12 Best Bocce Ball Sets for 2020 – Reviews, Buying Guide & Best Use

In the last couple of years Bocce ball has really taken off in the USA and as a result, seemingly every manufacturer of outdoor sporting goods has jumped on the bandwagon and produced a Bocce ball set of their own. Some of these sets are great and others are…

Well, not so great!

It can be extremely hard to judge which is the best Bocce ball set as they all look pretty much the same on the surface.

So, to save you the disappointment of picking the wrong set, we have researched all the top Bocce Ball Sets on the market and prepared this buying guide based on Quality, Best Usage, Customer Service, and Price.

Bocce Ball Set Reviews

GoSports 100mm Regulation Bocce Set


Best Bang for the Buck

  • Manufacturer: GoSports 
  • Size: 100mm
  • Players: 2-8
  • Price: $$

The GoSports 100mm Regulation set is not the best in any of the categories I looked at. It is not the best quality set on my list, nor is it the most durable, or the cheapest.

BUT it does strike the perfect balance of being REALLY GOOD in all of those categories which makes it my top pick for casual players who want a quality set at an affordable price.

The eight 100mm balls from GoSports’ regulation set comes in a premium canvas bag with dividers. The balls have a high-shine finish and come in two different colors, with both circle and square cuts allowing up to 8 players per round.

If you go for the GoSports set, you’ll also get a white pallino ball, measuring rope, and a guidebook of the official rules. You can use it for recreational play and for official bocce games.

But honestly, one of the best things about the GoSports kit is the canvas bag that it comes with. It’s lightweight but durable and since there are dividers in it, there’s no risk of you scratching the balls on accident.

Things to Consider

Most of the tournaments I looked into use 107mm balls – which means if you want to practice for a tournament you should probably get a 107 mm set like the Baden Champions Set.

But if tournament play is not in your foreseeable future then the GoSports 100mm set is a great Mid-Range choice.


What We Like:

Amazing reviews on Amazon.com
Good value for money
Stylish high-gloss finish
Great carry bag with ball separators and strong strap

Our Concerns:

The build quality is slightly inferior to other mid-range sets
100mm balls not suitable for tournament training



AmazonBasics Bocce Ball Set 100mm


Most Popular

  • Manufacturer: AmazonBasics 
  • Size: 100mm/90mm
  • Players: 2-8
  • Price: $$

With nearly 600 reviews on Amazon.com (most 5 stars) the Amazon Basics Bocce Ball Set is one of the most popular sets you can buy.

Included with the set, you’ll get eight full-size balls (100 mm), 4 red and 4 green, with two distinct scoring patterns.

These patterns are not just for decoration, in combination with the colors on the balls they allow up to 8 players to keep track of their ball and participate in a game. The patterns can also be used to split the game into 2 teams 4 or into 4 teams of 2.

This set also comes with a white pallino ball and a measuring tape to make those close calls much easier to judge.

The 100 mm balls in this set are heavier than most regulation sets and weigh 2.47 lbs each which is great for players who really like to make solid contact with their opponent’s balls.

AmazonBasics also offers a 90mm version of the set which is made from the same high-quality materials, the only difference is the balls are slightly smaller and lighter (1.6 lbs apiece ).

The smaller set is an excellent choice for kids, seniors, or people with mobility issues since it won’t strain their wrists. On the other hand, even though it’s not regulation size, the bigger set is an excellent choice for more serious players.

Things to Consider

While the AmazonBasics Bocce balls are pretty high-quality, we do have a bone to pick with their carry bag. It’s made of polyester and it is pretty flimsy. It doesn’t have a reinforced bottom or dividers and doesn’t hold the balls firmly in place.


What We Like:

Good bang for the buck
Option to choose between two sizes
Heavy 100mm balls for those who prefer balls with a bit of weight

Our Concerns:

Flimsy carrying bag; does not hold together
Non-regulation size – not suitable for professional play



GoSports 90mm Backyard Bocce Set With Soft Rubber Balls


Best Bocce Ball Set for Kids

  • Manufacturer: GoSports
  • Size: 90mm
  • Players:
  • Price: $$

So What Makes This The Best Set For Kids?

