20 Awesome Giant Yard Games You Can Buy or DIY

giant outdoor games
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All the kids I know love to play giant outdoor games.  Maybe it’s because there is something fascinating about holding huge pieces of your favorite board game or maybe it’s because little hands find it easier to handle the larger pieces.

Add to that, the fact that you can play the giant game in the backyard, make as much noise as you like and it doesn’t matter if you make a mess.

Everyone is a winner!

Games were designed to help you to kick back and unwind, so playing these giant games in the fresh air of your backyard is the recipe for maximum fun.

Another good feature is that most kids already know the rules of the games, so they can set them up and play with minimum adult supervision.

Let’s take a look at some old favorites as well as some new games on the block.  There are options to purchase these giant games or DIY instructions:

1. Giant Jenga

children playing giant jenga

If you are a Jenga lover, just wait until you try Giant Jenga! When those huge blocks come crashing down the rush is 10x greater.

If you aren’t familiar with Jenga, it is a super-fun game that requires both dexterity and mental skills. Take turns to remove a block from the tower (only using one hand) and then carefully balance it on top of the pile.

As the tower grows, it becomes more and more unstable (and more exciting). The loser is the person who causes the tower to come toppling down.

Do keep in mind that Giant Jenga is not suitable for kids below 5 years of age and even older kids should be supervised. These sets are made from blocks of solid wood that can do real damage if they hit you in the wrong place.


Giant Jega started as a strictly DIY game but became so popular that toymakers started making their own premade versions.

Here are 4 of the best Giant Jenga games you can buy on Amazon.com. They range in price and age appropriateness. There should be something here that suits everyone.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:


Jenga is probably the easiest and cheapest of all the Giant games on this list to make yourself. All it really takes are some 2x4s and a saw.

If you want to get fancy (and safe) you should probably spend some time sanding off the rough corners and painting your homemade Jenga blocks as splinters will definitely take away from the fun!

If you don’t have an electric saw, then get the guys at your local lumber store to cut the blocks for you.

Here are 2 great tutorials on how to make a giant Jenga:

  • www.abeautifulmess.com – Down and Dirty Do-It-Yourself Jenga you can make in no time.
  • www.theidearoom.net – For the true DIYer. This one will require time, tools and a bit of carpentry knowledge as it includes a storage box. But the finished result is amazing. (see image below)

2. Giant KerPlunk

giant kerplunk picture from below

KerPlunk is another classic old game from my childhood. It requires skill and patience to remove sticks from the tube without letting any balls drop.

Balls that drop during a turn are collected in the offending player’s counting area, and the game is over when all 50 of the balls have dropped. The player with the least amount of balls is the winner.

This is another awesome game that is 10x more fun in giant mode. 10x bigger balls and 10 times higher falls… of course kids will love it!


The only truly ‘Giant” KerPlunk game I could find available for purchase is the Giant KerPlunk (or Cannonball drop) from BigGameHunters.

The game stands 47 inches tall (120cm) and is made from durable plastic. It is simple to set up and easy to store. It’s available from Amazon although It is a bit expensive.

This game will add color and fun to your collection of backyard games.


So, we didn’t give you many choices for a Giant KerPlunk to buy, but luckily the internet is littered with great tutorials on how to make your own Epicly huge DIY KerPlunk Game.

The equipment to make this game is readily available at any DIY store. You need to make a wooden stand and then create the net with cylindrical chicken wire.

Thin wooden dowels are fed through the holes and then loaded up with plastic ball pit balls, which you can buy on Amazon.

Here are some simple instructions and diagrams for making your own KerPlunk:

This project by Alittlecraftinyourday.com is about the most stripped-down version you can build. If you just want a quick cheap Giant KerPlunk game, check out this tutorial.

Thisoldhouse.com has a slightly fancier version. This one will be an all-day project but the finished product looks great as you can see below. There is also a pretty slick How-To video included in this DIY post.

3. Giant Connect 4

kids enjoying giant connect 4 game

In this classic strategy game players take turns dropping one checker into the grid at a time. The player that gets four of their color checkers in a row is the winner. Checkers may only be placed vertically, horizontally or diagonally.


There are some very cool Giant Connect 4 games available to buy. The ones I list below are very reasonably priced so honestly, in this case, it may be a better choice to just buy one instead of building it.

