30 Free DIY Dog House Plans to Shelter Your Furry Friends

For any pet lover, there’s always a special connection between you and your dog, and while toys and walks are a nice way to treat him, there’s nothing that says “I Love You” like giving your dog their very own place to call home.

If you’ve ever looked at prefabricated Doghouses you know they can cost an arm and a leg, so why not build your own?

A dog house should last for many years to come, be weatherproofed as much as possible, and really spark Sparky’s interest when it comes to personality and design!

Below you’ll find 30 unique and popular DIY Dog House designs (along with the plans to build them) that are both practical and affordable. I’m sure you’ll find one to be a perfect match for you and your canine!

A Simple Yet Fun Farm House Design

A Simple Yet Fun Farm House Design

This ‘farmhouse’ design is simple enough to build in just a day or two with the right effort, supplies, and paint. And, with easy to understand instructions, most happy dog owners were able to create this DIY dog house in just one day or less. The steps are also relatively easy to follow for beginners – so this is definitely one worth trying out!

DIY Details: RemoveAndReplace

Large Plastic Shelter

This DIY large plastic doggy shelter is very easy to build, budget-friendly, and apparently dogs as big as German Shepards love it!

So, if you’re looking for a cheap to build a DIY dog house for under $30, then this one’s definitely for you.

DIY Details: makezine.com

A-Frame Doggy House

A-Frame Doggy House

If you have a small to medium-sized dog that likes to play, nap or even sleep outside, then this A-Frame dog-house is the ultimate solution! It also includes an insulated design for those colder or wet days, yet is simple enough to build within just a day or two from the ground up.

The A-Frame design is unique and original, so it’s sure to be a conversation piece as well!

DIY Details: Instructables

A Breezy Yet Fun Doggy Shelter

A Breezy Yet Fun Doggy Shelter

If you and your pup live in a hotter environment and don’t experience much cold then this “open-air” DIY doggy house is the perfect design!

And, thanks to the many spaces of ventilation your pup can stay cool, while still having fun and feeling like he has a place to call his own!

DIY Details: Instructables

The Puppy Tent

The Puppy Tent

If you’re looking for a REALLY unique design, then this puppy dog tent is pretty awesome and sure to be both fun and comfortable for your pet.

It also includes an open-plan design which will allow for a nice cool breeze, and make your dog as comfortable as possible whenever he wants to lounge inside – or on the outdoor patio.

DIY Details: DIYNetwork

The Classic Classy Dog House

The Classic Classy Dog House

With a simple, yet effective design this classic dog house is still a popular favorite among dog owners. It’s also easy enough to build in just a day or two for those new to building DIY dog houses – and won’t be very costly in comparison to other designs.

Happy Building! Woof Woof!

DIY Details: DIYNetwork

A Log Cabin Adventure

A Log Cabin Adventure Doghouse

This Doggy Log Cabin is a pretty awesome design, and sure to add personality to your back yard and doggy day adventures! This DIY dog house is the perfect solution for making your pup happy, and having camping trips or adventures right in your own back yard with your lovable pet!

DIY Details: DIYNetwork

Puppy Dog Palace w/ Deck

Puppy Dog Palace w/ Deck

This DIY dog house is a real palace, and with a simple to build ladder and patio, will really make it so your dog can take in the fresh air, and go to sleep comfortably away from the sun when he wants. What better doghouse than one that lets your pup feel like the king or guard of your back yard? It

‘s also an easier DIY dog house that can be completed in less than one day for most.

This dog house design is pretty decent for small to medium-sized dogs, and for those warm and breezy days, is perfect whether your furry friend wants to hang out outside on the upper deck, or sleep away to doggy-land from the inside.

A great dog house and shelter design, the build is relatively easy to understand and accomplish with a bit of effort and patience.

Puppyhedron – A Doggy House of Geometry

A Doggy House of Geometry

Definitely an interesting and dynamic style, this modern geometric dog house is pretty cool for smaller dogs – although a larger version can be made with the included tutorial. This is also one of the cheaper dog house solutions, and can be used both indoors or in your own back yard!

