11 Best Water Gun Sets for Summer Parties or Group Play

Who doesn't love a good old-fashioned water gun fight?
Best Water Gun Sets

If you’re organizing a group playdate for your kid, you might be scrambling to find summertime activities everyone will love. Well, we’re here to suggest something that never fails to get an enthusiastic reaction — water guns!

Finding the best water gun set on the market can make any backyard party memorable. After all, what better way to entertain a bunch of kids in the scalding summer heat than to let them cool off while also shooting at each other?

You’ll just have to supply the snacks, drinks, and ammo — which, in this case, would be buckets of water. Best of all, the simple products on our list will provide hours of fun to children of any age!

11 Best Water Gun Sets for Backyard Wars or Party Favors

Max Liquidator 6-Pack Water Blaster Set

Top Pick

Because of their ease of use and safety, the Max Liquidator water blasters have quickly become many parents’ favorite summertime toys. The kids can simply submerge the front of the cannon in water and pull back the handle to load it. To empty the water chamber, they can just push the handle back in. Depending on the amount of pressure they use, they may be able to squirt the water about 30 feet away!

But even if the kids become a bit aggressive, the pool noodle sleeves around the plastic blaster core will ensure that no one gets hurt. That’s why we like this water gun set for children of all ages — not just six and up, as the manufacturer suggests. If we go by the current price listing, the price of the individual blasters would come out to about $3.33.

Adventure Force Water Strike Aqua Squad 4-Pack

Great for Water Gun Duels

Adventure Force water gun set

The Aqua Squad pack is the best water gun set in the wildly popular Adventure Force Water Strike Series. Unlike the previous set we’ve highlighted, this one is better suited for one-on-one play — despite having four water guns. More specifically, the set contains two 28-inch squirt guns and two 34-inch blasters. If we divide the price equally despite their size difference, each gun would cost about $3.75.

While the larger pair can discharge about 10 milliliters of water per pump up to 30 feet into the distance, the smaller one can only expel about a milliliter of water per pull. They can’t really hold a candle to the large blasters. Because of that, we won’t recommend that you get this set for a group of four kids.

As we all know, children have a profound sense of justice. Most wouldn’t want to get saddled with a “weapon” that’s smaller and less powerful than the ones their playmates are holding. Still, if you have only two kids, the small squirt guns can be fantastic backups when the larger ones run dry.

JOYIN 24-Pack Assorted Water Gun Toy

Best for Party Favors

On the other hand, if you have more than a few kids waiting to start a water fight, you’re obviously going to need more than four guns. JOYIN’s 24-pack of squirt guns can be just what you need to take your backyard bash up a notch! At about $0.8 per piece, this is certainly the best water gun set if you’re not too concerned with the quality of the toys. Basically, you get what you pay for.

As basic as these colorful squirt pistols are, they still have a pretty good range, managing to shoot up to 20 feet away. Just don’t ask us about how accurate they are! The guns themselves are about 7.3 inches long and 2 inches thick with 4.5-inch long handles. With those dimensions, they should be suitable for kids of all ages. What’s more, you can be sure that they’re made of thick, durable, and, most importantly, non-toxic plastic.

JOYIN 3-in-1 Aqua Phaser High-Capacity Water Gun

Largest Tank

If your kids would still rather have blasters that seem to have come right out of a futuristic action movie, these Aqua Phasers are the best water gun set for you! The product comes with three high-capacity blasters that can hold up to 15 ounces of water in their tank.

In fact, the bulk of the design is taken up by that reservoir, which is why these guns are 11.8 inches long, 6.3 inches tall, and 1.2 inches thick. Yet despite their size, the manufacturer claims that the product is suitable for children older than three.

The three guns all have basic blue bodies with different detail colors. So if your kids are particularly territorial, you can let them stake their claim on one of the blasters.

Even though the blasters have triggers, they’re just for show. The real action comes from the sliding pump under the barrel, which only ejects water if you continuously move it. Best of all, your kids should be able to get a pretty good range with these guns. Apparently, the blast can reach up to 35 feet away — it’s no wonder one of the blasters goes for about $10.

Toyrifik 24-Pack Emoji Blaster Water Guns

Great for Epic Pool Parties

If you’ve decided to have your party at the beach or near a pool, you might prefer to equip your little soldiers with a syringe-style blaster instead of a gun-shaped one. As we have established, those are much better if you have a standing source of water readily available for refills.

The Toyrifik syringe blasters are about 10.5 inches long and they pack quite a punch. Like most similar toys, they can eject a strong blast of water up to 30 feet away if you apply enough pressure on the handle.

Unlike the other syringe blaster we’ve mentioned, though, this one is mostly plastic, except for the foam padding around the handle. Both materials are bright yellow, and the decorative stickers on the side and the handle of the blaster make it appear even more lively. Because of the quality of these materials, these toys are perfect for kids older than three.