But don’t worry – I still list a homemade version below for you hardcore DIYers.

Here are my top 2 choices for Giant Connect 4 games on Amazon.com:

GoSports makes one of the truly giant versions of this game and it’s great for kids and adults. Although the wooden frame is lightweight, it is remarkably sturdy. It comes in a white or dark wood stain.

The game is easy to transport in a bag with enough pockets for all the accessories. The disks are robust and it’s even possible to buy replacements. You can even jazz up the game up with customized disks.

The 4-foot wide version of this unit is a bit expensive so if you’re on a budget, and you can get by with a slightly less epic version (3 feet), you can pick one up for about half the price HERE.

The ECR4Kids Jumbo 4-to-Score Giant Game Set is made of hard, lightweight plastic and is much more durable than the GoSport model.

It weighs 27.5 lbs and is easy to assemble and clean. This is a great choice for kids as it is has rounded plastic edges for improved safety.

This unit has over 800 reviews on Amazon.com and most of them are 5 stars. This really is the Cadillac of Giant Connect 4 Games!


As promised, here’s a set of plans you can use to make your own Giant Connect 4 Game from Jennifer Largesse of BuildBasic.com. For some weird reason, Jennifer only posted about half the plans on her own site, but I found the complete tutorial over at Home Depot’s Blog…

Be warned that this build will take quite an arsenal of tools and carpentry skills to accomplish. It will also cost about $60 in materials.

Making the large holes is the most challenging bit, so make sure you have the correct tools and your family will be enjoying your handiwork for years to come. Enjoy!

4. Giant Chess

giant chess at the backyard

Chess is a game of warfare and requires a sharp brain to plan strategic moves. Over the centuries, the style may have changed, but not the essence.

Giant Chess is probably one of the first games to get the Giant treatment. As a matter of fact, according to Tradgames…

In the middle ages, Chess was sometimes played by monarchs with living chessmen in a court paved to represent a chessboard.


Luckily, these days, Giant Chess is not the exclusive right of Kings and the insanely wealthy anymore, pretty much anyone with a big enough backyard can set up a Giant Chess board.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can join the Giant Chess revolution.


There are some great Giant Chess sets available for sale, I’ve seen custom made, hand-carved sets going for tens of thousands of dollars. But Im going to assume that my readers are not all Playboy Billionaires – so we’ll stick to the sets that you can buy on Amazon.com.

Note that most of these sets do not come with any sort of board to play on. Usually, when people buy giant chess pieces they already have some sort of board built into the terrain in their backyard. (we cover that below)

Here are my favorite Giant Chess Pieces for sale on Amazon.com.

MegaChess Giant Premium Chess Pieces (4 Foot King)

These ‘James Bond’ style giant chess pieces by MegaChess are VERY cool! The King is over 4 feet tall. These pieces are also insanely expensive.

Honestly, although these pieces are truly epic, they are not very practical to play with unless you have an army of minions standing at the ready to move the mammoth pieces for you.

MegaChess Giant Premium Chess Pieces (2 Foot King)

The MegaChess 2 foot tall Chess Pieces are a bit more reasonably priced and much more practical to play with.

MegaChess Large Premium Chess Set (1 Foot King)

The cheapest and smallest of the MegaChess pieces also comes with a vinyl playing matt. Unlike the larger versions above, this one is easily transportable so you can take it to the park or beach.

EasyGo Giant 3′ X 4′ Mat Chess Game (6 Inch Tall King)

The EasyGo is not exactly what I would call “GIANT” but it’s probably big enough to impress young kids. And it is super cheap!


If you want to make your own DIY Giant Chess Game there are 2 parts you need to consider, the pieces and the board.

DIY Chess Pieces

Making DIY Chess pieces is an enormous amount of work. It is not so just that they’re hard to make (they are) – but the fact that you will need to make 32 of them!

But if you have the time and know-how it would be incredibly fulfilling to play with a set of your own creation.

Here is one of my favorite DIY Chess piece tutorials from Dunn Lumber:

The pieces are crafted mainly from 4x4s so it is pretty cheap to make. You will need some pretty advanced woodworking skills to pull this one off though.

