13 Best Slip and Slides Your Kids Will Go Nuts For

There’s no doubt about it — buying your kids a slip and slide this summer will be the best decision you’ve made. "flexoffers"
best slips and slides

Slip & Slides have been the ultimate, iconic symbol of summer-water-fun for as long as I can remember, and I ain’t no spring chicken.  When I was a kid we would make our own out of  discarded plastic packing, sometimes with disastrous results. 

Today just about every manufacturer of water toys has their own version of this fun summer past time. Which is great for keeping prices low and new innovations high, but it also raises the question “Which Slip and Slide Should I Buy For My Kids?”

Which is why I spent many countless hours writing this roundup!

While all 13 Slip and Slides on this list are great and may be ideal for specific ages, yard sizes and situations, there is one clear winner that will probably be the best choice for the majority of casual sliders. The Team Magnus Slip and Slide XL is my top choice for size, quality and the fact that it has dual lanes so 2 kids can slide at the same time.

Quick View – Best Slip & Slides

wow-world-of-watersports-super-slide-product-thumbBest Slip ‘N Slide With Inflatable Sides
WOW World of Watersports Super Slide (25-Foot)
6 – 18 yearsCheck Price on Amazon
team-magnus-slip-and-slide-xl-product-thumbBest Dual Lane Slide for Kids
Team Magnus Slip and Slide XL
5 – 12 yearsCheck Price on Amazon
wahii-water-slide-product-thumbWorld’s Biggest Backyard Lawn Water Slide
Wahii WaterSlide
5 – 12 yearsCheck Price on Amazon
wham-o-slip-n-slide-double-wave-rider-product-thumbFor Kids Who Love to Race
Wham-O Slip N’ Slide Double Wave Rider (Dual Riders)
5 – 12 yearsCheck Price on Amazon
banzai-splash-sprint-racing-water-slide-product-thumbMost Popular
Banzai Splash Sprint Racing Water Slide (Double Slide)
5 – 12 yearsCheck Price on Amazon
banzai-triple-racer-product-thumbBest Three-Lane Slip And Slide
Banzai Triple Racer
5 – 12 yearsCheck Price on Amazon
little-tikes-wet-dry-first-slide-product-thumbBest Slip ‘N Slide For Toddlers
Little Tikes Wet & Dry First Slide “This Item is Currently Unavailable”
3 year and up
intex-surf-n-slide-inflatable-play-center-product-thumbBest Padded Slide
Intex Surf ’N Slide Inflatable Play Center
6 years and upCheck Price on Amazon
wham-o-touchdown-splash-product-thumbFor Competitive Kids
Wham-O Touchdown Splash
5 years and upCheck Price on Amazon
bestway-h20go-triple-slider-product-thumbBest Budget 2 Laner
Bestway H2OGO! Triple Slider with Speed Ramp
5 – 12 yearsCheck Price on Amazon
bestway-h20go-the-blobzter-product-thumbFun Water Blob Slide For Soft Landings
3 – 12 yearsCheck Price on Amazon
rave-sports-turbo-chute-water-slide-product-thumbMost Epic Slip & Slide
Rave Sports Turbo Chute Water Slide Lakeshore Package
6+ years Check Price on Amazon
pogo-crossover-giant-inflatable-slip-and-slide-product-thumbBest Inflatable Slip and Slide
Pogo Crossover Giant Inflatable Slip and Slide

Slip & Slide Reviews

Luckily, you don’t have to spend hours upon hours researching slides because we did that for you! We searched high and low to find the greatest models for your backyard, and we landed on these 13 contestants. These slip and slides will turn your whole summer upside down in the best way possible!

As a disclaimer: you can easily get addicted to slip and slides. So do be careful, because it’s a slippery slope.

WOW World of Watersports Super Slide (25-Foot)


Best Slip ‘N Slide With Inflatable Sides

The 25-foot Super Slide from WOW (World of Watersports) is, by far, the best slip and slide on the market. This cool slide is made from embossed PVC, which means that you don’t have to add any soap to it. There’s also a zig-zag sprinkler system that runs down the entire slide, and that you can easily connect to a hose.

But that’s not even the best part! The Super Slide has a unique, customized connection system, which allows you to add more slides to it.