This design is hit among dog lovers, including on Reddit, and has been called the “caninehedron” or “puppyhedron” among other cute spin-off nicknames.

DIY Details: HomeMadeModern

Leaning House of Doggy Dreams

Leaning House of Dreams

With a Dr. Seuss-like design, this ‘leaning’ dog house is a fantastic way to make your pet dog happy, and give him just the right amount of space to sleep, play, and feel like he has a place he can call his own – right in your own back yard!

While no doubt it will require a bit of work, this DIY dog house is definitely worth the effort and challenge – and the tutorial below will walk you step-by-step in how to build it from the ground up!

DIY Details: AnaWhite

A Puppy Dog Ranch

A Puppy Dog Ranch

Using just three simple sheets of plywood, this is the perfect DIY back yard dog house for larger dogs and smaller pups alike.

You can also remove the floor, which is handy for when cleaning or remodeling might be necessary – and will save your back the work of having to crawl inside!

Add a little extra comfort with some doggy pillows or blankets, and your pups favorite chew toy for the ultimate doggy playhouse adventure!

DIY Details: Sunset

Puppy Dog Tree House

Puppy Dog Tree House

Adding a ramp to your DIY dog house gives your mut extra exercise, fun, and a sense of adventure each time he decides to enter or exit his dog house! This elevated design will also keep your dog safe from outdoor elements, and give him the upper-paw on his surroundings!

DIY Details: DIYNetwork

Traditional Dog House

Traditional Dog house

This “traditional” dog house is a very simple, yet elegant design and is made with the necessary height to make sure your dog is both comfortable and snug. This is a great way and place for your doggy to hide from the sun, or take a nap.

And, for just $150 and about two days of work, you and your doggy will have something to really wag about to friends!

DIY Details: AllAboutDogHouses

A Customized Doggy House

A Customized Doggy House

If you have a larger dog, or one that is still growing then this “simple” design is great for making a dog house that will contour to his current or future size.

The partition in the middle also provides added comfort and warmth from outdoor elements, such as cold, wind, or rain.

DIY Details: RonHazelton

A Rustic Puppy Get-Away

A Rustic Puppy Get-Away

This “rustic” puppy dog house setup is a very classic, yet sturdy and stylish design for your canine partner.

The added iron roof is meaningful and easy to adjust or attach and remove as necessary for regular cleaning and maintenance.

DIY Details: BetterHomesAndGarden

Under-the-stairs Dog House

Under-the-stairs Dog House

For indoor dogs, or simply those that like to spend more time inside, this is a great way to make use of your under-the-stairs area in your home, and won’t involve too much construction or anything irreversible to the integrity of your house.

The outside trim design will also add personality and authenticity to it, and your dog is sure to appreciate the added privacy and comfort!

DIY Details: Imgur (Reddit)

The Ultimate Peter Nelson Dog House

This Pete Nelson dog house is pretty incredible all around, and as explained in the video was built by him and best friends Bill and Aaron. It comes together quite well and is a rather sophisticated DIY dog house that’s sure to last years to come.

We’ve also included a helpful video above explaining how it’s built, simply using pressure-treated wood, and star drive screws for putting it together.

At approximately 3:40 in the video you can really see how all the pieces go together. Have fun!

Rustic Old School Dog House

This rustic “old school” doghouse is a pretty awesome creation, and as explained in the video by Diresta will be big enough to fit two small dogs – which is nice for both companionship and comfort for your pups.

There’s even a “bell” for when your pups enter or leave the doghouse, and you can find that part explained at around 11:30 in the video. Dogs will enjoy both hanging inside, and outside of the dog house as seen in the video.

Star Wars Inspired Dog Shelter

Star Wars inspired dog house

This unique dog house is made with Ferrocement which is strong, inexpensive and easy to build with. It is also pretty mugh indestructable so it will keep your dog safe fro rain, hurricanes and possibly even giant asteroids.