If you’re not into woodworking you can try something simpler, like this Discount Store Giant Chess Set from Pickmeyard.com. They just searched all the local dollar stores and pieced together this mish-mash of a set.

You could probably make this type of set even cheaper by hitting up flea markets and thrift stores.

If you don’t’ mind spending a bit more money, you could put together something like this Garden Gnome, rabbit vs frog set.

Imagine having this guy as your King…

DIY Chess Board

Ok, so now let’s talk about the chessboard.

There are so many ways to incorporate a chessboard into your backyard or patio. The methods range from just plonking down some cheap pavers as they did in the Gnome board pictured above to creating a beautiful Chess courtyard like this…

Peaceful courtyard with giant chessboard

Or an oceanside chessboard like this one…

Seaside Giant Chess game

If you would like to build a simple backyard chessboard, I would recommend something like this simple elegant lawn chessboard…

The addition of the cement benches is a great idea.

Chess matches can go on for hours so I would add some holes in the benches to hold garden umbrellas for those really hot summer days,

If you want to make a lawn chessboard like the one in the picture above you should check out THIS TUTORIAL over at DIY Diynetwork.com. It will walk you thru all the steps necessary to create your own Giant Backyard Chess Board.

5. Giant Checkers

giant checkers on the lawn

Checkers (or draughts) is also a game that has been played through the ages. Its timeless appeal is because it is fun and uncomplicated. This is a great game for young kids as the rules are very easy to comprehend.

In the original version black moves first, only the black squares are used and pieces are moved diagonally. Unlike chess, the opponent’s pieces can be jumped over or stacked.


There are no shortage of Giant Checker sets you can buy online with prices range from reasonable to absurd. Here are my 2 favorites:

Zooma Sports makes one of the cheapest set available on Amazon. It’s easy to transport and store and, according to the reviews, is a quality product.

However, even though it is roughly 3 times bigger than a normal checkers set, it definitely lacks the WOW factor of a larger set. To get that you will need to move up to the 10×10 set listed below.

Having a playing matt is very convenient, you can take your set to the beach, park or camping. But I can definitely see some problems developing if you use it often. Even the highest quality materials will eventually rip if not treated properly.

If you buy this set I would police the playing area for stray rocks before laying down the matt and implement a strict NO SHOES policy for the players.

There are cheaper 10×10 sets available – but they are not very well-reviewed. It would appear that if you want a quality GIANT set you need to pay the price… Or you can make your own…


If paying more than $200 for 24 plastic discs seems a bit exorbitant to you – you can always make your own Giant Chess set.

Here is a really simple Giant Checkers project where the playing pieces are made from 10-gallon paint bucket lids.

The playing board is made from a painted astroturf rug. Or if you want a classier playing board you can make one of the DIY Lawn Chessboards mentioned previously.

The whole family can be involved in the production of this giant game and that will make the playing of it even more special.


>>DIY Giant Checkers<<

6. Giant Snakes and Ladders

family playing giant snakes and ladders

If your kids enjoy playing the regular-sized Snakes & Ladders they will go crazy over the Jumbo version. The bigger the playing field the better!


There are not a lot of options if you want to buy a Giant Snakes and Ladders game. This version is the largest and gets the best reviews. It is the same one pictured above.


If you’re looking for DIY tutorials on how to make a Giant Snakes and Ladders Game you’re gonna be a bit disappointed by what you find online.

This tutorial by Thecraftables.com is pretty comprehensive, but the finished product is not very attractive as you can see below. You can always get your kids to help you improve upon the design.

Here is a great DIY snakes & ladders idea that would be perfect for parties. Using some large sheets of cardboard, you can make the ladders and cut out snake shapes. Paint and decorate as you please.

Arrange in a board shape on the lawn and throw in a jumbo inflatable die. Game on!


And here is the coolest Giant snakes and ladders of them all! If you have a large unused space in your backyard, and some masonry skills you could build this and your kids would love you forever!

7. Giant Yard Yahtzee (a.k.a Yardzee)

giant yard dice game

The aim of the game is to roll five dice and get the highest score after thirteen rounds. Specific combinations are worth even more points. If you roll five of a kind, you get to yell “Yahtzee!”

This is one of those games that kids (at least mine) have absolutely no interest in when in the regular puny form, but as soon as you super-size it – they go nuts and can play for hours.