First off, they look great!

The set comes with 4 different vibrant colors (red, green, blue, orange). They are 90mm in diameter which is about the smallest Bocce ball you can get. And most importantly, this unique set is made of soft rubber.

There are numerous benefits to using rubber balls, the most significant being that it makes playing indoors and on hard surfaces safer and more convenient.

If one of your kids drops a ball on your brand new hard-wood floor, it won’t leave a big dent. And if they drop it in the driveway the ball won’t chip. These balls are pretty much indestructible!

It is also much easier for small kids to handle these balls as the soft rubber helps with their grip.

You may be thinking… “I want to play Bocce Ball – not Dodge Ball”. Don’t worry… for some reason, the soft rubber balls don’t bounce and they really don’t affect gameplay all that much. It feels just like playing a classic game of bocce ball.

Just keep in mind that I am only recommending this set for kid-centric play. If kids will not be a significant part of your Bocce balling, there are better sets available.


What We Like:

Good bang for the buck
Safe for indoor play
Soft rubber makes it easy for kids to grip
Practically indestructible

Our Concerns:

Non-regulation size – not suitable for professional play
Flimsy drawstring carrying bag
Color fades after time


Hey! Play! Bocce Ball 90mm Set


Best Budget Pick

  • Manufacturer: Hey Play!
  • Size: 90mm/100mm
  • Players: 2-8
  • Price: $$

If you’re shopping on a shoestring budget or just want to give Bocce Ball a go without shelling out the big bucks, we recommend the Hey! Play! set. It’s cheap, compact, and comes with a handy case to carry your balls in.

Just like the AmazonBasics set, the Hay! Play! comes with eight balls in two different colors and scoring patterns.

It also includes a 7-foot measuring tape and a pallino ball. All the balls measure 90mm in diameter and weigh around 1.6 lbs.

All the balls are made of a high-quality poly-resin that’s supposed to ensure a crack-free experience. The bag that the Hey! Play! kit comes with is lightweight, durable, and compact.

The 90mm version of this set is extremely popular, but if you’re looking for a regulation-sized set then for an extra $10 bucks Hey! Play! has you covered.

Their 100mm Bocce balls are not quite as popular as their smaller siblings but they are definitely worth a look.

Things to Consider

I have not personally played with this set but it is very well-liked with over 800 reviews on Amazon.com. While most of the reviews were positive, there were a few complaints of balls shattering easily on the first impact.

So consider that carefully before you set your mind to buying a budget set.


What We Like:

Good value for the price
Solid and well-balanced balls
Small lightweight balls good for kids

Our Concerns:

Carry bag is too flimsy
Balls tend to scratch easily
Some balls are prone to cracking


St. Pierre Tournament 107 mm Professional Bocce Set & Pine Box


Best High-End Set

  • Manufacturer: St. Pierre 
  • Size: 107mm
  • Players: 2-4
  • Price: $$$$$

As a company that proudly manufactures all of its products in the US, St.Pierre has a long history of making professional bocce ball sets. The company’s Tournament set a true piece of craftsmanship that’s hard not to love.

As soon as you pick these balls up you know you got your money’s worth.

St. Pierre’s kit includes everything necessary for 2 – 4 people to play including 8 107mm composite resin balls (4 dark red and 4 dark green) and 1 yellow jack ball (57mm).

Using one-piece construction the balls are crafted from a thermo-set composite resin, which is supposed to be one of the most durable materials available.

But what really sets these balls apart from the cheaper ones in my roundup is that their roundness and balance specs are the best in the business.

This may not matter if you’re playing a friendly backyard game of Bocce ball but it makes a huge difference in competitive play where mear inches can make the difference between 1st and 2nd place.

Speaking of competitive play… the United States Bocce Federation has approved the St. Pierre’s set for use it in all its tournaments.

Another great thing about the St. Pierre’s Tournament set is that it comes with a luxurious mahogany and pine box with a built-in handle. This makes the set a great choice as a gift to your favorite backyard enthusiast.

