These 29 Unbelievable Backyards Are Way Too Awesome For Words.

The best part about owning your own home isn’t the satisfaction you get from knowing that you can provide for yourself and your loved ones… it’s knowing that you can do whatever you want to it. If you have room in the backyard, you should seriously consider building any of the things on this list. Your inner child will thank you when you’re spending time in your custom-built pirate ship and throwing water balloons at your neighbors.

1.) A cool backyard luge: Long Island dad Jay Venini built this masterpiece for his kids.

2.) A wiffle ball stadium: Named Riley Field, this mini stadium regularly hosts games in Mumford, NY.

3.) A backyard roller coaster: Grandpa John Ivers built the “Blue Flash” for his grandkids. He is the king grandpa.

4.) An ice hockey rink: You might want to own a zamboni for this one.

5.) An incredible water slide for thrill seekers: It’s also incredibly dangerous. But still cool.

6.) A treehouse that tops most houses: The house Steve and Jeri Wakefield built for their grandsons has a zipline, climbing wall and slide. So jealous.

7.) A treehouse inspired by Dr. Seuss: Seuss was a dangerous architect, so you might have to tone down his houses a little.

8.) A personal Hobbit house: Architect Peter Archer built this for a big J.R.R. Tolkein fan. Totally worth it.

9.) A miniature pirate ship: Red Beard’s revenge goes for $52,000. (Which could probably buy a real, small boat.)

10.) An adorable windmill playhouse: This one only costs $38,000.

11.) A sprawling model of Paris, France: This was built using recycled materials Gerard Brion found.

12.) An above-ground, see through pool: This pool by Andres Remy Architects will show you how awkward your swimming really looks.

13.) An in-ground trampoline: This takes trampolining to a whole new level.

14.) An intimate fairy tale castle: It took Heinz and Hildegard Schonewolf of Dudweiler, Germany 37 years to build this. Good luck building your own.

15.) An inflatable movie screen: Pool parties just got a lot more awesome.

16.) An oversized hammock: This is for serious relaxation.

17.) A bike/skate park: Pro BMX rider Mike Spinner built this 11,000 square foot park behind his house.

18.) A water slide: Walking down to the pool is SO boring.

19.) An old west town: Dentist Jimmy Helms spent 14 years building this awesome western town.

20.) A stage: Your kids’ plays will seem WAY more legit on this thing.

21.) An epic an adventurous swing set: This swing at the edge of a cliff in Baños, Ecuador is one of a kind… and terrifying.

22.) A spaceship: Awesome dad Jon Howell built this spaceship for his son. It makes me jealous.

23.) A sandy beach entry to a pool: Pretending you’re on vacation in the tropics just got a lot easier.

24.) Harry Potter tree houses: J.K. Rowling built these for her children. They are amazing.

25.) A special reading nook: Not only is it a playhouse, but it also encourages reading.

26.) An oversized checkers set: Board games can be a physical activity, too.

27.) A working train: Only the luckiest of kids have nonsense like this.

28.) A lazy river: Getting anything done is impossible at this house.

29.) A giant pool table: Retired fighter Steve Wienecke built this oversized pool table in his backyard. His life is awesome.

Growing up without a custom tree house, mini hockey rink or lazy river doesn’t mean you can’t have those things as an adult. You don’t need to be a kid to enjoy any of these awesome ideas. These are too awesome not to be shared – click on the button below!

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