Once you have a set of giant dice there are about 50 other games you can play with them so these are really a great investment.


There’s not much to a Giant Yard Yahtzee Game, 5 dice, a scorecard and a bucket to roll the dice from. Here are my top picks if you want to buy one.

This classic version of the game is beautifully crafted and finished to a high standard. It would not look out of place at a wedding or any other formal occasion. The dice are easy and safe to handle and the laminated scorecard can be used over and over.

I really like the look of the wooden bucket – but for around $20 bucks less you can get the same set with a plastic bucket instead. If kids are involved the plastic bucket may actually be a better choice as it’s lighter and easier for kids to handle.

>>Check Out the Plastic Set<<

Another option is to buy ONLY the dice. You’ll have to print up your own Yahtzee scorecards and find some sort of rolling bucket, but if you’re on a budget that’s a small price to pay.

Something like this will do…

Just one thing to note – these dice comes unfinished so if you plan on playing outside you REALLY should slap some clearcoat on them before you play.


If you want to save yourself some money you can always make your own set of Yahtzee dice. What could be simpler than making five dice out of 4x4s? Here are 2 DIY tutorials to show you how:

The first one from Mumtastic uses a wood-burning tool to make the dots and the finished product looks pretty slick…

The second tutorial from thepinningmama.com is pretty similar but uses paint for the dice and dots. The finished dice are not as slick looking but the bright, colorful dice will be kid pleasers, and really – how many of us have a wood burner laying around?

8. Giant Pick-Up Sticks

children playing giant pickup sticks in the backyard

Another classic game from my childhood given the Giant treatment for a new generation of kids.

Pick-Up sticks is simple and fun to play and is an excellent way to develope co-ordination and patience in kids (and adults).

Sticks have been crafted out of many different materials over the years, but the classic game has sticks made out of wood.

The sticks are usually painted in different colors to represent different values. You need at least two players and a level space to play.


These large sticks, although strong and resistant, are smooth and easy to manipulate. They are ideal for tiny fingers or even elderly hands that can still make their moves.


You won’t save much money with the DIY version – but they will be bigger and your kids can paint them in their favorite colors. Here’s a simple little tutorial that demonstrates how to build your own set of Giant Pick Up Sticks.

9. Giant Lawn Bowling

giant bowling ball and pin

Many companies organize team-building events at the bowling alley because it is a sociable way to ignite some friendly competition. By the same token, a giant inflatable version in your backyard will have your kids exercising their hand-eye coordination in a fun and competitive way.

And what kid doesn’t love knocking stuff over?


I was actually a bit surprised by the sheer number of Giant Bowling sets available for sale online. Unfortunately, they all seemed pretty similar in design and price but the Giggle n Go set had the best reviews and least amount of complaints about balls and pins popping.

Giggle n Go has produced perfectly balanced sand-weighted pins.  They’re made of PVC, which is light but robust. The pack includes an inflatable bowling ball as well as a repair patch and a hand pump.


Home Depot has a tutorial over on their blog about how to make DIY bowling pins out of PVC pipe.

While the 2 inch PVC used in their tutorial may qualify as “Large” I’m not sure I would call it “GIANT”. So, why not just follow their tutorial but instead of using 2 inch PVC, use 6 inch. Now we’re talking Giant.

Add a 6-foot tall inflatable ball and you’re in for hours of backyard fun!

10. Giant Ring Toss

giant ring toss at the pool

A water park I took my kids to a couple of years back had something similar to this Giant Ring Toss game and the kids had so much fun making crazy dives off the side of the pool and trying to hand-deliver the rings.

After a while, they forgot all about trying to score and it turned into a contest of who could have the most epic crash into the inflatable center and make the most noise while doing it.

This game pretty much guarantees a good time!


This inflatable version of the classic children’s’ game will give your kids hours of fun both in the pool and on land. The price includes a target buoy and five giant, numbered tossing rings. It can also be used for flotation fun.


If you want to make a more classic backyard version check out this super-simple tutorial from Trissutton.com that teaches you how to make a DIY Giant Ring Toss game out of pool noodles.

If that looks like too much work you can always buy a set of cheap Hula Hoops and just pound 2 fence posts into your lawn.

If you want to get really crazy, get these glow in the dark hoops and play into the wee hours of the night.