I thought it looked a bit like Luke Skywalker’s desert home in the original Star Wars.

Luke Skywalker's desert house from star wars

Most importantly, dogs love it – and if you’re a Star Wars fan then we’re sure you’ll love it too!

DIY Details: Instructables.com

The DIY Modern Dog House

Y’know, it’s the modern age. We need the up-to-date everything, to reflect the times that we live in. And if we’re living in the modern age, then our dogs need to be up to speed as well.

Ever look at one of those really sleek, newer models of houses and thought to yourself, “Wow, I bet my dog will love that?” Well, if that was the case your wish has been granted thanks to the modern dog house.

A cute, modern design for today’s modern dog, this backyard dog house design provides ample room for the dogs on the small to medium spectrum. Plus, looks great!

The video below does a pretty good job of laying out the process of building this doghouse, be be warned – you will need some carpentry skills for this one.

DIY Details: Modern Builds

“Leave The Lights On” Dog House

we'll leave the lights on doghouse

There’s nothing about spending a summer evening on the porch with friends, having a good time under the illumination of the lighting.

And one day, someone looked at their dog house in the backyard, and had a genius idea. “Huh, y’know, why don’t we build another dog house, but add a porch light?”

If we love porch lights and being able to see when we come home at night, why not extend that feeling towards the dogs? Thus the Dog House with a light was born, a perfect dog house for the average-sized dog.

It even comes with a little porch so the dog can hang out just like its owner and enjoy its evenings lounging about.

DIY Details: Modern Builds

Step-By-Step Doghouse with Porch Plans

step by step doghouse

Okay, the last dog house had the genius idea of adding a light on a little miniature porch for your doggo. Fun right?

But what happens when it’s raining?

Well, when you take a swing at building the Step By Step Dog House, nothing will have the chance to rain down on your doggo’s porch-side lifestyle, because this dog house not only comes with an even bigger porch… It comes with a roof covering the porch!

Now your dog can nap outside while a bit of rain comes through, and not worry about a thing.

In addition to the porch and roof, the dog house itself also comes with a few holes poked in the top to keep a good, consistent flow of air coming through.

The building instructions are pretty good, with all of the details you need and simple, step-by-step instructions.

DIY Details: Grit

Modular Pallet Dog House

The Pallet Dog House

Building one dog house sounds like fun. But what happens when you have multiple dogs? Does that mean building dog house after dog house, going down list after list of materials?


What if you built one dog house for the backyard, with multiple sections instead? What if you built it with cheap materials too? What if you just have one big dog, but want to give them a lot of space to wiggle around in?

Well my friends, meet the Modular Pallet Dog House. This unique DIY build can be rearranged in several configurations depending on the number of dogs it needs to house and weather conditions.

A cheap (really, you’re going to need pallets for this one and there are ways to get them for free), fun dog house for your pack of puppers, the Modular Pallet Dog House will be a great addition to any dog’s life!

DIY Details: Easy Pallet Ideas

Build This Doggie Gazebo

gazebo doghouse
Image via Facebook/Jen Woodhouse

If you and your dog stay in an area where there’s a lot of heat, then this next dog house idea might be great for you.

You like relaxing under a gazebo, right? Well, you can build a mini version of one for your best friend, relatively quick and easy too!

Created to allow them to keep a good breeze flowing in to counteract the heat, while also providing shade from the sun to keep them from cooking, this simple, yet stylish dog house will look great in your backyard!

You’ll love building it, ( seriously, it won’t take you no more than an afternoon to build it) and your dog will love being able to take it all in while being shaded!

DIY Details: Jen Woodhouse

The Canine Camper

Puppy Camper dog house DIY

Are you the owner of a smaller dog? Ever thought about hopping in an RV with your pupper and hitting the road, enjoying the adventure? Why not give your dog a little RV of their own to live in?

The Canine Camper Dog House can fulfill that fantasy with ease, thanks to its cute and old school design.

If you also like building and love a challenge, then this advanced dog house will definitely be the one for you, since this one is going to require a bit more than the average dog house project.