Things to Consider

Although I really love the look of the pine box, it is not very practical. If you’re going to be carrying your set to and from the park or beach often, you may want to look at the version that comes with a nylon carrying bag instead.

You will also save around $10 bucks with this option.


What We Like:

Regulation bocce ball size and weight – suitable for professional play
Solid resin material, durable and well-made
Precise balance
Colorful and attractive finish
Pine box makes a great gift

Our Concerns:



Baden Champions 107mm Bocce Ball Set


Best Mid Range Tournament Set

  • Manufacturer: Baden
  • Size: 107mm/90mm
  • Players: 2-8
  • Price: $$$$

The Baden Champion Set is a great option for players who want a tournament quality set but don’t want to pay the steep price of a high-end set like the St. Pierre or the Perfecta.

If you want to get involved in Bocce tournament play your balls will need to adhere to some very specific guidelines…

The Bocce Standards Association has chosen the International Standard ball diameter of 107 mm (4.2 inches) and weight of 920gms. (2 lbs.) as the standard size.

Bocce Standards Association

The Baden 107mm Bocce Ball set meets all these standards but costs around half the price of the “Pro” sets.

The Baden’s balls are ALMOST the same quality as those more expensive sets. I say “almost” because, while the Baden set is just as durable as the more expensive sets, it is not manufactured to such exacting standards which means less precise ball roundness and balance.

But for anyone but the pickies players – the Baden will do just fine.

When you buy the Baden bocce ball set, you’ll also get a pallino ball, a 5-foot measuring tape, and a weather-resistant carrying case. The balls in the kit come in two colors (red and green) and they’re made of poly-resin plastic which is practically indestructible.

The balls are marked with multiple scoring patterns (circle vs stripes) allowing for up to 8 players per round.

Baden will also give you a book of instructions to help you learn the game even if you’ve never played before.

Baden has a 90-day money-back guarantee. Even though it’s not comparable to the Perfetta Club one, it’s good to know that the company has its customer’s back.

Things to Consider

Baden’s Bocce sets shares a similar problem to some other companies we’ve talked about… the bag! While it’s not the worst quality, the case isn’t particularly durable and the shoulder straps can come off.

Also, the bag doesn’t have any dividers in it. So when you put the balls inside, they will move around and you might scratch them during transport.


What We Like:

107mm balls meet requirements of the Bocce Standards Association
Balls have a solid & sturdy feel
Balls are very well balanced
90-day warranty
Extremely durable balls

Our Concerns:

107mm balls may be too large for young kids hands
Balls get scratched somewhat easily
Slightly pricier compared to other similar sets


Franklin Sports 90mm Bocce Ball Starter Set


Best Budget Pick For Kids

  • Manufacturer: Franklin Sport 
  • Size: 90mm
  • Players:
  • Price: $

A trusted name, great reviews, rugged construction and all for a rock bottom price… What more could you want in a Bocce Ball set?

The Franklin Sports Starter Set is versatile, durable, and fun to play with. The balls are high-quality; they don’t chip or break, and they provide all-weather reliability.

This is the only super-cheap Bocce set I could find that is not made of cheap plastic. I would not use this for a serious game of Bocce ball but for casual backyard play, it will get the job done – especially when kids are involved.

While most Bocce sets come with 2 ball colors (red, green) the Franklin starter set comes with 4 kid-friendly colors (red, green, blue, yellow). Add to that the fact that the balls are small and lightweight and you have the perfect Budget Bocce Ball set for kids.

Franklin Sport makes 2 other models that are worth looking at:


What We Like:

4 kid-friendly ball colors
Rugged construction for the price
Excellent gameplay for kids and beginners

Our Concerns:

Non-regulation size – not suitable for professional play
Carrying bag is slightly flimsy
Prone to surface scratches


Perfetta Club Pro 107mm Bocce Ball Set


Best for Serious Players

  • Manufacturer: Perfetta
  • Size: 107mm
  • Players: 2-8
  • Price: $$$$$

If you’re looking for a Bocce ball set you can use in tournaments, Perfetta has the set for you. The company makes and engraves all the balls in Italy, where the sport originated.

