14 Budget Friendly DIY Backyard Furniture Ideas You Will Love

We’ve come up with 14 Budget Friendly DIY back yard furniture ideas and creations that you’re sure to love!

Each of these DIY Projects are designed for both new and experienced DIYers alike, and many can even be fun family activity projects to do together with your loved ones.

So read on to find out how to get started!

1. A Convenient DIY Pallet Bar Table And Stools

Made from entirely recycled or unwanted wooden pallets, this is an awesome way to make a unique, appealing back yard bar and stool set without spending a dime!

This project should take no more than a few days and will be perfect for bonding with friends and family out back. It’s also a great DIY project for relaxing by your garden, either with loved ones or by yourself. For full details and instructions on the DIY Pallet Bar Table And Stools project, check out the Stacked Design link below.

Photo via: stackeddesign.blogspot.com

2. DIY Hammock For Your Back Yard

Rather than spending hundreds of dollars at the local store, this DIY Wooden Hammock is the perfect project this spring or summer for you and your family to enjoy memories together.

This is a very practical, relatively easy DIY project that will just require a few hand tools, a hammock blanket and fixed-ropes or extensions, and a little bit of hard work! You can also include your family in on the fun parts, such as painting the hammock legs and stand to match your personality.

Read more at the Here Comes The Sun Blog link below.

Full tutorial: herecomesthesunblog.net

3. Turning An Old Milk Jug Into A Side Table

Now you can use any old milk jug lying around your house or garden to make the perfect chair or even foot stool – depending on your preference! This is an awesome way to be environmentally-friendly in recycling unused items from around your home and will give your garden that artsy, unique look you desire.

You’ll need a power drill, hammer, pliers, spray paint, clear sealant to weatherproof your ‘Milk Jug Table’ and stool, and a few other supplies which can be found at the Pretty Handy Girl link below.

Photo via: prettyhandygirl.com

4. The DIY Wooden Pallet Bench And Table

This DIY Garden Project combines wooden pallets to make both a comfortable bench and colorful table.

In just a few easy steps, you’ll have a fantastic garden bench and table that will match your personality or garden, and accent your other out door furniture or style.

This is a great family project and should take no longer than a day. Wooden pallets are becoming very  popular today to create various recycled wooden DIY projects, especially for your back yard garden or patio.

Photo via: frecklesandfluff.com

5. Spectacular DIY Log And Tree Stump Chairs For Your Garden

These DIY wooden stools are an excellent way to reuse unwanted tree stumps, or if you’ve simply cut up your tree recently, rather than throwing it away, you can make this beautiful furniture.

You won’t need much other than a few basic tools and supplies to make these elegant outdoor chairs and tables, a little imagination, patience, and your favorite cushions or pillows to maximize comfort.

Check out all the details and other cool DIY Back Yard ideas at the Ha Happenings link below.

Photo via: hahappenings.blogspot.com

6. The Perfect Back Yard DIY Table And Drink Cooler

This DIY Back Yard Wooden table is excellent for outdoor barbeques, bonding with the family, or just throwing a few beers back with the boys’.

Using a combination of wooden beams and planks of your choice, you’ll need a hammer, nails, paint, clear sealant, and a power-saw – or you can purchase the necessary wood pre-made at the local department store. Either way, you’re sure to save tons of money by making your back yard table with this DIY project, and best of all you can make it as big or small as you want, and customize it to your liking.

Read the full details and a step-by-step guide at the Domesticated Engineer link below.

Full tutorial: domesticated-engineer.com

7. A DIY Outdoor Wooden Sectional Couch For Any Occasion

This DIY Wooden Sectional Couch project is a must try for anyone looking to add to their current patio or back yard, and providing both themselves and guests a more comfy place to sit their bottoms.

Combining recycled wood, or even your favorite unused wooden chairs, this is the ultimate project for saving yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars, and adding a classy touch to your outdoor garden or back yard. This is a creat creation for sending time with your loved ones, bonding, and taking in nature – no matter the season!

You can find the full details by checking out The 36th Avenue link below.

Photo via: the36thavenue.com

8. A Complete DIY Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Using Cinder Blocks, concrete, wood, your choice of table-top slates -such as brick, stone, or marble from the local department store – a set of hand tools, paint, and a lot of patience.

