For those who live in wooded areas with fallen or cut trees, transforming tree trunks into something decorative and eye-catching is a wonderful way to repurpose unused wood. Adorning tree stumps with dainty items or reshaping the wood into a spectacular image can add a rustic look to your yard and increase the cuteness, and uniqueness of your outdoor space. In this article, we’ve decided to list 21 of our absolute favorite tree stump ideas to get your creative DIY juices flowing!

Wedding-Style Tree Stump Ideas

1. Tree Stumps with Candles Inside Glass Jars

tree stumps with candles

Our first (and featured) tree stump idea is this beautiful wedding decor. The natural appearance of the tree stumps, the soft glow of the candles inside glass jars, and delicate white lace create the perfect rural scenery for the evening of your special day.

Tree stump detailing can be included in your big day in a variety of surprising ways: they can act as solid, natural bases for an array of floral arrangements and decorative items such as candles inside glass jars, as well as inspiration for cuisine displays. The varying sizes allow this element to be versatile and they can be made to be as gregarious or unassuming as you’d like.

We’re loving this elegant take on rustic wedding style. Use pillar candles and tree stumps in varied heights for a perfectly imperfect look. Add greenery, flowers, and a hint of moss, and you’ve got a lovely ceremony altar that’s fit for a woodland wedding. If you’re getting married indoors, this is also a simple way to bring transform your venue by bringing the outdoors in.  

If the standard glass hurricanes are too modern for your taste, consider placing pillar candles in large Ball jars. Use pebbles and moss on this tree-stump display that would be a beautiful way to anchor your ceremony spot or line a pathway to your reception tent.

2. Candlelit Tree Stumps Decorated with “Love”

candlelit tree stumps

Before we say anything else, we sincerely hope you caught our pun in the subtitle. Now, the countryside feeling that this decor brings is likely unable to be matched. With the melted and bottled candles, rustic stacked tree stumps, white flowering shrubs, and glamorous Hollywood-style lit-up letters spelling “Love” we doubt you could get any more countrified than this (which isn’t a bad thing).

3. Elegant Rural Table Decor

elegant rural table decor tree stump

Though this decor isn’t made with an entire tree stump, sawing off multiple small table decor bases from one large stump is a wonderful idea. The stick wreath with leaves and acorns really enhances the natural aura of this centerpiece. Additionally, the candlelit metal lamp and burlap sac holding dainty flowers give off an old-timey, homegrown feel.

Christmas Tree Stump Decorations

4. Colorful Holiday Table Piece

colorful holiday table piece

This Christmas table decoration made with a tree stump base, fake berries, pine needles, and dried orange peels gives off the perfect homey holiday vibe. The Christmas colors, adorable tiny home, and the little girl dressed in winter attire all harmonize to make a beautiful table piece that is sure to warm the hearts of your guests on cold, snowy nights.

5. Christmas Tree Stump Dinner Mat

tree stump dinner mat

This tree stump dinner mat isn’t really a mat per se… but, it without a doubt makes a unique and Christmas-themed addition to your dinner table. Your dinner guests are sure to enjoy the Holly wreath, the scent of pine, and delicate sprinkles of gleaming fake snow as you talk and eat together. There’s no doubt your party will be a hit with this decoration!

This is a great way to bring nature to the dinner table. Add a few pine cones and sprigs to complete the look.

6. Simple Holiday Centerpiece

holiday centerpiece

This holiday centerpiece is simple, as to not take away from surrounding decorations, yet effective enough to bring a room together. The uncomplex red candle, few pine needs, and minimal red ornaments bring a tad bit of color to the room as they sit upon the winter appearance of the wood stump. The shimmery wire wrapped into the shape of a Poinsettia is truly the cherry on top of this table piece.

Tree Stump Tables

7. Tree Stump Table with Tree Stump Chairs

tree stump table and chairs

The table and chairs shown above in the photo were crafted out of very large tree stumps. The table stump was fashioned in such a way to make the tabletop broader, with a skinnier base for more leg room. The chair stumps were simply cut and smoothed at an angle to create backs and a seat. This would make a wonderful DIY project for the crafty minded and blend perfectly into the natural scenery outside of the home.

Make garden furniture out of your tree stumps. You can have chairs and table in different shapes and styles in your garden inexpensively. This will be a very good DIY project to work on.