The eight balls in this kit come in the two classic colors, green and red. They’re all regulation size, measuring 107 mm in diameter and are made from a unique blend of solid phenolic resin plastic.

Everybody loves this set. Summer camps and recreation centers love them because of their extreme durability, senior citizens love them because of the vibrant ball colors that are easy to see at a distance, and pros love them because they meet all association standards.

Yes! The Perfetta Club Balls meet all specifications prescribed by the Bocce Standards Association so you can use them to play for fun, or if you are the competitive type you can use them in competition.

What really sets the Perfetta apart from other companies is how much they believe in their product. Namely, the company offers a full 10-year warranty against breakage on this set! Wow!

Things to Consider

While there’s no arguing that Perfetta’s ball quality is outstanding, the carry bag leaves something to be desired for such an expensive set.

The biggest issue we have with the bag is that it doesn’t have a reinforced bottom and doesn’t hold the balls in place. So, while you’re carrying it to and from the park the balls knock around and may get scratched.


What We Like:

Regulation bocce ball set; suitable for professional play
Solid phenolic resin plastic material; highly durable
Superior finish with minimal scuffing
Precise balance for great gameplay
Comes with a 10-year warranty against breakage!

Our Concerns:

Doesn’t come with a tape measure


Playaboule V3 DLX Lighted Bocce Ball Set


Best for Night Play

  • Manufacturer: Playaboule 
  • Size: 107mm
  • Players: 2-8
  • Price: $$$$

If you’re looking for the best bocce ball set to take on overnight camping trips or to play with in the dark, look no further than the Playaboule Lighted Bocce Ball Set.

With battery-powered glow in the dark balls, you can play the ultimate bocce game even into the wee hours of the night.

Let me just say right off the bat that this is not the set to buy if you want to play a serious game of Bocce Ball. It is more of a novelty item. A very well made, super fun novelty item, but still not the set you want if you’re in training for a Bocce ball tournament.

Although, this is the only US Bocce Federation sized lighted Bocce ball set on the market. The large 107mm balls will feel right at home in your hands if you’re used to playing with a regulation-sized set.

107mm is a bit big for kids under 10 years old but Playaboule added a unique texture to the balls to ensure that they’re easy to grip – so I still think this is a great set for kids.

The balls in this set come with two modes: flashing or solid light. They are water, sand, and grit-proof, and you can play with them on almost any surface. This is a very popular set for beach play.

The Playaboule VX3 DLX set has nearly 500 reviews on Amazon and most are favorable – which is pretty amazing if you think about how much of a pounding theses balls take. The fact that the lights keep working is astounding.

Things to Consider

Let’s talk about batteries!

The Playaboule set comes with pre-installed batteries but be aware that there have been numerous reports of these batteries arriving completely drained. So, to be on the safe side you should probably stock up on spare batteries.

There’s nothing worse than setting up for an exciting game of nighttime Bocce ball and having half your balls refuse to light up because the batteries are dead.

You will need batteries to keep your balls lit up. And we are not talking AAA batteries like you can get at the corner 711. This set takes the little round, flat batteries – and lots of them!

3 per ball x 9 balls = 27 batteries. Expect a set of batteries to last for 15 hours of play.

Luckily, the required batteries are pretty cheap, you can get 100 batteries for under 10 bucks HERE.

And don’t worry about pain in the butt battery compartments (like in my son’s favorite remote control car!), Playaboule’s batteries are super-easy to change as you can see in this video:


What We Like:

Regulation bocce ball size (107mm)
LED-lighted balls for nighttime play
Waterproof, grit and sand resistant
Easy-grip texture
Long-lasting batteries
Complete range of replacement parts available.

Our Concerns:

Lighter than regulation bocce ball – not suitable for professional play
Slightly pricey
Ball diameter may be too big for very young kid’s hands


Viva Sol Premium Resin Bocce Ball Set & Wooden Case


Most Beautiful Bocce Ball Set

  • Manufacturer: Viva Sol
  • Size: 107mm
  • Players: 2-8
  • Price: $$$$

In my opinion, the Viva Sol is the most aesthetically pleasing Bocce ball set on the market and would be perfect to give as a gift.

