12 Fun Tire Swing Ideas to Make Your Backyard Better Than The Playpark

When I was little, my grandparents had a huge garden which connected straight to a forest. On one of the trees near the house, they had a tire swing, and I can honestly say that it was one of the things I looked forward to most when visiting their house. Aside from valuable family time of course.

Tire swings are a great addition to any garden, whether they’re for kids as a fun thing to play on or for adults as a unique and calming seat. Because they are suspended, you don’t even need too much space to make one, just some form of sturdy branch or beam that you can hang it from.

There are far more ways of customizing a simple tire swing than I ever thought, meaning that you can really make it your own, and make it perfect for your own garden and vibe.

Unique and Fun Tire Swing Ideas

1. Simple One Rope Tire Swing

This technique looks like the simplest way of hanging a tire swing that I have ever seen. There is no tricky screwing or puncturing involved, you simply need a bit of rope work and a sturdy branch.

If you’re not too confident with your handyman skills, this simple one rope tire swing would be just perfect, and very risk-free. I love that they have decided to spray paint the tire in this DIY, and think it brings new life to it, transforming it from something old and used into something new and fun.

2. Horse Tire Swing

I am absolutely gutted I didn’t know about this horse tire swing DIY when I was younger, although my parents probably am glad I didn’t, as I would have begged and begged for one.

It’s a lot of fun, and I can imagine that it would be loved by kids of a large range of ages. Of course, because of the design, it will take a little longer to construct than a plain tire swing would, but the end result would be worth it, and your kids would be exceptionally grateful. You could go the extra mile and use spray paints to jazz it up a bit, I bet you could even turn it into a magical, colorful unicorn.

3. Horizontal Tire Swing

Although most tend to have the tire hanging vertically, there is a lot to be said for tire swings which use the tire horizontally. They are arguably safer, as kids can sit fully in them without the need to hold on tightly, and would be really great for younger kids.

This DIY requires a bit of elbow grease and work, but the result looks incredibly sturdy and is bound to last many years. The length of the chain can also be adjusted to fit wherever you wish to hang the swing. One of my favorite things to do as a kid on a tire swing was to wind it up and sit on it screaming with excitement as it spun out, and this swing looks like it would be perfect for that.

4. Double Level Tire Swing

This double level tire swing looks like something that your kid would see at the play-park and instantly run right towards. If you have more than one kid this would be an amazing way for them to be able to play with the swing together, making it more fun for them and avoiding arguments as it’s a win-win.

It may look like an adventurous DIY, but in reality, it isn’t too different to other tire swings other than the fact that you have to do everything twice. Your kids would definitely want to show this off to their friends, and you’ll probably have their parents asking for tips on how to replicate it.

5. Animal Tire Swing

You could get so creative when taking inspiration from this painted animal tire swing. The ladybird is really cute, and your kids would feel like they are flying through the air on the back of the insect.

There are so many different things you could try out, and because it is simply painted on you could even change it every now and again at a very low cost. As if your kid wasn’t going to be happy enough when they see their new tire swing, imagine the looks on their faces when they see that it looks just like their favorite animal.

6. No-Chain Tire Swing

A lot of my aunts and uncles have really young kids, and I know that they would feel safer having them play on this tire swing which is hung with chords instead of chains.

Not only does it look safer, it also looks somewhat more simple to make, with simple looping removing the need for tricky knots or screws. I am sure you could use this technique to hang a tire vertically or horizontally dependant on your preferences.

7. Alternative Tire Swing

If you are looking for a totally different type of tire swing for your backyard then this could just do the trick. Not only is this a cheaper alternative, but it is also a really nice option for someone who doesn’t have enough space for a more traditional form of a tire swing.

It looks incredibly simple to make, with not too many confusing materials or tools, and it looks a bit like the swing on a flying fox to me, which was one of my favorite things to play on when I was little.

8. Indoor Stylish Tire Swing

Indoor Stylish Tire Swing

Okay, this isn’t for the backyard, but it’s just such a cool idea and looks so good that I couldn’t leave it out. I would have absolutely loved this indoor tire swing when I was younger, and to be perfectly honest I would probably still love it now. I wouldn’t exactly play on it anymore, but just the look of it is something so interesting and cool.

You could paint this any color you wanted, and use different ropes or chains to fit the style you want. That being said, I think the white looks really cool, especially compared to the usual black of a tire, and the thick and almost messy rope is a really stylish touch.

9. Nest Style Tire Swing

This nest style tire swing is the ultimate way of making a tire swing safe for smaller kids who would otherwise fall right through the middle of the tire. I was definitely one of those kids.

The instructions for this DIY are in German, but they can easily be translated online if you can’t get the general idea from the photos. Not only would this form of tire swing be fun and safe for kids, but it would also be a really comfy swinging chair for adults. I can imagine sitting on this with a book on a summery day, lightly swinging, which would be highly pleasant.

10. Painted Tire Swing

It is more the pattern on this painted tire swing that caught my eye as opposed to the making of the swing itself, unsurprisingly.

Turning the process of making a tire swing into a fun, crafty experience for the whole family is something that is really appealing to me. Kids would enjoy planning out what they wanted to paint onto their new swing, or more so have fun not planning and throwing every color they can on it. Once they’re finished, they will be proud to see their creation hung in the backyard, and showing it off to all their friends before you know it.

11. Seat Tire Swing

I think this is a really cool alternative to the average tire swing and would enable kids to lie back and relax in it. You could adjust the size of it to fit your kids by using different sizes of tires, making sure that it is a perfect size for them and therefore most comfortable.

Minus the cutting which might be a bit tricky dependant on the thickness of your tire, this seat tire swing looks pretty simple to recreate. You could even make one of these and have it alongside a regular styled tire swing so that you have a bit of variety, and all your kids’ needs from chill to play will be covered.

12. Rope Covered Tire Swing

If you live somewhere hot then it is a really good idea to mimic this rope covered tire swing, especially if the swing won’t always be in the shade. That way you can save your little ones from getting their skin scorched, and make it look pretty at the same time.

It will be really important to have a look around for decent quality, soft rope when making this DIY, as there would be nothing worse than attempting to play on a scratchy and uncomfortable tire. I would love to try making this using different colors of rope, crossing them over or making patterns.

Concluding 12 Fun Tire Swing Ideas

A tire swing would be a positive and fun addition to any backyard in my opinion. Of course, you can buy ready-made ones, but why do that when you can make and customize your own for a lower price? Whether you have a tree to hang one from or you have to erect a support beam, it really isn’t too tricky, and there are so many options for different styles and sizes.

I love anything bright and colorful, especially out in the yard, so I think I would be decorating my tire swing, whether it be like an animal or a simple solid color. The idea of having a tire swing inside has also really appealed to me, and I think it would be such a cool addition to a kids’ bedroom.

Do you have fond memories of playing on tire swings growing up? Would you prefer to stick to the traditional style for your own backyard or are you feeling the urge to try something new?


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