8. Perfectly Cylindrical Table and Chair Tree Stump Set

cylindrical table and chair tree stump

Perhaps the easiest project (if you’re a DIY crafter) and simplest design on our list, this cylindrical set of smoothed-down tree stump seats and enormous tree stump table bring about a campfire aura to any backyard they’re in.

If your tree stump is located in the back yard, why not turn it into a dining table? This will take a little bit of work on your end but is well worth it.

A bench is fairly easy to make with two tree stumps; as with the table option you will need to cut and sand the tops until they are very flat. After doing this you can attach a simple thick piece of reclaimed wood to provide the sitting area for you bench. To create stools, just flatten the top of the stump as before and attach a cushion to it. You can make the cushion in a variety of ways, for example using faux leather and latex foam.

This is a lovely idea to make use of your tree stump. This idea is both decorative and functional. It will allow you to have a beautiful table in the middle of your garden.

9. Colorful Tree Stump Table and Stools

colorful tree stump table and stools

Similar to the tree stump table and stool set in the last idea example, this set is cylindrical and simple. However, if you haven’t already noticed, the difference lies in the bright, popping colors of the top half of the tree stumps. Painting part (or the entirety) of tree stump tables and stools is a unique and cost-effective way to bring some color and customization to your backyard.

10. Tic-Tac-Toe Tree Stump Table

tic-tac-toe tree stump table

If you like playing tic-tac-toe, this tic-tac-toe table made out of a smoothed-down tree stump would be a fun way to put your fallen trees to use. Though it wouldn’t save much, this idea would at least save some money, keeping you from having to buy anything but chalk to draw your X’s and O’s with.

What could be more fun than turning a dead stump into a board game? Get the kids involved in crafting the game pieces, which in this case are smooth rocks painted to resemble ladybugs and bumblebees. Apply a coat of exterior sealer to the top of the wood to preserve your game board. Pull up a couple of lawn chairs and let the games begin!

Create the perfect outdoor play table. Use the rocks in your yard and paint them as lady bugs and beetles for a tic-tac-toe challenge.

You can paint any board game on your tree stump and teach your kids how to play it. Board games are intellectual games and it is both healthy and fun for your kids. It is better than corrupting their minds with smartphones.

Tree Stump Sculptures

11. Carved Tree Stump Face

carved tree stump face

If you’re a fan of the foresty Scandinavian tales of giants in the trees, this gigantic face in the tree stump would bring folklore to life in your backyard. The almost seamless appearance of this carving makes this tree stump look naturally mythical as if the tree were actually a being come to exist right out of the whispers of Scandinavian lore.

12. Tree Stump Bird

The rough cutout of this little bird figure is adorable and storybook-like in its own right. Painting it in realistic colors would be enough to bring a bit of joy to your yard with the exaggerated features of this woodland – wooden – creature.

13. Toadstool Carving

toadstool carving tree stump

Yet another woodland addition to any yard, this oversized toadstool carving brings about an air of fairytale wonder. We think this carving would be magical with or without paint, but of course, the outcome is entirely up to your inventive imagination.

14. Wooden Heart

This wooden heart is a wonderfully delicate expression of love. A carving like this is sure to add an aura of warmth and affection to your backyard and can be easily constructed using a chainsaw (if your chainsaw chain isn’t dull, that is).

15. Swirled Tree Stump

swirled tree stump

For the abstract in you, this tree stump with variously sized and shaped swirls is one of the simplest yet eye-catching DIY artistic expressions we could find.

16. Tiny House

Tiny House

There’s something about tiny wooden houses, exaggerated wooden birds and toadstools that bring a sense of fairytale enchantment to backyards. This carved wooden house complete with a door, window, roof, and chimney crown makes it seem as if a tiny winged fairy could walk outside at any moment.

This delightful fairy garden successfully incorporates natural elements with whimsical childhood treasures, and it’s sure to provide endless hours of entertainment for the young and the young at heart. This project makes it easy to see why fairy gardens are one of the most popular tree stump trends today. With the addition of a mossy roof, colorful mushrooms (fairies love mushrooms!), a tiny ladder, and a welcome sign, this stump is ready for any tiny winged guests who may visit.

17. Tree Owl

tree owl carving

We all (well some of us anyway) remember the childhood stories of the witty, old owl from Winnie The Pooh or Big Mama, the mother owl with a whole bunch of love to give from the beloved film The Fox and the Hound. It’s characters such as these that bring the wise, caring fictional feeling of owls to life, and this carved wooden owl perfectly encompasses this sentiment of boy and girlhood.

