21 Ways to Throw the Coolest Outdoor Party Ever

Getting ready for spring should be an exciting venture for you and your loved ones, and, include lots of memories of both exciting BBQ’s and late-night parties.

There are lots of ways to throw a great party, may it be party favors, games, treats, or simply staying cool. Below, you’ll find our Top 25 Ways to Throw the Coolest Outdoor Party Ever, so you can have outdoor spring adventures that you’ll never forget!

1. Making a DIY Cooler doesn’t have to be hard, just use an old piece of plywood, small blocks, and a little TLC!

Set your drinks up in a nice, appealing, and, organized way by setting them on top of a wooden slab, supported by two wooden blocks and save yourself the extra cash of buying a fancy table.

2. Making Waterballon Games FUN and Staying COOL

Whether on a hot summer day, or a cooler spring day where you and your friends are just looking to have fun, whacking away at water balloons can be a great time, and, give all of your guest’s plenty of laughs.

3. Combining Tacos and Potato Chips – Fiesta Time!

For any guests that enjoy a nice Mexican-themed snack, combining tacos with your favorite Dorito’s potato chips is an absolute explosion of fiesta flavors in your mouth! You can learn more about how to make them, and, why they’re so delicious by clicking here.

Believe it or not, there are some ‘unspoken rules’ when handing out or using a ‘solo cup’. Filling these bad boys up to the tippy-top with wine and liquor should be avoided at all costs – and will help keep everyone a little more ‘tame’.

5. For Celebrating and BBQ’s make a “Beach Theme” for grabbing food

For tropical themed parties, filling up beach buckets with snacks can be an awesome way to have fun – and adding a little martini umbrella in the top can give a little extra personality!

6. Adults and Kids go CRAZY for Bubbles

Create a “bubble station” for your party, and, make sure all of your guests have fun- big and small!

7. Give Your Guests GIANT JENGA – and have a BLAST!

Playing Giant Jenga will be tons of fun, and, is easy to make using simple small pieces of wood and other everyday items found around your home.

You can click here to find out more about how to get started, and what you’ll need!

8. Floating Candles that will please your family and friends

Creating and showing off unique, beautiful floating candles with a graceful glow is the perfect way to start a conversation, keep your guests happy, and ward off unwanted bugs.

Read how to make these here.

9. A healthy and attractive Snack! “Fruit Snack Cones”

These “Fruit Snack Cones” are witty, attractive, and sure to keep your guests happy. Just ensure you put a cupcake liner on the inside of each cone to prevent the fruits from making the cone soggy and yucky!

10. Chilling your Drinks the ICEY Way

Save money by chilling your shot-glasses first, and, you’re sure to impress your guests much more than with your most recent bar-crawl shot glass.

You won’t need to spend anything extra, and, in turn, you’ll have more money for drinks! Check out how HERE.

11. Being Considerate and Protecting Your Guests

Protect your guests the next time you throw a spring BBQ or party, by combining all the necessary sunblock lotions and bug spray in one, easy to reach convenient place!

12. Keeping the Pests OUT of your Drinks on those HOT Days

You can protect your guests from unwanted critters in their drinks, by simply adding a cup-cape liner to the top of each cup or jar, and, poking a straw through the top!

13. Thrifty, Cute, and EASY to Use Photo Booth for Parties!

You can either make, or, simply use some old pieces of wood and nail them together to make a thrifty, yet equally exciting and fun “photo booth” for your next outdoor BBQ. What more could your Guests ask for?

14. GREET Your Guests and Make Some Noise with a Chalk Board!

Whether you want to Advertise Parking, show your guests where your home is, or, simply make a Menu with the available food and drinks, using a simple piece of plywood and a little bit of chalkboard paint will do the trick!

15. LIGHTEN Up the Night With Glow Lights and Gear!

You can really add a lot of PERSONALITY to the party by creating a basic ring-toss stand, and, purchasing glow sticks for your guests to hold and play with, as well as glow necklaces for them to throw onto the ring-toss. Lots of fun! We promise.

16. Protect the ENVIRONMENT and Be Unique!

If you want to show your guests that your environmentally-friendly, then use some recycled fruit casings to put salad and other snacks in – just don’t forget to put a liner down inside of them!

17. Make Desert Bowls with FLAVOR Using Orange PEELS

You can add flavor and ‘pizzaz’ by serving desert in cut out orange peels, or, even better, use them to also put candles in and line the walkway with them! Orange slices are great, smell nice, and are a completely natural (budget-friendly) way to add personality to your party.

18.Use Recycled Cans for Beautiful Lighting

You can use tin cans both big and small by punching holes in them, and, then add safe candles inside of each one to light them up in the night. This is an awesome way to add style and be Eco-friendly at the same time at your next outdoor BBQ or party.

You can learn how to make these here.

19. A Simple and FUN Way to Host Movies Outside

If you’ve got a laptop, you can simply purchase or rent a projector, and, project them onto either your wall or a large screen at your outdoor BBQ and provide everyone a little extra entertainment. Here’s a great article over at Instructables.com that will help you put together your own backyard theatre.

20. Add style to the party and use recycled glasses to hold Flowers

This is a pretty popular approach to decorating both Eco-friendly and budget-friendly. Either way, you’re sure to impress your guests – and this can also be used for a romantic dinner with your partner.

Whether you’re looking to add personality, make your outdoor party more exciting, fun, or convenient, you’re bound to find an exciting solution from our Top 25 Ways to Throw the Coolest Outdoor Party Ever, so give it a shot today – and let us know how it works!

21. Chocolatey MADNESS! Marshmallows and Smores!

You can make sure you really hit the sweet spot for your guests the next time you throw a party or backyard BBQ using plates and a simple wicker, or, hangable plant holder to deliver unlimited S’mores!


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