At just over a dollar per blaster, you can have twenty-four of these puppies ready to hand out at your child’s next big party.

Max Liquidator Critter Blaster 3-Pack Water Blaster Set

Cuttest Water Blaster Pack

While we’re on the subject of syringe blasters, we should mention another Max Liquidator set we adore! Like the first product on our list, this one has a pool noodle body which will prevent it from sinking in water.

However, unlike the first product we’ve mentioned, this one only comes with three 10.5-inch long blasters (as opposed to six slightly longer ones). Because of the smaller size, these blasters also have a smaller range of about 25 feet. Still, that makes them ideal for kids older than four.

Notably, these guns don’t have foam handles. Instead, the three blasters come with three completely different animal handles. One of them is a cute yellow duckling, another an orange clownfish, and the last one is a white and purple unicorn. The decorative flourish brings the price of these soakers up to about $7 per gun.

4-Pack Safe Foam Noodles Pump Action Outdoor Water Toy for Kids

Cute & Cheap

Like the previous item on this list, this 4-pack of noodle blasters has cutesy animal-shaped handles. Even though the product comes from a no-name brand, it’s still the best water gun set in the category, if only because it throws an extra noodle blaster into the mix.

What’s more, they cost almost half as much, at about $3.75 per piece, even though they appear to be larger than the blasters we’ve previously featured. According to the company, they’re about 14 inches long and capable of shooting water up to 35 feet away.

One of the four guns in the pack still has a yellow ducky handle. However, the other three handles are a white and black dog, a blue hippo, and a purple monkey. Overall, we’re sure these guns will be just as fun to play with as any of the name-brand ones!

MOZOOSON 3-Pack Water Guns for Kids

Best Value 3-Pack

Just wait till your kids see you coming to the backyard with this pack of blasters from MOZOOSON. You’ll be their favorite parent for at least an hour or two — that’s an eternity in kid time!

Like one of the previous products we’ve mentioned, these blasters have a pump system, rather than a trigger. Even so, they have a range of about 32 feet and can hold up to 10 ounces of water.

What’s more, these plastic guns are durable and non-toxic. Isn’t that exactly what we love seeing when we’re looking for the best water gun set on the market? The three blasters come in different colors, so your kids will be able to choose their favorites. They go for about $7 per gun, which is a pretty sweet deal if you ask us!

ToyerBee 6-Pack Super Soaker Water Guns for Kids

Best Value for Pool Parties

We didn’t think it was possible for us to love pool noodle blasters any more than we already did. Yet this amazing package deal has convinced us! For the price of $4.5 per piece, you get six 15.7-inch soakers with a shooting range of 35 feet. Better still, the innovative grip handle makes it much easier to load and discharge water!

Because of the improved design, these super soakers are ideal for kids between the ages of three and eleven. But, don’t worry: adults will be able to join the fun too! After all, six blasters are more than enough to entertain the whole family and a couple of guests!

Boley 16-Pack Super Water Blaster Soaker Gun

High Capacity Load

If you’re shopping for a large group of kids, this 16-pack is the best water gun set you could ever hope for. Unlike the other syringe blasters we’ve mentioned, these have an almost pencil-shaped design that should improve precision. The 23-inch long soakers can extend to 38 inches, which means that they have a fantastic tank capacity. The better to slay your enemies with!

These blasters come in four color patterns: yellow and magenta, red and blue, blue and orange, and green and magenta. They go for under $3 per blaster, so they’re not only unique but affordable as well!

JOYIN 2-Pack Super Water Blaster

Best for 2 Kids

This JOYIN pair of blasters is the best water gun set if you’re shopping for your two children — or if your child is having a playdate. Either way, it’s the perfect option for a more intimate, one-on-one duel. The blasters are about $13 each and there’s a very good reason for the steeper price point.

For one, at 15.7 inches long and 7.5 inches tall, these are some of the largest blasters you’ll find. The guns can hold about 25 ounces of water and have a range of up to 36 feet. In addition to those features, we should acknowledge that the price also reflects the pristine build quality of the blasters.

X-Shot Water Blaster Value Pack

Great Value 4 Pack

X-Shot water gun set

The Zuru X-Shot is the best water gun set for those looking to entertain a small number of kids. The set contains two large soakers and two squirt guns, with the respective tank capacities of 19 and 8 ounces. Overall, each of the guns costs about $5, though discounts can make the set even cheaper.

Because of the size difference, though, we recommend giving two players one of each type of gun. But keep in mind that the large blaster has a 7.3-inch long handle and a pump trigger system. Since a child would have to use both hands to hold it, we recommend reserving that particular weapon for kids older than five.

You could even have two kids wield the big blasters while another uses both of the smaller ones. We can just imagine the backyard carnage already!

Best Water Gun Sets
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