18. Christmas Tree Stump

Christmas tree stump

Cutting down a tree for Christmas has been a holiday tradition for (surely) as long as any of us can remember. If you’ve grown your own Christmas trees or have gone to cut one down from a tree farm, sawing a cartoon-style Christmas tree into the trunk of an actual tree is a clever way to make use of the stump.

Tree Stump Pathways

19. Single Stump Walkway

single stump walkway

For narrow grass or dirt paths, this single stump walkway is a unique way to reuse cut down trees. A little walkway like this would be perfect for keeping your shoes clean (or more clean than usual) as you walk from different areas of your property. Not to mention, tree stump walkways are much more cost effective than stone walkways.

A walkway made of wood slices is delightfully earthy and rustic. Just lay your slices out on a bed of sand and let nature take its course. 

Rather than the standard paving stone or stepping stone walkways, give your yard a woodsy feel with a walkway made of cross-cut sections of a tree trunk. This type of path only costs the price of base materials if you already have a tree trunk on hand. The more naturally rot-resistant and pest-resistant the type of wood, the longer it will last. The walkway requires a sturdy base layer consisting of 2 to 3 inches of compacted gravel and 1 to 2 inches of coarse masonry sand, which prevent the wood from shifting and encourage water to drain away from the wood. Use a chainsaw to cut the trunk into slices about 2 inches thick and lay them on top of the sand. Be sure to wear safety gear, including goggles and gloves. If you’ve not used a chainsaw before, find someone to do this part for you or teach you how to operate one safely. If the trunk isn’t too heavy, sawhorses and a handsaw could be used, but this will of course take much longer. Fill in the spaces between large wood slices with smaller wood slices and pea gravel or course sand.

20. Stone-Appearance Wooden Walkway

stone-appearance wooden walkway

This walkway made of – likely hundreds – of tree stumps creates a vague illusion of a stone-covered pathway. Like we mentioned before, this is a unique way to save money without compromising the appearance of the walkway.

You’ll need to cut the stump(s) into thinner discs of wood. Then you’ll want to treat them with a based water proofer to prevent the wood from rotting and organize the discs into whatever pattern you would like for your pathway.

This is such a beautiful way to give an old tree a longer life. To ensure the wood does not rot, make sure to apply coats of based water proofer.

21. Above-Ground Stepping-Stone Tree Stumps

above-ground stepping-stone tree stumps

Unlike the other wooden walkways, these stumps are above ground, quite large, and widespread, similar to rock stepping stones that you often see in gardens. As with the other two, this is also a less expensive option than buying flat stepping stone rocks (and it gives a more rustic appearance to the area).

Large slices of wood make an easy and natural path for a garden. Now you know what to do with that tree that fell down in the last storm—get out the chain saw! You’ll find more things to do with cross-cut tree trunks and branches here.


There are many ways in which you can use otherwise useless tree stumps. From holiday and wedding decor to seating areas and artistic works, there are endless possibilities for what you can do with a cut or fallen tree. We hope this list of our favorite tree stump ideas gave you some ideas of your own to transform your home and yard!

1. Make a Tree Stump Planter

tree stump garden ideas (6)
tree stump garden ideas (13)

Make a beautiful tree stump planter in your garden. You can find a step by step tutorial here. For ideas and inspiration, check out our post on “tree stump planter ideas“.

2. Create a Pot Stand

pot stand
tree stump garden ideas (10)
tree stump garden ideas (2)

If you don’t want to make a planter, save yourself from labor by making a tree stump pot stand. If you’re not satisfied with the natural looks and to protect the wood from deterioration, varnish or paint that tree stump pot stand.

3. Make an Aged Moss Stump

tree stump garden ideas (9)

If the stump is in a moist, dark and humid place, you can grow moss on it to give it an ancient look.

4. Design a Beautiful Fairy Garden

tree stump garden ideas (1)
tree stump garden ideas (4)

Fantasize, imagine and experiment to design a tree stump fairy garden. If you have children take help of them, ask them what to do with it. They’ll love it. Make windows, doors, and roof and attach the ladder. Put figurines of gnomes, butterflies, lizards, birds, sorts of cartoon characters or create a small island, a magical house, something very pleasing for your kids.

An adorable alternative to stump removal, this design is decorated to look like a home for fairies! Recreate this idea to house your own local fairies or garden gnomes, and provide a great way to keep the kids entertained.