I would not recommend this set for serious players or for players who want to take it to the beach, park etc.

Things to Consider

I was reluctant to list this one as there have been many complaints around two specific issues: 

  1. The box, while beautiful there are complaints that it is not very sturdy and everyone always ends up carrying the ball in a bag. 
  2. There have been numerous complaints that the set showed up in terrible condition, even some people claiming that the set they received was used even though they paid for a new one.  

In Viva Sol’s defense – it does look like most of those complaints were from before 2018. Most of the newer reviews are all stellar so hopefully, they have gotten their act together.


What We Like:

Bright vivid colors perfect for gifting
Balls are regulation size and weight
Fair mid-range price tag

Our Concerns:

Balls tend to chip
Box not practical for transporting balls frequently
More durable options available for serious players


If style is your top criteria for picking a bocce ball set then I have listed some other beautiful looking sets below:

Mini Sea Turtle Sports Beach Bocce Ball Set


Best For Beach Play

  • Manufacturer: Mini Sea Turtle Sports 
  • Size: 74mm
  • Players: 2-4
  • Price: $$$

Why it Made the List

This is a beautiful Beach Themed Bocce ball set that is frequently featured as a luxury gifting item in Men’s Journal and other leading magazines. Tommy Bahama even gave the set their stamp of approval by co-branding it a few years back.

The balls are finished in beachie colors and the carry bag looks like a beach tote. And as a topper, “Beach Bocce” is actually engraved on each of the balls.

Ok, to be completely honest – you can use pretty much use any mid to high-end Bocce ball set at the beach, there is nothing intrinsically different about this set (except for the ball size) but the look and feel of the balls make me want to hit the beach every time I look at them.

The Bocce balls and Jack (target ball) in this set are made from tough synthetic polymers and injection-molded making them super impact resistant.

Things to Consider

Please note that the Bocce balls in this set are Petanque size (the French version of Bocce), which is a very tiny 74 mm or 3 inches in diameter, and It only comes with only 4 balls as opposed to the regular 8 that most Bocce ball sets contain.

So, playing with more than 4 players is not an option.


What We Like:

Beach/Summer theme make the set a joy to play with
Tiny 74mm balls great for very young kids
Great gift idea
Extremely durable balls

Our Concerns:

Only comes with 4 balls
Collects sand inside logo crevices, difficult to clean
Tiny Patanque sized balls may put off serious Bocce ball players


Funsparks Crazy “Bocce Ball” Set


Fun Bocce Ball Alternative

  • Manufacturer: Funsparks
  • Size: 50mm (square)
  • Players:
  • Price: $
  • Customer Reviews

You may have noticed that I put the “Bocce Balls” in quotes in the title above. That’s because this set actually comes with cubes instead of balls.

The set includes 8 Bocce cubes that are made out of hardwood and painted in 4 bright colors, 2 red, 2 yellow, 2 green, and 2 blue. This is a big plus as most Kids’ sets are made of cheap plastic and shatter after several hours of play.

The cubes only weigh 2.2 ounces and are only 50mm across so they are perfect for young children that may have trouble handling a standard 100mm Bocce balls.

One of my favorite things about this set is that you can play it on sloping or rough surfaces which is just not possible with round balls. Kids love the fact that the cubes follow bouncy unpredictable paths when rolled.

Of course, this set is useless if you want to play a regulation game of Bocce ball, but with a price tag under $20 bucks, it’s a nice, cheap way to get your kids interested in Bocce before easing them into a regular set.


What We Like:

Bright colors
Can be played on sloping surfaces
Very inexpensive
Kids go nuts over the erratic bounce path

Our Concerns:

Novelty set – not for serious Bocce ball play
Colors fade after extended use


Bocce Ball Buying Guide

We have done our best with our top picks above, to include only the best of the best in each price range. However, when it comes to Bocce balls, as with many things in life, you really do get what you pay for.

The budget sets on this list are the best you can get FOR THE PRICE, but if you can afford it I would opt for a mid-range or higher set.