If you have enough space in your backyard, you can add any number of the WOW slides to the original, and create one massive slide. You can get the Mega Slide, Strike Zone, or another Super Slide.

While we’re on the topic of other slides from WOW, we have to mention how incredible the Striker Zone is. Just like the Super Slide, this model is 25 feet long and has safety rails. But unlike the Super Slide, the Striker Zone comes with six giant, inflatable bowling pins. Using one of their sleds, your little ones can compete to see who can knock all the pins down.

We also really love the fact that the Super Slide has rails on both sides because that means even your youngest kids can play. There’s almost no way that they could slide out, and potentially hurt themselves.


What We Like:

Giant, 25-foot slide
Has safety railings
Embossed PVC that’s extremely durable
Comes in three different styles

Our Concerns:

There’s only one lane
Doesn’t come with a fortified water hose connector


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Team Magnus Slip and Slide XL


Best Dual Lane Slide for Kids

If you’re looking for the best slip and slide that will blow your kids out of the water, look no further than the Team Magnus XL. This super-cool slide is 31 feet long, 5 feet wide, and comes with two lanes. That means that your kiddos can go for a slide two at a time and race to the finish line.

Even though the XL slide is meant for kids between the ages of 5 and 12, there’s no reason your older kids can’t go for a slide. In fact, if you place it on a slope, the XL slide can provide fun for the whole family.

With that said, one thing to keep in mind before buying the Team Magnus slide is that it doesn’t have safety railings. So even though it’s pretty safe and sturdy, we wouldn’t recommend it for younger kids.

The entire Team Magnus slide is made from PVC that’s 0.22 mm thick and comes with a sturdy pegging system. You’ll also get stakes that’ll help you pin the slide to the ground, as well as a 25-foot long waterproof tape for quick and easy repairs.

Between the two lanes, Team Magnus placed a central channel that continuously sprays water. There’s also an air-filled cushion at the bottom of the slide, which serves as a crash pad.


What We Like:

31-feet-long slide, fun for the whole family
Two lanes
Made from sturdy and durable PVC
Comes with a crash pad

Our Concerns:

Doesn’t have a safety railing
Has to be placed on a slope


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Wahii WaterSlide


World’s Biggest Backyard Lawn Water Slide

If you think that a 31-foot slide is just not long enough to fulfill your backyard summer dream, we’d like to present the Wahii WaterSlide. Since this bad boy is a whopping 75 feet long, we suggest measuring your backyard once or twice to make sure it will fit.

The Wahii is 12 feet wide, which means your kiddos can go down at the same time, and no one will feel left out. It’s probably the best slip and slide for older kids, as well as some fun-loving parents who want to join in on the fun.

The Wahii WaterSlide is made from super thick plastic, which is also UV-protected. So even if you leave the slide in your backyard all summer long, the colors will never fade.

If you love the original Wahii, but just don’t have the space for it, don’t despair! The company also makes a 50-foot version of the same slide. It’s made from the same materials as the original and features UV protection. What’s more, both the 75-foot and the 50-foot models have a patented Wahii fastening system that allows them to stick to the grass.


What We Like:

Comes in 75-foot and 50-foot versions
Several kids can play on it at the same time
Features UV protection
Includes a patented fastening system

Our Concerns:

Doesn’t have inflatable rails on the sides
The setup time can take around an hour


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Wham-O Slip N’ Slide Double Wave Rider (Dual Riders)


For Kids Who Love to Race

Even though the Wahii slide could be an incredible summer toy, its size might be a bit overwhelming for toddlers. Luckily, the Wham-O Double Wave Rider is perfect for tots who want to dip their toes in the sliding water. This slide is only 18 feet long, but it has two lanes so that multiple kids can play at the same time.

The Wham-O slide has a sprinkler system running through the entire slide, as well as a wall of water on the bumper at the end. It also features a patented Hydroglide technology that ensures a smooth ride all the way through.

Another really cool thing about the Double Wave Rider is that it comes with two anchors and two repair patches. You’ll also get two inflatable boogie boards, which are perfect for cushioning blows and ensuring a smoother ride.