Although it has the metal look on the outside of the dog house, it won’t really be a dog house you’d want to test in the weather.

DIY Details: The Bark

Simple Dog House Plan by Lowes

Lowes dog house plans

There’s nothing wrong with simple. Just like the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Lowes went ahead and did just that, by not trying to do a whole lot with their simple, yet effective dog house.

For those who are fans of a simple dog house that gets the job done and looks great, the Lowes Dog House is a one you may want to take a crack at.

Coming with clear and concise, easy-to-follow directions, a small list of tools needed, and options for you to make the final call on, the Lowes Dog House will give your dog a great space in the backyard.

As a plus, it’ll even keep them safe and secure during the rain.

DIY Details: Lowes

Portable Dog House

Portable dog house on wheels

Sometimes I wake up and think, “Hmm, what if my house was on wheels and mobile, and i could just move it around for a change of pace…”

Well, while it may sound like an impractical idea for a human’s house, the idea is a pretty good one when it comes to dog houses. And thus, we arrive at the Portable Dog House, a dog house that your dog will love to rest in while it gets moved from place to place.

Built for the larger dogs, yet perfectly fine for the smaller and medium-sized canines, the Portable Dog House is a project that will take an intermediate skill level to build.

You’ll have to make a few advanced cuts here and there during construction, but the end result gives your dog insulated walls to save them from the elements, a small porch for them to hang out on, and wheels in order to keep things fresh and mobile!

DIY Details: Instructables

“The Works” Dog House

“The Works” Dog House

When you move into a house and you have a bit of extra spending money, you may want… The works.

Extra-spacious spaces, breathtaking interior designs, and a bunch of other trinkets that make your home stand out. You can do the same for your dog, and give them a dog house I like to call… The Works.

Does a dog want a deck/porch to call his own? BAM! The Works comes with it.

Does the dog need a space for all of his chew toys to be in one space? BAM! The Works has the doggo covered.

Does the doggy want his own refrigerator for food and sink for his water?! Well, we’re not trying to go too crazy, but The Works does have a section for his dog bowl and water bowl to sit.

You won’t need a huge laundry list of materials and equipment to build this one, but you will need a bit of skill so this dog house is for those in the intermediate skill range.

DIY Details: Jen Woodhouse

Open Air Concrete Dog House

Open Air Concrete Doghouse

Our dogs out in the warmer, drier climates need a dog house made just for them. One that’s going to keep them shaded from the heat, yet keep the airflow going to avoid them getting baked to perfection in their own abode.

One that’s built to last. One that’s so solid and sturdy, the big bad wolf, or the elements, couldn’t knock it down no matter how hard they tried.

And that, my friends, is where we use the Open Air Concrete Dog House.

Unlike the other dog houses, this one is super sturdy, because you won’t be using the regular formula of plywood to handle it. Instead, you’ll be using slabs of Quikrete Countertop Mix to give it that sturdiness.

Seriously, this dog house is going to weigh around one-hundred pounds! And due to the nature of the tools needed, this is a project suited for more advanced builders.

DIY Details: Homemade Modern

The Cottage Doggie Den

The Cottage

Want to give your dog that old-timey feel? Want your pooch to own their own porch, a porch with a roof over it that looks like an old-timey house in the south?

Want to give your big dog who needs some leg room a spacious space to call their own and enjoy themselves in? If that’s the case, my friends, it’s time to take a look at The Cottage Doggie Den.

The Cottage is a dog house that can be built by people of all skill sets!  It comes with a roof to protect from the weather, an honest-to-god porch for your pupper to enjoy the vintage aesthetic, and wooden accents to really sell the old-timey feel!

Not only does it come with all of this as well as instructions, but it comes with a video giving step-by-step instructions to help you along the way! You can watch it below or on Jay’s Custom Creations website.

DIY Details: Jay Custom Creations

Finally, we always love to hear from our visitors, so if you have any DIY dog house creations not mentioned here, or would like to share your experiences in building one of the creations above, please feel free to comment and let us know about it!


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