11. Giant Tic Tac Toe Game

giant tic tac toe on the grass

Tic Tac Toe (also known as Noughts and Crosses) is one of the first actual games that kids learn to play. Its simplicity means that the frame can be scribbled on a piece of paper, chalked onto a pavement or played on a giant frame in your backyard.

You can play Giant Tic Tac Toe 2 in 2 different ways. The standard way where Xs and Os are simply placed in the squares or if you want to add a whole new element of skill to the game, the pieces can be tossed from a distance.

This adds an entirely new dimension to the game that kids love.


If you want to incorporate the “Tossing” element into the game you will need a set like the one below by Splinter Woodworking where the Xs and Os are weighted for tossing.

If you aren’t interested in tossing your Xs and Os you can also get this cheaper foam version that has colorful interlocking squares. It may prove to be a bit flimsy though.


Here’s a simple way to make an outdoor Tic Tac Toe game out of rope and precut wooden X’s and O’s that you can get from a craft store like Michaels. This would definitely work for Tossing Tic Tac Toe.

This tutorial from Seekingalexi.com is the same idea as the one above but it ‘s a bit more finished looking.

If you can’t find precut letters you can try making something like this tutorial from ehow.com in which you cut the X’s & O’s out of carpet or astroturf. Or you could take a look at this tutorial where they substitute the X’s and O’s for Cornhole beanbags.

If your kids are a bit older (and more coordinated) another great option is to make a Giant Frisbee Tic Tac Toe game. If you need a tutorial you can find one HERE.

Frisbee tic tac toe

If I were going to make a Frisbee Tic Tac Toe I would use the rope method instead of a canvas grid. That way I could make the squares bigger and throw the Frisbees from further away.

And all you really need would be 4 10-12 foot lengths of rope, some spikes to keep the rope taught and 9 cheap Frisbees (2 colors)

12. Giant Lawn Dominoes

giant black dominoes

This ancient logic game is instantly recognizable by the distinctive black or white tiles and contrasting dots. The fun that can be had with a giant set of Dominoes is beyond belief. You can plan and use strategies or just line them up and then watch them topple.


Giant domino sets can be bought in a range of colors and materials at Amazon.com. Here are 3 different styles, they are all great quality and cost roughly the same so the choice really comes down to your individual taste.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

All 3 of these sets are 7 inches tall, which is much bigger than a normal domino but not exactly “Giant”. If you want epically large dominoes you will need to make them yourself.

Luckily there are some pretty good tutorials to show you how.


This DIY tutorial from Ironandtwine.com demonstrates how to make a beautiful set of Giant Dominoes from 2×6 wood stock. It’s a bit of work but the final product will be something you’re proud of and will make playing even more fun.

And at a full 12 inches in length, they come much closer to being Giant than anything you can buy on Amazon.com

If the painted dominoes don’t do it for you then check out this tutorial over at Jenwoodhouse.com. The Dominoes look great but they have a burnt wood look and beveled edges. They are also an inch shorter than the version above.

13. Giant Croquet

kids playing giant croquet outdoors

This Giant Kick Croquet Game is a new way to play the outdoor classic. Great fun for the whole family, you can play it in your backyard or take it to the park.

This is a fun, new take on classic croquet. No need for a mallet – you just kick the balls through the wickets towards the flags to win. Move wickets to change difficulty according to your skills.


There are several Giant Croquet sets you can buy online, unfortunately none of them seem like they are high quality. They all have a high percentage of buyers complaining about the hoops breaking after very light usage.

Th The Kovot Giant Croquet set pictured above had the best aggregate reviews on Amazon.com but it still came in with nearly 22% of buyers not being satisfied. So, if you want to play Giant Croquet you may want to consider making your own set.


These two similar DIY tutorials are simple ways to make your own Giant Croquet game. The first one from Downhomeinspiration.com uses pool noodles to form the hoops.

The other one over at Thecraftingchicks.com uses Hula Hoops…

15. Giant Outdoor Memory Matching Game

Giant DIY Memory Matching Game

Memory Matching Card Games are not only a blast to play, but they also help your child develop greater concentration, observational skills, and memory.

Depending on the types of designs printed on your cards this game can also help younger kids with concepts like numbers, colors, fruits & vegetables and animals.