But before you get the Wham-O for your backyard, keep in mind that it has a weight limit of 110 lbs. The company also says that it’s not suitable for kids who are taller than 5 feet. So if you were planning on going for a slide with your kids, this isn’t the best slip and slide to do it on.


What We Like:

Perfect for younger kids
Features Hydro-Glide technology
Comes with inflatable boogie boards
A wall of water on the bumper

Our Concerns:

The weight limit is only 110 lbs
No side railings


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Banzai Splash Sprint Racing Water Slide (Double Slide)


Most Popular

According to Amazon, the Double Slide from Banzai is the best slip and slide to have in your backyard. It’s on Amazon’s best-seller list, and that’s partly because it’s super-affordable. If you’re on a tight budget, but still want to surprise your kids this summer, the Banzai Double Slide is definitely an excellent choice.

Just like the Wham-O slide, the Banzai is 16 feet long and perfect for kids between the ages of 5 and 12. It’s also 58 inches wide, which means more than one kid can go down the slide at a time.

The Double Slide has a sprinkler system going from start to finish, covering every inch of the tarp. There’s even a wall of water feature on the bumper that we know your kids will love.

Even though the Banzai will, undoubtedly, give you and your family so many happy moments, it does have its downsides.

For one, this slide is made from a thin plastic that’s not particularly durable, so it probably won’t last you more than one summer. If you’re looking for something more durable, and that you can use for years to come, we recommend the Wow or Team Magnus slides.

Second, the sprinkler system isn’t too precise, which means that it’ll often be watering your backyard and not the slide. With that said, it’s still pretty great for the price.


What We Like:

Great for younger kids
Multiple tots can slide at the same time
A wall of water on the bumper

Our Concerns:

Not durable
The sprinklers can sometimes go haywire


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Banzai Triple Racer


Best Three-Lane Slip And Slide

If the price of the Banzai works for you, and you don’t mind it lasting only one summer, you can also consider getting the Triple Racer. As the name implies, this slide has three lanes, which means up to three kiddos can slide at the same time! In fact, Banzai even sells a Single Slide, which has only one lane.

The features of the Triple Racer are pretty much the same as with the Double Slide. It also features a system of sprinklers going from start to finish, and there’s a wall of water at the finish line.

One major difference between the two is that the Triple Racer is 82 inches wide, unlien the Double Slide, which has a width of 58 inches. Another difference is that there are three splash pools at the bottom.

Another thing that the Banzai Triple Racer has working in its favor is that it’s really easy to set up. Once you get it out of the box, it shouldn’t take more than 10–15 minutes to assemble it in your backyard.

However, to get the best slipping and sliding results, make sure to set it up on a flat, leveled surface, and not somewhere steep.


What We Like:

Three lanes and splash pools
82 inches wide
Easy to set up
There’s also a Single Slide

Our Concerns:

The plastic isn’t durable
Has to be set up on a level surface


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Little Tikes Wet & Dry First Slide


Best Slip ‘N Slide For Toddlers

“This Item is Currently Unavailable”

Little Tikes Wet & Dry First Slide

The Little Tikes Wet & Dry First Slide is the absolute best slip and slide for the youngest members of your household. In fact, the company claims that kids can play on its slide even if they’re only two years old! It’s the perfect slide to test the sliding waters — it’s only 10 feet long, and will fit in almost any backyard.

The Wet & Dry slide is essentially a two-piece set that features a sturdy slide and a detachable water slip mat. The slide itself has handrails that easily snap into place, and you can fold the entire thing without any tools in less than five minutes.

Also, since the slide and mat are separate pieces, you can use the slide indoors all year round.

But before you get attached to the Wet & Dry slip and slide too quickly, there’s one thing to consider — the weight limit. Since it’s designed mainly for toddlers, this slide has a weight capacity of only 60 lbs. That means that your tots will outgrow it quite quickly, and you’ll have to get a new one.


What We Like:

The best slip and slide for younger kids
Assembly is extremely simple and can be done without tools
The slide features safety handrails on both sides
Durable vinyl mat

Our Concerns:

Only one kid at a time can play
The mat can’t be bought separately


Intex Surf ’N Slide Inflatable Play Center


Best Padded Slide

There’s no doubt in our minds that the Little Tikes is an excellent choice for younger kids. But once they grow up a bit, they’ll probably want something more challenging, like the Intex Surf ‘N Slide. This slip and slide is 14.5 feet long and 5.5 feet wide.