Remember the entire purpose of this game is to repeatedly slam 2 solid balls against each other – sometimes very hard. Over time sets made with lower quality materials may chip or crack open.

Buying a cheaper set could be an invitation for frustration and disappointment. There’s nothing worse than heading down to the park with the whole family only to have your balls split open 10 minutes after starting.

What Does a Typical Bocce Set Contain?

typical bocce set without the bag

There are three components of a typical Bocce set:

  • 8 bocce balls (traditionally in red and green)
  • 1 smaller target ball (usually white, called a jack or pallino)
  • A case/bag/crate to carry the balls

The balls typically have markings on them which are used to differentiate between the different balls.

The two different colored balls, plus the difference in lines mean you can play singles or doubles using just the different colors, or the combination of colors and lines.

While traditionally the balls come in red and green, you can also see other color variants and up to four colors in a set.

More expensive bocce sets may include additional accessories such as a measuring tape (to precisely determine who is closest to the pallino/jack) or a much fancier carry-bag or case which can be leather, canvas or a timber box.

If you pay good money for expensive, quality bocce balls, then it can be worthwhile to invest in a quality case to protect your new balls. Just keep in mind that fancy cases will often add additional weight to your new bocce set.

There are, of course, additional accessories that you can acquire. These include scoreboards, a bocce court that can be rolled out on any surface and barriers for the boundary of play.

You can also purchase bocce ball polish to keep your set in great condition and help to maintain your ball grip.

These additional accessories rarely come as a part of a standard bocce set and the only one you really need is a consistent way to measure the distance between the balls, especially if you have anyone competitive in the family.

Trust me, when a game is close, a reliable measuring method is crucial!

Bocce Ball Materials

Materials are incredibly important when considering the best Bocce ball set for your needs. We’ve listed five great choices below and one to avoid (hint, it’s plastic!).


resin composite bocce balls

The majority of Bocce balls are made from a resin-composite material (which has a similar feel to a bowling ball). This hard plastic-composite material is the only accepted material for play in Bocce competitions.

The reason for this is because these balls, along with metal (discussed below) make for a straighter roll and therefore a more accurate shot for a skillful player.

Polymer Bocce Balls

polymer bocce balls on the ground

Another option that is great for a variety of outdoor surfaces is a durable polymer that has a hard plastic feel.

These sets tend to be very expensive and are only necessary if you plan to really test your Bocce skills off-road in challenging environments. If you plan to play on a lawn or turf court, then you don’t need to invest in the extra durability of the polymer.

Rubber Bocce Balls

colorful rubber bocce balls

There are also rubber Bocce balls available, which are great for kids since they are lighter and also softer, which can be safer for the little ones who’s coordination result in accidents. Safety first!

These rubber options can also be a little cheaper than their resin-composite cousins, which is great to have as a second set while the kids are learning.

Traditional Wooden Bocce Balls

wooden bocce balls with bag

Traditionally Bocce balls were made from wood and you can still purchase sets made from this material today. They can be tricky to find and are more prone to cracking than the other materials, but give off a very authentic feel.

They also tend to be quite a bit lighter, so can be a good alternative to the rubber balls for the little ones. Lighter balls do make for less precision though, so if you have a very competitive kid, look for the heavier ball options.

Metal Bocce Balls

silver metal bocce balls

Metal is your final option and these Bocce balls tend to be very heavy but make for good accuracy of throw/roll due to their weight.

They may not be as appropriate for little kids who are just beginning on their Bocce journey, but are great for older kids who may want to take their Bocce play more seriously.

Metal balls are more durable and are great if you’re playing on dirt/gravel/sand due to their weight.

Be careful when purchasing metal Bocce balls though, as you may inadvertently purchase the wrong size and end up playing a completely different game! This is discussed more below.

Plastic Bocce Balls

plastic bocce balls with plastic carrier

Finally, we come to plastic sets. As a general rule, we wouldn’t recommend purchasing a cheaper plastic Bocce Ball sets. They tend to be very low-quality material and are prone to chipping/cracking and generally faster wearing and tearing, which reduces precision.