6. Make Board Games for Kids

tree stump game

Smartphone kids don’t play the board games like past generations. So, why not paint something on a tree stump that will entice them to play. It can serve as an excellent platform for intellectual games such as checkers and chess.

7. Garden furniture

tree stump garden ideas (15)
tree stump garden ideas (7)
Modern-Tree-Trunks garden furniture

An excellent option is to use tree stumps to make garden furniture. They can be stools or chairs. Carve out their shape in a style just the way you want. Mini-tables or stool can be used to put garden pots or to keep fruits and beverages. You can also attach a small stump countertop of any shape. Decorate it or keep it simple, and the dining table for your garden is ready. Free of cost and most importantly it is made of environment-friendly material.

8. Illuminated Tree Stump

tree stump lighting

Stumps can be used for garden lighting. This is one of the coolest tree stump ideas here we’ve listed. More information you can find on the link given above.

9. Garden Decor and Sculpture

tree stump garden ideas (12)
tree stump garden ideas (5)
tree stump ideas

If you are a DIY lover, this is for you. Tree stumps can serve as an excellent material for those who love carving or who want to try something new. You can make wonderful crafts: Animal figures, fairy tale characters or garden scarecrow. All you need is a lot of tree stumps. Be creative and invent something of your own.

10. Decorative Mushrooms out of Tree Stumps

mushroom tree stump

These mushrooms are made out of tree stumps in a style. Both leg and mushroom caps are carved out of stump wood and painted in the appropriate color.

Gnome Home

Tree Stump Gnome Home

Once a mighty oak, this tree-stump-turned-gnome-home tops out at over 6 feet high and adds fanciful interest to a wooded backyard. Nestled in a bed of lush hostas, any self-respecting gnome would be lucky to call this stump home. A talented DIYer framed roof supports from 2x4s and used wood shims to craft rustic shingles. The windows are fashioned from plywood and adorned with cedar detailing and painted-on curtains that pull the look together. 

Subtle Spa

Tree Stump Bird Bath

A sturdy stump makes a perfect pedestal for a bird bath. Use the basin from a former bird bath, a shallow terra cotta dish, or any other heavy basin or bowl to create a water retreat for your feathered friends. Add stones or a small solar fountain, and you’ll soon have birds flocking to your yard. If the stump isn’t in a shady spot, surround the bird bath with tall plants to help keep it cool during the heat of the day.

Backyard Adventure

DIY Climbing Wall

Molded plastic footholds, climbing grips (available from retailers that sell playground accessories), and a large tree stump become a climbing wall for little hands and feet. Attach a safety fence, constructed from dimensional lumber, and bolt the slats securely to the sides of the tree. Stabilize the boards with thick rope, and add a slide to keep youngsters occupied while they develop large motor skills.

Throne at Home

Tree Stump Lawn Chair

Grab your favorite book and a cup of tea, then nestle down in this tree stump chair for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. The tree trunk was first cut to an appropriate height with a chainsaw, then carefully sculpted to form the chair seat, sides and decorative back. Many DIYers consider the act of carving to be a therapeutic activity, making this project a welcome respite from a long, busy day.

Farm Table

Tree Stump Wood Table

Create your own table for open-air dining! To start, ensure the surface of the stump is as flat as possible to give you a level base. When choosing your tabletop, consider materials that strike the right ambiance for your outdoor living space—salvaged wood for a rustic retreat, metal for a modern vibe or even a large concrete slab for no-nonsense fun. For stability, insert one or more large bolts through the top of the slab and into the stump. There you have it—a simple table, perfect for lazy weekend breakfasts!

Classy Glass

Tree Stump Glass Table

The glass top from an old patio table, combined with a uniquely shaped tree stump, makes a great spot for outdoor dining. If you don’t already have a glass tabletop sitting around, you can have a piece of thick glass cut to a custom size and shape. If you go the custom route, make sure you’re using tempered glass, that way if the table ever breaks, you won’t have dangerously sharp glass pieces to pick up out of the grass. 

Peek-a-Boo Bears

Tree Stump Chainsaw Sculpture

A chainsaw in the hands of a talented sculptor can turn an ordinary tree stump into a work of art. This stump oozes whimsy and intrigue as two adorable bears peek out of their tree to watch passersby. Tree stump chainsaw sculptures should be periodically sealed (once every year) with a coat of clear marine varnish, or another penetrating exterior sealer, to keep them from splitting.