Now, this is definitely not the easiest DIY Back Yard Project by any measure, but outdoor kitchen setup eas cansily cost into the $5,000-$10,000 range or more.

But, with this DIY project you should be able to have this complete, elegant custom designed kitchen for less than $500, depending on the materials you choose to finish the project.

You can find a complete, helpful step-by-step guide for getting this DIY Back Yard Kitchenette below at the The Owner Builder Network link below. You’re sure to be the talk and envy of all your neighbors!

Full tutorial: project.theownerbuildernetwork.co

9. Gorgeous DIY Bench Using An Old Fence

Using an old fence, recycling your current one, or purchasing a new wooden fence partition is the perfect solution to a cost-effective, stylish, and comfortable outdoor garden bench.

This DIY Outdoor Garden Bench should take no more than a day to complete and all you’ll need are a new steel rods, brackets, or pre-made squares, as shown above, and when complete should cost you no more than $20. Best of all, you can make more than one of these for your garden, patio, and deck.

Read more at the Brick House link below.

Photo via: the-brick-house.com

10. Combining Wood And Concrete Blocks For The Perfect DIY Bench

You can repurpose unused or unwanted cinder blocks, wood, and even get the wood necessary for this project from wooden pallets. This is an awesome way not only to save time and money, but it’s also a very distinctive design, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and environmentalists alike.

What better way to take in the scenery and nature of your garden than with this DIY Outdoor Cinder Block And Wooden Bench? Check out more below at the 1001 Gardens link below for other excellent Outdoor DIY Project ideas!

Photo via: 1001gardens.org

11. DIY Fashionable Wooden Cabinet And Bench

You can make this DIY Outdoor Storage Bench by simply using an old or unused cabinet, and combine a slate of wood on top, a few hinges, a hammer, and screws or preferably a power drill.

This is an excellent way to recycle unused items, care for the environment, and make the perfect storage container for all of your patio or back yard garden items, tools, and other essentials.

The next time you have a picnic out back, you’ll have a perfect place to store your blankets, pillows, and can even use this as a table to eat your snacks on!

Check out all the details at the Sand And Sisal link below.

Photo via: sandandsisal.com

12. DIY Outdoor Wooden Pallet Coffee Table

Another spin on using recycled wooden pallets, this DIY Wooden Pallet Outdoor Coffee table is a brilliant use of unwanted wood, and will only require a few basic supplies, such as screws, paint, a hammer, a screwdriver or power-drill, and of course a few wooden pallets.

You can also customize the width and height of this DIY Wooden Pallet Table, by just modifying a step or two.

Check out more details at the Inspirations By D link below.

Full tutorial: inspirationsbyd.blogspot.com

13. A DIY Wooden Pallet Day Bed And Couch

A customized, mobile day and night-bed using recycled wooden pallets, this is the ultimate ‘icing on the cake’ DIY Garden Project that’s the perfect solution for comfort, lounging, relaxing, or even sleeping under the stars with your loved ones.

You can also use this design and DIY idea by Pretty Prudent to use the couch or mattress of your choosing – by simply changing the diameters and amount of recycled wooden pallets you use to create yours.

Read more at the Pretty Prudent link below.

Photo via: prettyprudent.com

14. An Exciting DIY Wooden Pallet Garden Swing

Now you can create the ultimate DIY Wooden Pallet swing for your back yard with just a few simple steps, and it’s sure to be a blast!

We know you’ve heard of back yard garden swings, or even swinging benches, but this DIY Garden Project takes things to a whole nother’ level! You can either use an unwanted or unused mattress for this project and can cover it up with plastic tarp when not in use to protect it from weather and any unwanted pests.

Using simple wooden pallets, durable (industrial grade) nylon rope, metal hooks and brackets, and a few other essential tools and supplies you can bring this DIY Wooden Pallet Bed Swing project to life – just check out The Merry Thought link below!

Photo via: themerrythought.com

Have an outdoor budget friendly DIY project you’d like to share? Feel free to leave a Comment below, or Contact Us and we’ll add it to our list of awesome ideas so others can enjoy too!

Also, be sure to post below and let us know how your DIY project turned out from any one of the awesome ideas above.

Don’t forget to check out the Top Dreamer link below for more awesome ideas!

Happy Summer!

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