.

5. Humane Spider Catcher

Scared of spiders? So is inventive dad Tony Allen’s arachnophobic son. That’s why Tony created a humane catch and release spider trap so his kiddo (and countless others now) can clutch up spiders found in the house and move them to greener pastures outdoors. See My Critter Catcher in action here.

6. Enchanting Treehouse Reading Nook

What kid or adult doesn’t want a reading nook to call their own? One dad built the absolutely enchanting fairy treehouse reading nook for his daughter and we couldn’t be more envious. Click here to see additional pictures of the space.

7. Star Wars Character Helmets

When he learned his infant son had to wear a helmet while treating craniosynostosis, dad Jonathan Moxey had a stellar idea: create four Star Wars themed helmets that turn the little boy into an intergalactic hero! The R2-D2, Luke Skywalker, Biggs Darklighter and Jek Porkins helmets can be worn to suit little Jack’s moods and/or to coordinate with his outfits.

8. Storytime Rocking Chair

This super clever Storytime Rocking Chair was designed by a dad of three who didn’t have a big enough lap for all of his kids to perch on during bedtime story. Hal Taylor, a craftsman, makes these heirloom quality chairs by hand and hopes they’ll bring your whole brood together in comfort.

10. Wheelchair Accessible Swing

One super dad, Tez Gemir, made this Star Wars speeder bike rocker for his little Leia for her first birthday. Try your hand at making this speeder yourself using his tutorial on Instructables.

Ryan Nelson, a U.S. Army helicopter pilot and dad from Alabama designed and built the wheelchair accessible swing shown above for his daughter Mary who has spinal muscular atrophy. Upon completion of the swing he offered the inspiring words, “The only thing Mary is limited by is our imagination.”


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