14 Amazing DIY Outdoor Pallet Projects

Wooden Pallets come in all shapes and sizes, and often are either cheap, or simply free because they’ve been recycled from other projects or purposes around your home.

There are lots of DIY Outdoor Projects using Wooden Pallets, and below we’ve compiled a list of 14 that are both fun, and colorful additions to your outdoor garden, or back yard arrangements. So read on to learn how to get started!

DIY Wooden Pallet Bed Swing

Creating this DIY Wooden Pallet Bed Swing is pretty simple, just using a hammer and nails – and some nice, durable, strong ropes.

Naturally, this is also a great way to make an environmentally friendly swing, since you’re putting that wooden pallet to use, as opposed to just tossing it in the trash.

This Pallet Bed Swing is absolutely perfect for bonding with your loved ones, or simply spending a little time in solace the next time you go outdoors.

DIY Bed Swing from Restless Arrow

Neutral Coastal Pallet Flag

This Neutral Coastal Pallet Flag is an awesome DIY Wooden Pallet Project that can be done using simple cut-outs of star shapes either with wood, or artificial starfish from the local arts and crafts store.

This is a very classy way to add ‘spice’ to your outdoor garden, and will really add ambience to your back yard garden.

Neutral Coastal Pallet Flag from Elizabeth Joan Designs

 Backyard Pallet Sand Table

This DIY Backyard Bike Rack is easy to make, will help save space, and also be a great activity for you to do with your kids by using markers or spray paint to add different shapes, colors, or labels so they know where to ‘park’ their bikes!

DIY Outdoor Pallet Bar

This DIY Outdoor Pallet Bar is the perfect, relaxing, and creative activity to do on a warm breezy day and will add both personality and charm to your outdoor garden.

You can use paint to add your own personalized touch, and rest planters on top, as well as have a cup of tea or eat your next meal outside by simply adding a few chairs.

DIY Outdoor Pallet Bar from Restless Arrow

 Wooden Pallet Work Bench

The DIY Wooden Pallet Work Bench is easy to make, using a hammer and nails – and a few screw on wheels if you’d like to make it mobile or easy to move around.

There are lots of uses for this DIY Work Bench, and it can even be used to rest your planters on, candles, or other small decorations to beautify your garden.

How to Make a Work Bench Out of Pallets from Little House of Four

Pallet Garden for Outdoor Space

This Pallet Garden for Small Spaces is an excellent use of free space, is easy to create, and is also a very relaxing activity to do either alone or with your loved ones.

Using recycled jars or plastic containers, you can hang each of your planters across the wooden pallet, and use simple clothing pins to label each planter so you know which is which as you watch them grow!

How to Make a Pallet Garden for Small Spaces from Dwelling in Happiness

A Beautiful Outdoor Wooden Pallet Walkway

Whether you have just an outdoor back yard, pond, patio, or even creek, creating this pallet walkway is easy to do, and is sure to add personality and make your peaceful space that much more navigable.

This is also a fantastic way to add either adventures for your children, or something more romantic for you and your loved one to adventure across at night.

For extra appeal, consider adding solar-powered lights along the pathway and enjoy the scenery the next time you’re outdoors for a campfire or late night stroll.

Wooden Pallet Walkway from Funky Junk Interiors

Wooden Pallet Gardening Table

If you’re frequently outside gardening, or would like to start, then the DIY Pallet Gardening Table is an excellent addition to your back yard.

All you’ll need is two wooden pallets, industrial or heavy duty hooks and a few pairs of reliable chains, and you’re set! You can also add extra hooks so that you can hang your shovels, store your planters, pots, and other supplies with ease – all while saving space!

 DIY Pallet Gardening Table from Jenna Burger

 Free-Standing Vertical Pallet Herb Garden

This free-standing vertical wooden pallet herb garden is an awesome way to show off your gardening skills to your neighbors and friends!

Using a wooden pallet means you’ll be able to designate multiple levels for different flowers, herbs, and other plants at your leisure.

Also, with a little bit of paint and creativity you can add a personalized touch, or simply leave the wooden pallet in it’s natural form – the choice is yours!

Free Standing Pallet Herb Garden from DIY Showoff

Wooden Pallet Picket Fence

This DIY Pallet Picket Fence is the perfect, cost-effective solution to creating fencing in your back yard, whether to protect your plants, or simply section off certain areas and more effectively organize your garden.

Using spray paint or manually brushing paint onto the wooden pallets will allow you to come up with the perfect blend and colors to match your personality!

Pallet Picket Fence from Designed on Sunshine

Wooden Pallet Coffee Table

If you’re frequently outdoors and like to have your morning coffee, or tend to your garden in the mornings then you can do both with this awesome DIY Wooden Pallet Project!

This pallet coffee table is an awesome use of any wooden pallets you may have laying around, and you can paint it to add style.

you’ll need to do is simply hammer on wooden legs by either using separate pieces of wood, or cutting them off of another wooden pallet for use.

Pallet Coffee Table from Elizabeth Joan Designs

Wooden Pallet Garage Organizer

If you’ve got a lot going on in your garage, or simply want to organize your outdoor gardening tools a little better, then this DIY wooden pallet garage storage project is the ultimate solution!

It’s easy to store away your tools, shovels, picks, and even other loose wood thanks to the many holes found in your everyday wooden pallet.

Free Garage Storage from Unexpected Elegance

Colorful Wooden Pallet Garden Bench

This vibrantly colored Wooden Pallet Garden Bench is easy to make, using a few wooden pallets, combined with a hammer and nails – and you’ll be good to go!

This is also a great way to bond with your loved ones, or simply accomplish your own DIY Wooden Pallet Project.

This bench is also great for both sitting on, as well as storing your planters, – and will certainly make your garden stand out from your neighbors!

Colorful Wood Pallet Garden Bench from Our House, Now a Home

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our Top 14 Amazing DIY Outdoor Pallet Projects, and always encourage you to share your experiences, as well any other outdoor wooden pallet ideas and projects you may have with us! Happy Gardening!

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