This is the perfect game to Super-Size! You still get all the mental benefits mentioned above but you also add a physical element.

I should also mention that this game is not ONLY for kids. Adults have a blast playing it as well, you just need to make sure you have enough cards in play to make it challenging.


There are very few truly GIANT Memory matching card games available to buy, and most of the ones that do exist are made from standard playing card stock and may not be rugged enough for outdoor play. Kids can get pretty rambunctious when they play this and thin cards may not cut it.

The Fun Express Giant Matching Game is one of the exceptions. It is intended specifically for outdoor play and is made from coated pressboard for durability. I’m not crazy about the images on the cards, but they are pretty big (8″ x 10″).

There are also these Emoji themed cards by S&S Worldwide. They are a bit bigger than the Fun Express set but they are made from typical playing card stock so I would not recommend them for outdoor use.


One of the best things about going the DIY route with your Giant Memory Matching Cards is that you can make them in any theme you want.

If you’re building the game for a Pirate themed birthday party, make your cards with pirate hats, parrots, treasure chests, if it’s Halloween, pumpkins, black cats, witches etc…

There are printable stencils and stickers online for just about any theme you can think of.

If you do want to make your own set of Giant Memory Matching Cards I suggest you check out this DIY tutorial by Studiodiy.com. They’ve created the nicest looking Giant Matching Deck I have seen online and with a little bit of time and money, you could create something similar.

The DIY Tutorial above uses 12-inch cork squares for the cards. The good thing about cork is that it is extremely lightweight so you won’t throw your back out lugging your cards to the park. But, cork is not very durable and it’s also a bit expensive, cork cards will cost about $2.00 each.

Another option is to use 12 inch MDF fiberboard squares for the cards, this will work out much cheaper – about .55 cents per card (cheaper if you cut the squares yourself) BUT it will be very heavy.

Also, you will need to make sure you get a good coat of exterior paint on the cards as MDF is not weatherproof in its raw form.

The cheapest option is to go with something like these 10-inch disposable party plates. The per card cost drops to around .35 cents.

That particular brand is 100% biodegradable and made from sugarcane fiber. I have never used these but I would assume you can spray paint them.

Here’s one more DIY Outdoor Memory Game from Pinkwhen.com, for their cards, they printed images directly onto heavy-duty card stock then laminated them.

The cards are lightweight and waterproof, but I tend to like playing pieces with more heft in my Giant Games.

16. Giant Angry Birds

The Angry Birds craze may have died down a bit – but kids are always gonna love flinging stuff at structures and watching them topple to the ground. Even if your kids have never played the online version of this game they are guaranteed to love the real-life version.

There have been some pretty epic Giant Angry Birds games created over the years, most of them were built as promotions for the launch of new products. Like this Giant Angry Birds that made the rounds while promoting a new Angry Birds toy by K’Nex.

giant angry birds at the backyard

But the all-time coolest real-life version of Angry Birds was built by Rovio themselves (the creators of the online game). This stunt was to promote a Spanish telecom’s new service and if you love Angry Birds you MUST take 2 minutes to watch it!

If that video didn’t get you excited to play Giant Angry Birds then you must not have a pulse!


Unfortunately, a giant Angry Birds game has not yet been made available for purchase so if you want to play you will have to build your own.

Luckily, Angry Birds is one of the favorite Giant games for DIYers to recreate so there are plenty of tutorials online. I have listed the best of them below.


You will need 4 things to create your own Giant Angry Birds Game:

1. Angry Bird Projectiles

The most authentic thing to use for this part of the game would be plush Angry Birds Toys which are available on Amazon.com.

Unfortunately, these plushies are pretty expensive and rather small. And unless you’re playing on a perfectly manicured lawn they will get dirty very quickly.

I thought Angry Birds branded balls would be a great option, but it turns out there are not many available, and the ones that are available have become collectibles and are too pricy to consider.

I think the best (and cheapest) option is to buy some acrylic paint and create your own Bird projectiles using various colored Playground Balls. Luckily Angry Bird’s faces are pretty simple to draw.

These look pretty great!

You can use these printable angry bird decals as a guide for your paint scheme.