Unlike Little Tikes, Intex designed an inflatable slide with grips on both sides to ensure that your children can safely climb on board. The cool thing about the Intex slide is that you’ll get two inflatable boogie boards that ensure a splashing experience.

Even though we love Intex’s original design, the company outdid itself with the shark slide. This adorable slide will provide hours of fun and encourage countless adventures. Except for the design, another  difference between the shark version and the original is that the former is about half a foot longer.

With a weight capacity of 176 lbs, kids of all ages can use the Intex Surf ‘N Slide. But if you want your youngest ones to climb the slide, you might need to get a step stool so they can reach it. Due to its size and overall quality, the Intex is the best slip and slide for growing kids.

The only thing we didn’t like about the Surf ‘N Slide was the inflation process. Since the slide has six chambers, there’s no way you could blow it up alone, and you need to have an air pump ready.


What We Like:

Unique designs
Perfect for younger and older kids
Weight capacity of 176 lbs
Comes with inflatable boogie boards

Our Concerns:

Only one sliding lane
Needs an air pump to inflate


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Wham-O Touchdown Splash


For Competitive Kids

Boy, oh boy, do we love the Wham-O Touchdown Splash! We can guarantee that your little ones will love it, too. This cool, 16-foot slide has a football theme that allows your kiddos to be both the players and the footballs! The slide has goalposts at the end, and your toddlers can go one at a time, competing to see who’ll be the fastest football on the water field.

If they don’t want to race, kids can play with the awesome Wham-O inflatable linebackers. You can place them anywhere you want on the slide, and your tots can try to knock them down with one swoop.

Honestly, this slide is so fun, we almost wish that adults could play on it, too. Unfortunately, since it’s only 16 feet long, parents and older siblings probably won’t have as much fun sliding on it.

But don’t worry, Wham-O does send something a little extra for the parents. You’ll get an inflatable ball that you can use to play volleyball or even a game of touch football in your backyard.

Of course, just like the other slip and slides we’ve mentioned so far, the Wham-O has a sprinkler system that runs from start to finish. There’s also a wall of water at the end, where your kiddos can frolic and relax all summer long.


What We Like:

Cool design with goalposts at the end
Comes with two inflatable linebackers and a ball
Sprinkler system covers the entire slide
Best slip and slide for younger kids and toddlers

Our Concerns:

Not interesting for older kids
No side railings


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Bestway H2OGO! Triple Slider with Speed Ramp


Best Budget 2 Laner

If you love throwing summer parties and always have a bunch of kids running around your backyard, it’s time to get the H2OGO! Triple Slider. While you’re sipping on your ice-cold lemonade, your children (and their friends) can slide down the Bestway three at a time, and race to the finish line!

The Triple Slider is 18 feet long, 6.5 feet wide, and perfect for all children between the ages of 5 and 12. In addition to the three lanes, this slide has an inflatable launch pad and a splash lagoon, as well as end bumpers that collect water.

But before your kids can start slipping and sliding, you have to inflate the launch pad with an air pump and fill it with water. Also, make sure to attach the hose at the top of the slide and let the water run for 10–15 minutes for the best, most slippery results.

Since the H2OGO! is a pretty big slide, there’s a sprinkler system on both the left and right side. It sprays water pretty high up, which is great because it’s also going to water your lawn in the process.


What We Like:

Three lanes
Has an inflatable launch pad and splash lagoon
Sprinklers on both sides of the slide
Easy to set up and inflate

Our Concerns:

The weight limit is only 110 lbs
Not as durable as the Double Wave Rider


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Bestway H2OGO! THE BLOBZTER Giant Water Filled Spraying Splash Mat and Drench Pool


Fun Water Blob Slide For Soft Landings

The Bestway Blobzter is possibly the coolest and best slip and slide for little kids who’ve never played with one before. Just like the Triple Slider, this 15-foot slide has a bumper at the end that stops your kids from slipping onto the grass.