It’s definitely worth investing a little more in a higher quality material.

Bocce Ball Fillers

bocce ball filled with other balls

Believe it or not, the filler material also matters when it comes to choosing a Bocce ball set. You want to avoid any balls filled with water since they can leak, even with the smallest chip and it can be hard to fix and a real nuisance!

More expensive sets with have better-balanced filler material, which will add to the precision of the throw/roll. This won’t matter if you’re buying for little ones, but if you have a teen or adult who loves the game and wants to practice with some degree of accuracy, then this will matter.

What Size Should Bocce Balls Be?

According to official guidelines, Bocce balls should measure between 105-115mm in diameter and weight 2.5Lbs/920g.

For a casual player, it’s more important that all of the balls in their kit weigh the same and are the same size. Cheaper sets may have a difference in individual balls, which equates to unfair advantages for some players.

When you’re shopping, you’ll often see the larger 112mm/115mm balls advertised as competition balls, but the International Bocce Federation standard is 107mm/106mm for men and women respectively.

If you’re someone who wants to strive for the highest standards of a game, then go for the regulation size Bocce balls and get practicing!

That being said, most of us are here to find the best Bocce set for their friends and family and not necessarily preparing for the Bocce World Championship, so we have other considerations to think about.

You can go and seek out lots of different Bocce sizes and have a feel for how the balls fit in your hands. This is good advice for both the materials and for the sizing.

If you’re mostly planning to play with adults, go for a 107mm set because it’s a good set size for men and women.

For kids, a smaller set is a good way to go and a lighter material such as rubber as discussed above. These sets may not have as much precision as the heavier, more durable materials, but the little ones will likely have an easier time with them.

The size of the pallino should be 40-60mm and made of the same resin-composite material as the balls in the kit (if that’s the material you choose).


Pétanque ball set with bag

If you decide that metal Bocce balls are your jam, then buyer beware! You may actually buy balls that belong to a different game. Pétanque is the French version of Bocce and is traditionally played with smaller, metal balls.

It may not matter to you if you’re playing casually, but if you’re a Bocce diehard (or planning to be) and only want a traditional Italian game-style, then avoid the small metal balls. These sets contain balls which are 70-80mm in size and are Pétanque boules and not Bocce balls.

You might find that most of the metal balls being sold are around the Pétanque sizing, so try to have a couple of materials in mind when choosing your Bocce set.

How Much Does a Bocce Ball Set Cost?

colorful bocce ball set with carrier

Bocce sets can vary in cost immensely. The cheaper end of the spectrum sits at around $30, while a professional set could set you back over $100.

The variance in cost comes down to the quality of the balls and case and the importance of this will depend on who is playing and how often.

We will go through the difference in materials and accessories and have given you a great range of options to choose your best bocce set below.

The cheap sets are generally not worth the cost because their durability and reliability will let you down.

The midrange sets ($45 – $100) may compromise on the filler material which will affect the precision of your throw and roll. This may not matter in a casual game, but if your friends are competitive then you might need to look at the $100 + category.

Paying over $100 should equate to a high-quality resin (you may see the words ‘phenolic’ or ‘ thermoset’ resin on these sets), which are well-weighted and equate to precision in your game.

Your $100+ price tag should also buy you a good quality, durable case which keeps your Bocce balls protected and probably a measuring tape to ensure fairness in scoring.

Anything over the $150 mark needs to be the Rolls Royce of Bocce sets and will likely be a well-known brand, some aesthetic marker on the ball or a high-quality material for the case.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, Bocce is an incredible game, for the whole family, easily accessible and teachable for any age or skill level.

When choosing the best Bocce set for you, consider who is playing and pick a smaller size for kids and a standard size for adults.

Materials vary but stay away from plastic and go for something more durable if you want to play on more varied outdoor surfaces such as on clay/dirt or sand.

More durable materials will make for more longevity of your Bocce set, which means years of fun.

Below is a great list of a range of different sets at all different price points which we love and everyone will fit perfectly into your perfect Italian (or American) summer afternoon!


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