15 Amazing Treehouse Ideas the Whole Family Can Enjoy

A treehouse can be lots of fun, a perfect way for your kids to use their imagination, and, play with one another.

Treehouses come in all shapes and sizes, styles, and, some even include slides or other ways for a quick escape while your kids play with one another.

We’ve come up with this list of the Top 15 Most Amazing Tree Houses that the entire family can enjoy, to make your search easier, and, to familiarize you with what’s currently available on the market. So, read on to see the most stunning treehouses known to man!

Southhampton Treehouse

Kids will absolutely love this treehouse, and, it’s sure to bring years and years worth of adventures, storytelling, and memories.

Kids can enter this amazing treehouse multiple ways, from a wooden ladder to a rope ladder, and, it even includes a pulley system for fast delivery of snacks!

Photo via www.barbarabutler.com

Rustic Cabin Treehouse

This treehouse has a nice cabin-style to it, and, includes a nice, wooden staircase for security and even guard-rails.

This is an amazing treehouse because it resembles a real home in so many ways, has full windows, a patio, deck, and, is perfect for watching the critters outside and enjoying nature.

Photo via www.madebymood.com

Treehouse For Hobbits

This fancy treehouse looks like it was inspired by a hobbit house as far as its roof goes, has a very intricate design, and, with full sizes doors is definitely something that will drive any kids wild.

This is comparably a house-size treehouse with multiple rooms, windows, and lookout points – and although pricey, if it’s possible for you to build, we’re sure your kids will be eternally grateful for many years to come!

Photo via www.hhomedesign.com

Backyard Treehouse with Tire Swing

This treehouse is a brilliant design for kids, includes a slide, fun tire-swing below, and a ladder with multiple other exits so kids can have a blast chasing each other around, or playing hide-n-seek.

With a full wrap-around patio and fence kids can safely enjoy the sights, remain in their parent’s eyesight, and, enjoy their adventures while doing it.

Photo via www.morekidfriendlystuff.blogspot.mk

Lookout Tower Tree Fort

This treehouse has a very simple design, and, although relatively small, is the perfect little hideaway for kids. I

t has a classic-style paint job, is big enough for multiple children to play in, and with an arched doorway parents will have no problem peeking in to check on their kids.

Photo via www.hhomedesign.com

Obstacle Course Treehouse

A nice combination of an outdoor playground and treehouse, this treehouse has a modern look to it, is ergonomic, and with multiple ropes, escape ladders, and balcony’s your kids will surely be the talk of the town!

The architecture is absolutely beautiful and unique. It blends great with the surrounding environment, and, seems like it was also inspired by a ‘boot camp’ like obstacle course.

DoubleDecker Treehouse

Kids will love this double-decker treehouse as it’s filled with fun, multiple glass doors and windows for peering through at nature, and, a beautiful, Teak wood design combined with logs which really make it an appealing, small, yet effective treehouse for your little ones to play in.

Treehouse Mansion

Treehouse? More like a kiddie mansion!

This treehouse/playground design has nearly everything your kids could ever imagine, desire, and more! With multiple staircases, a super slide, and a sophisticated design, this is every kid’s dream!

Even better, it perfectly blends in with the tree and surrounding environment, making this a tasteful combination for those that have a garden and pathway – or are looking to build one – in their yard!

Jungle Treehouse

This treehouse is much like a ‘hidden getaway’ for kids, has a very large, round deck for relaxing and would be perfect for setting up chairs outside for enjoying a picnic or snacks. The wooden design is also quite noteworthy, and, definitely not something you see every day.

Photo via www.trishasenfreelancewriter.blogspot.mk

Fairytale Tree Fort

There’s no doubt this upscale treehouse is huge, has a nice, wrap around and stable staircase, with fence bindings to keep your kids safe, and it’s foundation logs alone give you an idea of how tall and special this treehouse really is. The small window design is also very notable, making this a hard treehouse to rival!

Photo via www.tinyhouseblog.com

Relaxing Treehouse

Although relatively “hidden”, this is a stunning treehouse made to impress, perfectly camouflages into its natural setting, and, even includes two adult-sized hammocks underneath! This means it’s perfect for multiple kids and family to bond together and make new memories.

See more and all the details HERE!

Sleek Modern Treehouse

Originally designed for the children of ModFruGal, this modern design treehouse comes with various, unique features from a skylight for magnificent stargazing at night, to a pail/pulley system so your mom and dad can send you snacks! It even includes a DIY disco ball for celebrations, or just simply having a good time!

To top it off, there’s a secret barn-door entryway, so kids can have endless fun playing hide and seek, secret agent, and more! (Link)

Treehouse on Stilts

A truly one of a kind, this treehouse is the ultimate combination of environment, plus ergonomic style. It is called the “Solling”, and is located in Uslar, Germany by a family that wanted to give their son the best of the environment, and, give him somewhere to observe nature, stargaze, and let his imagination run wild.

The interesting, seemingly insect-like legs are also a nice touch, and it’s definitely an eye-catcher!

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