But that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

You see, the Blobzter (coolest name ever, by the way) has a water blob that your kiddos can jump on. All you have to do is fill it with water, and it’ll double as a small water trampoline. How awesome is that?!

Oh, and also, the blob has a water capacity of 238 gallons, which is more than your average kiddie pool.

In addition to the blob, there’s a sprinkler system on the left-hand side and at the bottom of the slide and. But the sprinklers aren’t as powerful as they are on the Wahii or WOW slides, for example. So to keep the blob slippery, you have to run a hose over it every once in a while.

While we’re on the topic of water, we also wanted to mention the draining process. Since there’s only one valve that you can open to let all the water out, it does take a while. Our suggestion is to open the valve, go grab some ice cream, enjoy it, and come back in about thirty minutes to see if the blob is empty.


What We Like:

A bumper at the end for additional safety
Water blob your kids can jump on
Sprinklers in the splash lagoon

Our Concerns:

Takes a long time to fill up and drain
Sprinklers have a weak pressure


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Rave Sports Turbo Chute Water Slide Lakeshore Package


Most Epic Slip & Slide

Next up, we have the big daddy, the best slip and slide on the market for all your lake trips — the Rave Sports Turbo Chute.

This behemoth of a slide is larger than life, and once all of the 20-foot sections are connected, its total length stands at 60 feet. But if that’s not enough for you and your family, you can buy extra 20-foot sections to make an even bigger chute!

The Turbo Chute is made of a PVC coated nylon that’s durable and strong. Even though the chute is so massive, it only weighs 24 lbs, which means you can easily move it around whenever you want.

While there’s no denying that the Turbo Chute is a kickass slide, the Lakeshore package isn’t something you can put in your backyard. Luckily, Rave Sports heard everyone’s cries and made a special Backyard Package.

It’s the same length as the Lake one, and it has the same specs. But unlike the previous version, the Backyard Package has a bumper at the bottom, which doubles as a small pool.

The only downside of the Turbo Chute is that it comes with a pretty hefty price tag. It’s probably the most expensive slip and slide on the market, and if you want to buy more sections, it’ll cost you a pretty penny.


What We Like:

60-foot slide that comes as a Lake and Backyard version
You can buy and attach more sections
Lightweight, but durable
Fun for the whole family

Our Concerns:

Only one lane
Pretty expensive


Buy on Amazon

Pogo Crossover Giant Inflatable Slip and Slide, Rainbow with Blower


Best Inflatable Slip and Slide

“This Item is Currently Unavailable”

If you want to buy your kids the absolute best slip and slide, which also doubles as a bouncy castle, look no further than the Pogo Crossover.

This incredible hybrid is 25 feet long, 9 feet wide, and 6 feet tall. So before you hit Add to Cart, make sure it’ll fit in your backyard — it’s pretty massive. The Crossover is also quite heavy and stable, weighing around 110 lbs.

One of the best things about the Pogo Crossover is that you and your kiddos can use it and play on it at the same time. You no longer have to stay on the sidelines while your tots are having a blast! Just be careful before hopping on, because the Crossover does have a weight limit of 200 lbs.

But what really blew us away were all the bells and whistles that come with the Crossover. When you buy it off Amazon, you’ll get a replaceable climbing surface, extra netting, and a non-slip climbing surface, so that even your smallest kids can safely join in on the fun.

You’ll also get eight anchor stakes, a 680-watt blower, repair kit, and storage bag.


What We Like:

A crossover between a slide and bouncy castle
Stable and durable construction
Fun for kids and adults of all ages
Comes with lots of amenities


Our Concerns:

Difficult to reposition
Pretty expensive


Before Buying A Slip & Slide Consider This

There’s no doubt about it — buying your kids the best slip and slide this summer will be the best decision you’ve made. But before you take the plunge and spend the big bucks on a slide, you have to consider a few things.

children having fun with water slide

Backyard Size

Firsts things first – before anything else ask yourself if you really have enough room in your backyard for a slip and slide. Just because the specs say a slide is 10 feet long doesn’t mean it will work in a 10 foot backyard. Kids will need running space to gain momentum and some room to recover after their epic slides.

If you have a very small backyard you may want to consider the Intex Surf ’N Slide Inflatable Play Center (see review above) which is a hybrid of a water slide and slip and slide. It’s only 14.5 feet long but does not require run up or dismount space.