Stump Garden

Tree Stump Flower Bed

Nothing could be more natural than creating a flower bed in a carved out tree stump. If the center of the stump is already hollowed and rotted out, you’re in luck! Add soil and start planting. If the tree stump is still in tact, carve out a basin at least a few inches deep and fill it with quality garden soil. If the bottom of your new “pot” holds water, drill a couple of holes in the side of the trunk to allow for drainage.

Big Bench

Tree Stump Bench

The bigger the tree, the greater the possibilities! This bench, skillfully cut from a massive tree stump, offers woodland visitors a serene spot to stop and enjoy the scenery. A commercial chainsaw is your best bet for making both the initial top cut and also to remove the large front section of the stump. A smaller chainsaw can be used to sculpt away the interior wood to form the seat, back and sides.

Little Cabin

DIY Birdhouse

Birds and trees—the original combination. A tall stump makes a natural base for a birdhouse or a bird feeder. Constructed from branches to give it a log cabin look, this birdhouse blends effortlessly with its surroundings. Consider adding a wide plastic or metal baffle around the stump to discourage cats and squirrels from climbing up and reaching the feeder or birdhouse.

Shabby Chic on Fleek

DIY Tree Stump Landscaping

Create a rustic landscape by grouping antique iron implements and wooden planters to form curbside decoration. This stump provides a columnar base to hold a bucket or planter, and it plays the additional role as a focal point in this charming assemblage. Check out craft and hobby stores to find weathered buckets, and attend a farm auction or visit a flea market to locate antique iron accents.

Triple Twisted Stump

Tree Stump Garden 1

Image Source: Ed Montonsun

Instead of ripping out this stump and destroying a paved driveway, these creative innovators turned each cut section into a large planter for colorful flowers! This is a great way to add some color to the exterior of your front entrance.

Freshly Stripped Stumps

Tree Stump Garden 3

A smooth surface all around, these stumps have a somewhat sophisticated look and can be moved around to create the perfect look for your garden or backyard.

Rotting Wicked Stump

Tree Stump Garden 4

Source: Flickr

A rotten stump surrounded by asphalt would otherwise only be a symbol of decay. Yet by filling it with soil and planting new flowers, it can become an example of how fruitful life can be!

Aged Fungus Feature

Tree Stump Garden 5

Source: Gardening Know How

An old stump overcome with fungus and moss is converted into a characteristic planter, hosting bright and vibrant wildflowers.

Aged Natural Stumps

Tree Stump Garden 6

Source: The Impatient Gardener

These two stumps are somewhat mashed together, but the lush greenery planted around them and colorful flowers planted inside to provide an attractive look.

Fresh Double Tree Stumps

Tree Stump Garden 7

Source: Home Edit

These two massive tree stumps would otherwise be an eyesore in a beautiful garden. However, with the center dug out and flowers planted on the inside, they become a crucial part of the garden.

Natural Moveable Stump

Tree Stump Garden 8

This large stripped stump holds attractive pink and yellow flowers. This design is convenient as it can be moved to wherever you feel your garden needs a little bit of natural color.

Palm Planter Stump

Tree Stump Garden 10

Image Source: Blogspot

These sawed off palm stumps provide a unique and stylish planter for any small green plant. Otherwise, dig out more of the center and plant a colorful flower to spice up your garden area.

Natural Garden Stump

Tree Stump Garden 11

Source: Lowes

A large overgrown stump, this example looks quite natural and assimilated into the garden around it. An array of different plant life growing from the stump provides a wonderful display of color.

Stained Wood Stump

Tree Stump Garden 12

This stump has been sanded down and stained and glossed over. The combination of artificial and natural resources makes this planter unique and inspiring.

White Painted Stump

Tree Stump Garden 13

This large stump has been painted white and pops out from beneath lush plants and running vines. Using paint to accent your own stump planter can turn an already unique idea into a one of a kind design!

Funnel Stump

Tree Stump Garden 14

This naturally unique stump forms a perfect planter shape for any kind of flower or plant. Surrounded by flowers, this design is quite elegant.

Fresh Fungus Feature

Tree Stump Garden 15

Source: Lushome

This Large stump features bright yellow fungus growing around the base, which acts as a natural accent to the planter design. Tulips planted in the stump compliment the rest of the design.

Wicked Aged Stump

Tree Stump Garden 16

Source: Lushome

These wicked style logs branch out from an old worn stump. Embedded in the tangled stump, these bright red petunias provide some flair for an otherwise plain garden area.



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