Print them out on sticky-backed card stock and just stick them right on the balls

2. A Giant Catapult

There are a lot of ways you can go here. Most people use something like this water balloon slingshot to propel their birds at the Pig’s fortress…

But in my opinion, a cool slingshot is half the fun of Angry Birds so if you have some basic carpentry skills you could create something like this instead…

Here’s another cool DIY catapult. You can find a tutorial over at Instructables.com that will show you how to make this particular model.

3. The Pigs Fortress

You could get fancy here but there’s really no need. Cardboard boxes are really the best thing to use for the Pigs fortress and you will need dozens of them, so start saving them in advance. Just spray paint them with various designs and you’re good to go.

Just remember to bring spare boxes as you will most likely demolish some during play.

This DIY version from Sheknows.com does a good job of decorating and stacking the boxes. If you could get your hands on appliance boxes you could make this even more epic.

4. The Pigs

I’ve seen people use many different things to create the pigs, coffee cans, balloons, styrofoam balls from the craft store or playground balls. They all have their pros and cons based on numerous factors.

Balloons are too light so they frequently fall off the Pig Tower before they are hit.

My personal favorite Pigs are green balloons. They are cheap and easy to find. And the best part is you can use the printable Angry Birds balloon decals I mentioned above. You can print the Pig design out on sticky-backed paper then just stick them directly to the balloons.

If you can figure out a way to rig a tiny pin on the Pig balloon so that they pop when the boxes tumble down on them, your kids will go nuts. Whoever pops the most Pig balloons wins!

17. Giant Backyard Bananagrams

Banangrams has soared in popularity in the last couple of years, bringing families and friends together around the table for hours of fun. Giant Yard Bananagrams takes the fun to a whole new level, providing entertainment and even some exercise to players.

If you aren’t familiar with the game, Bananagrams is an anagram puzzle game built for speed – think of Scrabble but with no board or complex scoring. This makes it the perfect candidate for a Giant-Size makeover!


The closest thing to a Giant Banagrams set that you can buy is the Bananagrams Jumbo set. Unfortunately, it looks like they’ve discontinued that particular set for now. So, if you want to play Giant Bananagrams you will have to go the DIY route.


Making your own DIY Bananagrams game is not hard – it’s just very labor intensive as you will need to create 144 pieces!

The post that started the Giant DIY Bananagrams craze can be found over at Constantly Love Struck. The original post did not include DIY information, but after going viral on Pinterest the author decided to add some simple DIY directions.


18. Giant Twister

Kids playing Giant Lawn Twister

This game never gets old! But you get tied up in knots while having such a giggle.


Unfortunately, the truly Giant Inflatable Twister game from Hammacher Schlemmer that inspired me to include it in my roundup has been discontinued. But you can still get this slightly less epic version on Amazon.com…

A bit expensive, but it will definitely cushion those inevitable twister dog-piles!


Making your own version of Giant Twister will cost you considerably less than the inflatable version above. All you need is a relatively well-manicured lawn and 4 cans of Rust-Oluem Marking Paint (Red, Green, Blie, Yellow).

This paint is specifically designed for marking construction sites, landscaping, and athletic fields. It can be sprayed upside down and will not damage the grass.

There’s a pretty good tutorial over at Instructables.com that will show you how to lay out your own Giant Outdoor Lawn Twister playing field.

The only other thing you’ll need is a spinner of some type. The easiest thing would be to just buy the regular-sized game and use the spinner from that. The game can be purchased pretty cheap…

If you want to go the full DIY route you can make cards like they did over at Sheknows.com.

Or, the ultra-simple version is to just make up random combinations and call them out… “Left Hand Red… Left Foot Green… Left Hand Yellow…. See how easy that was!

19. Giant Candy Land Game

Candyland was created by Eleanor Abbott in the 1940’s as a distraction for children who were battling Polio, a disease she had recently recovered from. She sold the game to Milton Bradley in 1949 and it has been a staple of game nights ever since.

The game consists of a winding, linear track of 134 spaces and revolves around a simple storyline about finding the lost king of Candy Land.

And it just happens to make one of the most epic versions of a Giant Board Game ever!

Backyard Candyland board game

I wrote a whole post on creating your own Giant Backyard Candyland Game so if you want to give it a go, or just see some cool past versions of life-sized Candyland be sure to check it out.

>>Build a Life Sized Candyland Game<<

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