Amazing DIY Ideas to Repurpose or Upcycle Old Tires

No matter what time of the year or season it is, for both kids and adults alike, we’ve come up with a combination of exciting, free or budget-friendly recycled tires ideas that we’re sure you’ll absolutely love!

From Minion tire adventures to outdoor recycled tire seesaws, we’ve got it all! So, read on to learn more and how you can get STARTED!

A Modern Approach To The Recycled Tire Coffee Table

Using old recycled, unwanted tires, you’ll also be able to make this elegant, tasteful, and classy office or lounge-chair, which is perfect for at-home or outdoor use.

As you can see, the tire has been wrapped in durable twine, and you’ll also need a hammer and screws – or drill – to put it all together and make it just right. Why spend hundreds of dollars on IKEA furniture, when you can put your own together with less than $5 from the local hardware store?

Read more on how to make yours today by visiting the Persia Lou link below!

DIY Details: Persia Lou

The Perfect DIY Recycled Tire Doggy Bed

Doggy Beds can be super expensive! So, we’ve come up with a DIY recycled tire project that’ll cost less than a dollar and can be made using everyday things from around your home.

Best of all, this DIY Recycled Tire Project can be made cost-free, by just painting the tire to you or your pups liking, and then putting an old or unused pillow in the center to maximize comfort for your furry friend. ust make sure you wash the tire thoroughly first before painting and bringing in your home, or giving it to your pet – preferably leaving it out for a day to dry in the sun to kill any lingering bacteria. Check out The Whoot link below for details.

Just make sure you wash the tire thoroughly first before painting and bringing it into your home, or giving it to your pet. Ideally, after washing leave it out for a day to dry in the sun to kill any lingering bacteria. Check out The Whoot link below for details.

DIY Details: Practically Functional

Making Potters Out Of Recycled Tires

This is another excellent use of recycled tires, similar to the redesigned modern recycled tire chair design above, using similar twine, and simply modified legs. The DIY recycled tire potters are great to place throughout your garden to show off your love for the environment, and will also make a great conversational piece!

All you’ll need for this simple, fun DIY project is a few wooden legs, brackets, durable twine – and patience! For all the details on what specific supplies or tools, you should use, check out the EMGN link below.

The Perfect Recycled Tire Arm Chair

This Old Recycled Tire armchair is the perfect DIY project for complimenting your other furniture, as well as for placing outside in your garden to add a hint of ‘pizzazz!’

You’ll need a little bit of patience, hard-work, a power drill, twine or rope, a recycled tire and a few other basic supplies to get started.

These Arm Chairs are perfect for either taking a nap on, relaxing, reading a book, or just placing your drinks and snacks on the next time you have company over.

This DIY craft project will also require industrial glue, scissors, and a few other things which you can get the details for by clicking on the Fun Fun link below.


Kids Play

Tire Jungle Gym Climber

How cool is this! Can you imagine having this in your backyard, your kids would never want to leave.

Goofy “Tire Seesaw” For Kids

This DIY Goofy Tire Seesaw creation is perfect for kids, and lots of fun too! With an old tire, plywood, paint, and a few plastic parts you’ll have yours up and running in no time!

Kids absolutely love this goofy design, its cute, colorful, and best of all you and your children can bond while making it!

This DIY recycled tire project can be completed in just a weekend’s time or less, and is perfect for bringing outside, is light enough to move around as needed, and is practically weatherproof!

The site with the original post is gone now but you can see a saved version over at

Here’s another great looking seesaw made from an old tire and reclaimed wood. I love the hand-painted details on this one:

And here is another version cut from a simple pine plank:

DIY Recycled Tire Garden Planters

These DIY outdoor garden planters are the perfect addition for decorating your garden, the exterior of your home, yard, or even the local community center!

This is an awesome family project, is relatively straightforward to make, and is an excellent way to teach kids about the importance of environment and recycling.

For any environmentalists out there or those new to gardening, this is a must-try DIY project!

Check out the Architecture Art Design link below for more details.


The DIY Recycled Tire Balcony Table

The DIY Recycled Tire Balcony Table is great for decks and patios, for holding your drinks and snacks on, and of course adding your favorite flowers to complete your outdoor design!

This back yard DIY project is very straightforward, and will only require a little bit of paint and patience. You can include your kids in on the fun by letting them choose their favorite colors, add stickers, stripes, eyes, and more!

Also, rather than using a slate of wood, you can use the glass either from your old coffee table or a local junkyard and be all the more environmentally-friendly in your creation and style!

Source: Madcap Frenzy

Using Recycled Tires To Add “Decor” To Your Garden

If you want to add style and personality to your garden or widen the variety of flowers and plants you currently have in your back yard, then this is a must-try DIY project that uses recycled tires, paints, and a couple of durable, industrial-strength chains.

You can hang them from your tree, and make as many as you want! With this DIY project, you can also use smaller tires, or even smaller planters – and top off your style by using a recycled chandelier to hang smaller plants from together!


Old Fashion Tire Swings & Outdoor Adventures!

For the sake of “nostalgia” and supplying your kids with endless days of fun, this old-fashioned’ tire swing design is the perfect touch for any garden and back yard.

You can let your kids paint funny faces, shapes, animals, or even polka-dots like the picture above to add own personal touch, and making these will require less than a day.

Naturally, this is a favorite among both new and experienced DIYers, and all you’ll need is a few nylon ropes, a steel hook or notch to secure the rope, a hammer, and of course a sturdy tree branch or two.

Art & Decorations

DIY Old Tire Christmas Decorations

Create your own Fairy tale DIY Christmas wonderland in your backyard with these Christmas themed old tire upcycle ideas.

Old Tire Christmas Tree

Old Tire Christmas Porch Decoration

Here is a fun, cheap, creative way to spice up your front porch for the holiday season. The good people over at Clean & Scentsible created this little DIY tutorial on how to make this nature inspired holiday centerpiece.

Once Christmas is over you can move the tire to your garden and use it as a planter. Now that is some serious upcycling!

DIY Details: Clean & Scentsible

Turn Old Tires into Giant Christmas Ornament Decorations

DIY Details: Addicted 2 DIY

Lighted Christmas Wreath From a Recycled Tire

Bringing MINIONS To Life With Recycled Tires!

Now you can make your kids their favorite characters and bring them to life with this DIY Recycled Tire Project! Minions, Spongebob, and Dora The Explorer – there’s really no limits!

This DIY recycled tire project is cute, fun, and easy to make either by yourself to surprise your kids, or include them in on the fun! All you’ll need is a few acrylic spray paints, a couple of recycled tires, and the instructions found at the OMG Facts link below will also tell you how you can add arms or hands to hold your garden tools – or your kid’s favorite toys!


Outdoor DIY Recycled Tire Fairy Tale Adventures

No matter how big or small, this DIY recycled tire project for your back yard or front lawn is an impressive combination of awesomeness, creativity, and imagination for all ages!

This is an excellent way to make playing outdoors more fun for your kids – and your neighbors are sure to enjoy looking at all your creations too!

These recycled tire creatures and characters shouldn’t take more than a day or two to make. And, best of all they can be made for FREE! Just gather some old or recycled tires, pots and pans you don’t use anymore, paints and flowers, recycled plastic and a few cups, and you’re all set!

See more by DIYN Crafts below and learn how to make yours.


We always love to hear from our visitors, so if you’d like to share your experiences with any of these exciting DIY backyard garden creations using recycled tires feel free to give us a shout!

Do you have any other ideas you’d like us to post for others to enjoy? Just feel free to leave a comment!

You can get the most recent DIY back yard projects and other fresh ideas by visiting the Feel It Cool link below!


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