Size Of the Slide

Another thing that you need to consider is who’ll be slipping and sliding. If you want to buy something that even you could use, buy a slide that’s longer. Of course, the bigger the slide, the higher the price, so make sure that it still works for you in terms of budget. Otherwise, you might struggle to keep your head above water.

Weight Capacity

triple slip and slide with bigger kids

As you’ve seen, almost all slides have a weight limit. Usually, the smaller ones can only withstand up to 110 lbs. If that’s the case, you’re better off leaving that slide for the youngest members of your family — toddlers. Smaller slides are much safer for them and they’re less likely to get hurt.

On the other hand, if you want more family members to be able to join in on the summer fun, you have to find the best slip and slide that can handle that. For example, the Pogo Crossover has a pretty solid weight capacity, and more than one kid (or smaller adult) could jump on it at the same time.


Most of the slides we’ve mentioned are made from durable nylon, PVC, or even vinyl. All the materials act pretty much the same and provide a similar bounce. However, PVC has proven to be much tougher than regular nylon.

So if you want to get the absolute best slip and slide, which will last you longer than one summer season, get a PVC one. Yes, it’s more expensive, but at least you won’t have to repair it every other day.

But if you’re nearing the end of summer, and don’t mind it if the slide only lasts a couple of weeks, nylon is a great choice, especially because it’s cheaper.

Safety Features

2 kids running on slip n slide

On their own, slip and slides are pretty safe and usually don’t require a bunch of safety features like some other kids’ toys. But if they’re designed for toddlers or younger kids, most slides will have inflatable safety railings so the kids can’t just slide off course.

With that said, we do want to mention something important here. We know that many parents sometimes add a drop or two of liquid dish soap to their slides to make them more slippery.

But doing that can be incredibly risky, especially when you have younger kids around. You should especially avoid using dish soap, or any kind of lubricant except water, on longer slides. A touch of soap can turn even the best slip and slide into a dangerous nightmare. It’s also a great way to turn a fun day in the sun into a long and painful trip to the emergency room.

Children’s Age

cute toddler playing on water in slip and slide

It goes without saying that you know your kids best. You know what they’re capable of, how skilled they are, and what they can or can’t do. So just because a manufacturer says that their slide is for kids that are 6 and up, that doesn’t mean you can’t let your five-year-old play on it.

But if you have a kid who’s two years old, don’t get him or her a slide that’s designed for teenagers. If you do, your precious one might accidentally get hurt, and end up never wanting to play on the slide again.

Another thing you have to think about here is that the best slip and slide is one that grows with your kids. Buying a six-year-old a toy that’s meant for kids who are 4or 5 is usually a bad idea because they’ll probably get bored of it soon.


While the design of the slide isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, we always like to consider it. Is the slide inviting, what’s the color scheme, does it have moving parts or extra features? If your kids like sea creatures or fish, you could get them something like the Intex Shark slip and slide, for example.

Unless it’s a summer surprise for your little ones, if you want to find the best slip and slide, talk with your kids beforehand and see what they’d like.


red price tag

As you’ve read from our little rundown, slip and slides come with different price tags, and they can cost anywhere from twenty bucks to thousands of dollars. So before you make up your mind, take the price into account.

If you’re on a tight budget, you’re better off getting something smaller, like the Banzai Double Slide or the Little Tikes Wet & Dry Slide. But if money is no object, and you have space in your backyard, nothing beats the Turbo Chute or the Crossover.

Ease of Setup and Storage

Most of these slides require nothing but your time and the air from your lungs to work. But some are so big that you have to get an air pump to blow them up. So before you decide which one of these is the best slip and slide for you, consider how you’re going to inflate it, and where you’re going to store it later.

To Sum Up

Water the chances that you liked our reviews so much, that you’re in the process of buying a slip and slide right now? Well, given how awesome these slides are, we think that the chances are pretty darn good!

All jokes aside, we really do hope that this review has helped you find the best slip and slide for you and your family. Buying one this summer is the greatest way to spend some quality time and have fun in the sun in your own backyard. So relax, slip, slide, and just go with the flow.

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